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CV writing

An effective CV is a must for any successful job application. It’s your opportunity to show potential employers you're up to the job and stand out from the crowd! Our professional CV writing service will help give you that helping hand.

CV editing

We offer professional editing services to improve the quality of your CV. Slip-ups with typos, grammar, or punctuation easily damage your professional reputation. Our writers and editors can give your CV that extra sparkle! Our online professionals are ready to review right now and ensure your documents are delivered error-free.

Cover letter writing

Our cover letter writing helps to create outstanding introductions using industry buzzwords to catch the attention of Human Resources or A.I. resume-reading computer programs. Consult one of our online professionals right now.

Cover letter editing

Are your job applications going straight in the trash can? Our experts cover letter editing services can help you put the rejection behind you and secure that interview.

Resume writing

We will turn your accomplishments into a resume that sells and help you realize the career of your dreams! Our real-life experienced writers can deliver far superior results than bots or templates. By using congruent language together with the ability to sell, your resume is guaranteed to be a winner!

Resume editing

Already got a finished resume? Let our career advisor experts take a look and help you perfect a winner. Proofreading and editing is the bulk of our work so if your resume is maybe a little unfinished uncreative, our editors can assist you in crafting your own success story.

LinkedIn profile revision

Want to increase the number of connections, persuade new contacts to initiate a new communication, or keep existing interest levels going? We can help boost your LinkedIn profile and write a compelling career narrative that stands out from the page!

LinkedIn profile audit

We can optimize your LinkedIn profile to rank in LinkedIn Keyword Results and increase the quality and quantity of your connections. Your LinkedIn profile visibility will increase and allow you to reach key decision-makers or stakeholders.

What is Our Mission?

The goal

We open doors for people by offering online career help services and writing winning resumes. Anybody who strives to land a job using minimal effort can turn to our services and get professional help, create new opportunities for themselves, and save up some time in the process.

What Customers Say About SkillHub?


The resume writer I've worked with is a true pro. He's grasped all the nuances of my work experience. To be honest, I didn't expect I would receive so many compliments from recruiters. Structure, design, content - everything was perfect in my resume!

Customer ID 213


The resume writer I've worked with is a true pro. He's grasped all the nuances of my work experience. To be honest, I didn't expect I would receive so many compliments from recruiters. Structure, design, content - everything was perfect in my resume!

Customer ID 213


I landed my dream job a few days ago. Thank you so much, SkillHub. The work on my resume and Linkedin profile took so little time. All my suggestions were taken into account. Overall, everything was well-written, structured, and designed by a pro.

Customer ID 321


I want to thank my resume writer so much. I did not expect so many invitations to the job interview in a matter of just a few days! Now I'm getting acquainted with new colleagues - all thanks to SkillHub professionals.

Customer ID 123


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When you get professional help from us, it’s a for-sure investment in your career, as you’ll not only have a winning resume, but you’ll learn from our experts how to craft one for yourself in the future. Furthermore, we pride on having helped tens of thousands of people get employed and advance their careers to unforeseen heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I can't get in touch with customer support?

Our customer support team works 24/7, and if they don’t respond right away, they will in several minutes. If anything goes wrong, you can always send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We haven’t faced any issues that our friendly customer support can’t handle. It’s also possible to text support if you’re having trouble hiring a writer, or need something specific.

Are there any free bonuses?

Both new and returning clients can enjoy the bonuses and discounts we have to offer. In addition to discounts for higher quantities of work, we have seasonal bonuses and useful free features that other services charge you for. Working with a human instead of a bot also offers bonuses in itself - you get to communicate with a career advice expert, ask them questions, and have them edit your work until it’s polished. Use this opportunity to learn something new about job applications and resume writing.

Is it safe to pay for my resume with my credit card?

All financial transactions are encrypted, as we use secured gateways to process payments. It’s as safe as buying something on Amazon. Tens of hundreds of people have ordered resumes from us that have helped them boost their careers to amazing new heights, and none of them had any troubles with the transactions. You can check out the reviews of our service to make yourself confident in the safety of our transactions, as well as the quality of our work.

Is it cheap to create a resume at SkillHub?

We offer resumes for competitive prices on the market with some great benefits included: you can get professional help and opinions on your work, and edit your result with the writer until you’re satisfied— along with other free stuff that services usually make you pay for. Although not the cheapest, we guarantee quality and a means to assess it, something that bot resumes can not do. The benefits of having a live human who can edit and improve your work are hardly overstated.

How does SkillHub help job seekers get better work?

Here, you don’t work with ATS bots, instead you hire humans who communicate, engage, and immerse themselves in your story to craft a winning resume for you. That in itself is already a winning combo - you invest in your career and open up more possibilities that you’ll land a job with an organically written resume. For opportunity seekers who wish to race ahead of the pack, getting a pro-written resume is really a no brainer.

What can SkillHub make for you?

A resume written, edited, or proofread by a true professional who knows how to sell your accomplishments and key skills to the pickiest recruiters, even for an online job. Enjoy the priority pick for having a professional resume at hand, making you a competitive applicant who knows how to get their job done. SkillHub paints you as a winner and strives to tell your story in the language that impresses any hiring manager, even the pickiest one.


You’ll Get What You Need

Having no motivation to write a resume is normal - not everybody can sell themselves on paper. That’s why our writers are here to help you land a dream job, get more interviews, and sell your best skills and achievements with ease. We’re all about helping you get employed and advance your career. With one of our resumes, no laborer will look past your case as your work experience will speak for itself.


Safety Guaranteed

Privacy is a huge deal for us, and we’re very considerate about the needs of clients to stay safe online. We never publicize any information about our clients, and make sure that each client remains anonymous when using our service. It’s in our best interest to continue cooperating with you, and never let any hiring manager or laborer find out that you've been using our resume writing service. Invest in your career now, and do it safely with SkillHub.