Top Well-Performed Cover Letter for Internal Positions

A cover letter is crucial if your goal is to convince the employer that you are the right person deserving of a promotion. It is the first thing that attracts management attention. This article will give you the answers to every concerning question:

  • What is a Cover Letter for Internal Positions?

  • How to compose a decent cover letter?

  • Which types of cover letters for internal positions prevail today?

  • Potent examples of the best cover letters

  • Instruction on writing a cover letter for an internal position recommendations

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What is a Cover Letter for Internal Positions

A cover letter for internal positions is a document in the form of a letter that is sent along with your resume in response to a job offer. When we talk about promotions within a particular company, an employee will be requested to compose a personal cover letter for an internal position. Indeed, today most companies require writing a cover letter when applying for a higher position. Providing cover letter for internal position is optional, but the manager will be pleasantly surprised by your initiative.

Whether your aim is a vertical shift or a lateral transfer, do not neglect to create an internal job cover letter. It helps to stand out among other candidates and interests the recruiter. Telling in detail about all your achievements in the current company, explaining the motivation to work further - all these are necessary to prove you are a person who deserves better.

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Why are Internal Cover Letters a Step Towards a Dream Job?

Sooner or later an employee can face the problem of stagnation and express an interest in the new role, a more decent one. Even though a strong desire is a good driver of motivation, it is not enough to get a promotion.

A cover letter for an internal position is crucial for describing a candidate’s qualifications in a proper way. It usually turns out to be even more important than the resume as it is a concise announcement of your main document.

The Structure of a Cover Letter for an Internal Job

An appropriate cover letter format must include the following blocks:

1. Appeal

It is desirable to address the letter to a specific person.

2. The body of a letter

This part of an internal position cover letter consists of two integral elements. The first is a short explanation of your motivation. The second is a statement relating to your personal qualities.

3. Contact information

4. Signature

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Do not forget that a cover letter is only an introductory document to the resume. Thus, it should be a concise statement substantiating your professional and personal qualities for the position for which you are applying.

There is nothing worse than a long, novel-like cover letter that makes the HR manager feel tired at the sight of it. An ideal cover letter length is 250-350 words, which is a one-page maximum. Note, that it is recommended that the text is formatted in 12-point font.

Engaging Introduction to a Cover Letter

Your cover letter for an internal job posting should have an interesting beginning. It is crucial to encourage a company manager to read it to the end. There is nothing more boring than using common phrases and patterns found on the internet. This demonstrates an indifferent attitude to the requirements of the employer. Be yourself, try to catch the attention of a person who will consider your position. Show that it is composed specifically for the company in which you see yourself.

Composing a Cover Letter for Promotion

A cover letter is not a universal document, suitable for any situation. For example, a cover letter for internal promotion stands out for its significance as it must include more compelling statements.  Composing  a cover letter for promotion - describe what new skills you are competent in. Prove you are a reliable person, ready to take up more difficult responsibilities.

Creating a Cover Letter for an Internal Job Transfer

If your goal is creating a cover letter for an internal job transfer within the same company, consider the following recommendations. First, emphasize your gratitude for being a part of the team. Second, indicate how passionate you are about promoting your company in the market. And most importantly - describe your technical skills enabling you to work even better after an internal transfer.

Advertise Yourself: Describing Personal Qualifications and Skills

A professional cover letter does not copy your resume at all! The resume contains information about your skills and experience. In turn, an internal applicant cover letter should describe how you can use them to the company’s advantage.

Do not write too much about your character traits. Anyone can write that he is a hardworking, responsible and inventive laborer. It is better to include a list of courses and programs you’ve completed or objectives you’ve managed to meet. A hiring manager will consider your applicable talents first of all.

Signify Your Achievements in the Current Position

Include only the information that is relevant to your desired position. The employer will definitely assess your contributions if you manage to stand out from the crowd.

Note that the information in this part depends on the overall aim of your internal job posting cover letter. For example, if you want to get a promotion, focus on those results that prove you can be a leader and guide the team. If your desire is a lateral transfer, you should emphasize the progress the company achieved due to your technical capabilities.

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Express Gratefulness for Considering Your Candidacy

To correctly conclude your cover letter for internal job transfer, think about expressing gratitude in a polite way. As well as at the beginning of your document, it is essential to include a personalized and thoughtful appeal in the final part. Thank the recruiter for accepting your request and reading the cover letter.

The final paragraph should not exceed one or two sentences. Still, it is recommended to include the wishes to land the interview and express readiness to come to the discussion or provide further information.

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Common Types of Cover Letters for an Internal Position

There exist several types of cover letters for internal positions. Let us consider the most common ones:

  • Promotional cover letter. In this document, an employee must prove in detail to the employer that he is ready for a higher position.

  • Letter of interest for internal position. This document includes information relating to the working background within a large company and motivation to get a transfer.

This list is non-exhaustive as some other types can also be included: a cover letter of gratitude; an inquiry; confirmation; or description.

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Sample Cover Letter for Promotion.

While using ready-made templates for composing a personal promotional cover letter is sometimes risky, it is better to acquaint yourself with some cover letters for internal promotion examples:

Look at cover letter examples by industry you can find at

Email Cover Letter for Internal Position Example.

Read a sample cover letter for an internal position and learn how to write a cover letter for an internal position properly.

Recommendations for the Cover Letter for Internal Position Improvement.

To create a perfect cover letter for promotion and increase your chances, follow some cover letter tips which have already helped many people get their dream job:

  • Do not write about personal qualities that are not related to the job.

  • Focus on specifics.

  • Demonstrate your knowledge of business etiquette.

  • Add emotion and personalize your message.

  • Write about responsibility and readiness to learn.

  • Strive for brevity.

  • Use bulleted lists.

  • Be careful with spelling and punctuation.

  • Do not ask about work schedule, salary, conditions.

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Cover Letter Template for Internal Position

To make the hiring process easy for yourself, make sure your cover letter is composed impeccably. For this purpose, analyze applying for an internal position cover letter sample:

Your Name

Your Contact Information

The Date

The Name of a Hiring Manager

The Name of a Company


1. First paragraph:

A specific statement about the position you apply for and a few key benefits that demonstrate suitability for the position.

2. Second paragraph:

Examples of accomplished and achieved results.

3. Third paragraph:

How you can contribute to the business's mission.

4. Conclusion:

Requesting a meeting and expressing gratitude.

5. Your Signature.

Application of Knowledge in Practice

There is no doubt that reading this article has increased your chances of getting hired. Having all the answers in hand you can start moving forward to creating your perfect cover letter. But how not to forget all the essential information and structure it in the head? Here is a digest of all tips as to what makes a good cover letter:

  • An attractive and well-planned cover letter will help you stand out and land an interview.

  • The cover letter should show the employer what the company will get from you.

  • It is crucial to be attentive to the format of your cover letter, avoid large volumes and be careful with the style.

  • Use sample cover letters for internal positions to make sure your document does not contain any errors.

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