SkillHub Refund Policy

Last updated: 4 Dec 2020

We work tirelessly to ensure all our clients are satisfied with the products they receive through our service. Hence, we guarantee that all the documents we produce are professional, accurate, and meet the given requirements. Our writers know what skills to emphasize in your resume so that recruiters and HRs would find it eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

At the same time, our service requires close collaboration with the client from initiation to completion. Only you know the details of the completed projects that will allow us to produce the perfect document for you. 

If you notice that some of our promises are not met, we will do our best to rectify mistakes and make you satisfied. However, should you reasonably insist that the order is not meeting your expectations, we guarantee a full refund.

This guarantee similar to other guarantees we provide is subject to our Terms & Conditions. Therefore, take the following information into account if you intend to use your right for a full refund:

  1. All your complaints, claims, and comments as well as changes to drafts should be communicated in writing. You can use email, post, or an online form for this purpose. Any communication that is not documented shall not serve as proof of a complaint, claim, or comment being made.
  2. The order shall be considered automatically closed within two weeks from the latest communication with you. When this time elapses, no refund requests shall be accepted. The money-back guarantee does not cover the unused products or services as well.
  3. A claim to refund an order previously approved by a client cannot be granted. All documents accepted and approved by a client shall be considered as those of satisfying quality.
  4. Our service provides high-quality professional services concerning creating, rewriting, editing, and upgrading your CV/resumes. Such documents are essential for job search and application. Yet, we cannot in any way guarantee that our products will secure job interviews or job placements of your choice.
  5. The money-back guarantee relates only to the amounts paid for the order in question. A client shall not request refunds for any other additional services that we may provide for free or for marketing, advertising, and promotional reasons.
  6. Note that our failure to obtain the information needed to complete your order that results from the inability to read corrupted or password-protected files, failure to contact a client to collect files or information, or other circumstances shall not result in a refund but rather in a delay of service delivery.
  7. A decision not to proceed with our service taken upon the completion of payment transaction and order placement qualifies for a 25% refund of the purchase price. The same applies if a client does not respond and refrains from communication of any kind. In this case, the order is considered null and void upon two weeks from its placement.
  8. All files and documents for resume writing submitted and produced for the purposes of the order completion shall be considered irrevocable upon six months of the order closure. No revision, discussion, or refund claims on such orders shall be accepted.
  9. All the refunds approved shall take no more than 24 hours to be initiated. However, it may take 5-7 banking days for the money to be reflected on your account.
  10. Note that refunds are only possible to be made to the initial means of payment. No new credit/debit card and CVV code information shall be accepted or requested from you. The company reserves the right to disregard emails and other written inquiries containing such information.

Security of Transactions

We have enabled a great system available to secure transactions made by our clients. This system guarantees that the payment information a client shares stays safe. It is not shared with third parties or distributed anywhere else.

We have confidence in our transaction security backed by hundreds of purchases by our clients completed with zero problems. Since our establishment, we have had no case of fraudulent use of a credit/debit card implying at us sharing information with third parties or caused by a fault of our secure server. However, in the unlikely event that anything of that kind occurs in the future, we will give a full refund providing we have solid proof of the reason behind the fraud.

In case of a glitch on a payment processor’s side, we agree to investigate each situation that occurs. Any offline payments or double charges should be immediately reported. Should we notice any funds in excess of those meeting the purchasing price for your order, this money will be immediately refunded. The same rules apply concerning the refund timelines in this case.


We guarantee that your contact information, career history, and other personal information shared with us is protected. However, should you be bound by an NDA or any other legal document, or in case of any other legal proceedings, please note that our service will not be liable to you (under the law of contract, the law of torts, or otherwise):

  • In relation to this website including its contents, use, or in any other connection;
  • For any loss that may occur indirectly or consequentially;
  • For any loss or corruption of information or data;
  • For any loss of business reputation, business relationships, or contracts;
  • For any loss of savings, income, profits, or for other financial matters.