Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 4 Dec 2020

Thank you for choosing SkillHub (referred to as the “Company”). This page represents a set of relevant Terms and Conditions that apply to all occasions of accessing SkillHub.com (hereafter the “website” or “site”) and using the information it contains (hereafter the “services”).

SkillHub was designed to help you (the person or entity using the website) create a resume and polish it. The Company always strives to protect (and otherwise maintain) the rights of both users and the Company itself and is committed to providing the best possible user experience to all individuals, entities, and third parties that access and use the website. 

If you have any further questions regarding our terms, policies, and practices, please contact the Company’s representatives at https://skillhub.com/contact.

Please be sure to get acquainted with the following Terms and Conditions carefully to ensure that you know and understand them well before you start using this website and its services. 

By continuing using the site (i.e. registering an account, placing an order, etc.), you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed with all terms stated further. Also, please note that any improper usage of SkillHub, as well as any violations of these terms, is strictly prohibited. 

As soon as a user confirms one's consent to all terms described below, one is legally obligated to abide by them. In case you do not agree with some or all of the terms stated on this page, please cease to use the website and services delivered through it.

Users must also recognize and show their consent with the fact that these terms may be subject to changes from time to time. The Company maintains the right to adjust and update these terms whenever we see fit. In this case, the “Last Updated” date at the top of this page will change, identifying that some alterations have been made. 

Since the Company may not notify you about any recently applied changes, we encourage everyone to re-read these terms regularly to ensure that you always understand and agree with all amendments.

Table of Contents

  1. On which occasions do these terms and conditions apply?
  2. How do users confirm their agreement to these terms?
  3. Intellectual property rights
  4. User registration & assertion
  5. Account termination
  6. Modification or interruption of service
  7. Refund policy
  8. Dispute resolution
  9. Disclaimer
  10. Limitations of liability

On Which Occasions Do These Terms and Conditions Apply?

The following terms, conditions, and limitations constitute a legally binding agreement made between the Company and you, which regulates your access to the website and the use of it.

These terms must be agreed and complied with by all users in order to ensure a secure environment on this site and a positive experience for all parties. By proceeding to use SkillHub and the services provided through this site you reaffirm that you are aware of these terms and ready to comply with them. 

If you haven’t read and understood these Terms and Conditions, or you don’t agree with them, you are expressly prohibited from using the website and our services and should cease the use immediately.

The Company reserves its right to adjust or modify the following Terms and Conditions in its sole discretion. When such changes take place, the date of the last update will be changed to a relevant one. From then on, by proceeding to use this website and the services offered on it, you confirm that you have revised the updated terms and agreed with them.

One more thing you have to acknowledge is that neither the site itself nor the services provided through it are intended for use by any individual or entity accessing it from any country or jurisdiction. Therefore, when gaining access to this website from any specific jurisdiction, you have to confirm that it is your own initiative and that you bear full responsibility for compliance with relevant local laws.

SkillHub does not intend to serve individuals who are not of legal age. The site is created exclusively for the use of people who are 18 years old and older. If you have not yet reached the age of 18, you are expressly prohibited from using the website and our services.

How Do Users Confirm Their Agreement to These Terms?

These Terms and Conditions shall cover all occasions of accessing the website and using the services provided by it. These occasions include accessing the website, creating a personal account, creating an order request, etc. By performing any of these actions, you confirm that you have acknowledged, understood, and agreed with these terms.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unless indicated otherwise, the website, its services, and all information provided on it are the intellectual property of the Company. All kinds of content distributed through this site are licensed to us, owned, or controlled by us, and, thus, are protected by trademark and copyright laws, unfair competition laws, and other intellectual property rights. This includes such types of content as the source code, functionality, databases, resume designs, software, text, photographs, graphics, audio, and video.

The content is provided on this website solely for your information and personal use. Unless indicated otherwise, no content, marks, or services from this site may be republished, copied, reproduced, uploaded, encoded, publicly displayed, sold, distributed, or exploited in any other way for commercial purposes.

If you are eligible to use SkillHub, you will be granted limited permission to access and use this website, as well as to print or download a copy of any kind of the content to which the Company has given you the access, but you may only use it for personal, non-commercial purposes. All the other rights that have not been granted to you are reserved by the Company.

User Registration & Assertion

While you may gain access to the website without creating a personal account, to use the offered services, you will be required to go through a short registration process. 

To register on this website, you will be required to provide a valid email address and submit any other registration information we request from you. When registering on our website, you take full responsibility for all use of your account and password and agree to keep your password confidential.

By creating an account and using this site, you confirm and warrant that:

  • All information you submit during the registration process is accurate, valid, complete, and relevant.
  • You will keep all this data accurate and current by promptly updating it when necessary.
  • You have a legal capacity (i.e. you are of the legal age or have parental consent to use our services)
  • You have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with them.
  • The way you use this site does not violate any applicable laws or regulations.
  • You will not access this website through any non-human or automated means (e.g. bots)

To use SkillHub, you are required to provide true, complete, and accurate information. In case you don’t meet this requirement, the Company reserves the right to terminate your personal account and refuse your current or any future use of the website.

Account Termination

The Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force during your use of this website. Yet, without limiting any other point from these terms, the Company reserves the right to refuse access to this website and its services to any user for any reason, as well as for no reason. We keep the right to terminate your account and cease your use of this website and its services at any time at our sole discretion, without notifying you about this.

In case the Company decides to suspend or terminate your account due to any reason (or without it), you are forbidden to register a new account under your name or using any other borrowed, fake, or third party name. 

Apart from terminating your personal account, the Company reserves the right to apply other measures such as blocking your IP address, as well as taking appropriate legal actions (e.g. civil, criminal, and injunctive redress).

Modification or Interruption of Service

The Company maintains the right to modify, adjust, or remove any kind of content from the website at any time we see fit, for any reason and without warning. However, the Company has no obligation to renew any information on this website. Also, the Company may adjust or cease part of or all service at any time and without warning. We do not bear any liability to you or any third party for any suspension, modification, price change, or discontinuance of the website operation.

The Company cannot guarantee that this website will be available at all times. There may be all sorts of software, hardware, or other issues, as well as the necessity to perform site maintenance, which all may result in errors, delays, and interruptions of the website work. We may revise, suspend, update, change, discontinue, or modify this website in any other way and for any reason, without notifying you.

By continuing to use SkillHub, you confirm that you agree that the Company does not bear any liability for any inconvenience, damage, or loss resulting from your inability to access or use this site during any downtime or discontinuance. 

These Terms and Conditions do not obligate the Company to maintain and support the website work or to make any corrections, releases, or updates.

Refund Policy

SkillHub delivers professional resume writing and editing services and all sales made through this website are final. The Company does not offer any trial or grace period after users purchase the services. However, we do offer users free unlimited revisions that can be requested during the fixed Revision Period to polish your resume and make you 100% satisfied with the result.

Dispute Resolution

The site, as well as these Terms and Conditions, are governed by applicable local laws. Thus, all disputes are handled with regard to relevant laws and regulations. Apart from this, every dispute is being processed individually, taking into account every user’s individual situation and needs.


This website and all services delivered through it are provided on an “as available” and “as-is” basis. By proceeding to use this website, you confirm that your use of SkillHub and its services will be at your own risk. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Company disclaims all kinds of guarantees (both expressed or implied) that are connected to this website and available services, as well as to your use of them. 

This includes (but does not limit to) any implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability, or suitability for a specific purpose.

The Company does not make any representations or warranties concerning the completeness, validity, or accuracy of the content presented on this website, as well as other sites linked to it. Thus, we do not bear any responsibility for any:

  • Mistakes, inaccuracies, or errors present in the materials and content of this website.
  • Unauthorized access to or use of our servers and any financial or personal information stored in them.
  • Viruses, bugs, or any other harmful malware that may be transferred to or through this website by any third parties.
  • Property damage, any form of loss, or even personal injury that was caused by your access or use of SkillHub.
  • Omissions or other errors in the website’s materials and content.
  • The Company also does not guarantee or bear responsibility for any service or product offered or advertised by a third party through this website. Using any external links, as well as purchasing any products or services from a third party is your sole responsibility and risk.
  • As a service provider, we also do not guarantee or take responsibility for the effectiveness, accuracy, legality, safety, or adequacy of any information contained in your resume.

Limitations of Liability

Under any occasion will the Company, its agents, employees, or directors will bear any liability to you or any other entity for indirect, direct, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive, or consequential damages that resulted from your use of this website and/or its services. 

The damages may include the loss of data, revenue, profit, as well as other issues. We are not liable for any of such issues even if we have been warned about the possibility of any issues or damages.