List of Professional Achievements for Resume

Achievements In Resume

Job search can be a tedious process. Listing all those job responsibilities and day-to-day tasks seems so boring. And indeed, it is. Your interview chances increase if you focus on achievements in resume instead.

Thanks to this article, you will learn a lot of useful tips:

  • Resume accomplishments: what does this mean?
  • Using achievements on a resume - why is it so important?
  • List of achievements
  • Career accomplishments for a resume by Industry
  • How to list achievements as a student
  • How and where to list achievements

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What are the achievements in a resume?

Job-seekers list their responsibilities with great enthusiasm. Yet, one might not realize that it does not make them stand out. The purpose of a professional CV is to evoke personal interest. We are here to suggest achievements to put on resume for this purpose.

Importance of including achievements on resume

In the past, not everyone could afford or even needed a university degree. These days, the number of qualified specialists in each profession has increased. So the competition is high, too. This is the main reason why achievements on resume are more important than tasks you’ve accomplished on a day-to-day basis. Job duties are something you can copy and paste. Accomplishments speak for themselves because they are personal.

List of Accomplishments For Resume

One should approach listing achievements on resume carefully. Here are some of the most common types of accomplishments to put on resume:

  • Time and money you saved for the company
  • Procedures that you developed or optimized
  • Industry awards you won
  • Social media success and influence
  • Certifications, both in your professional field and extra accomplishments
  • Ideas and innovations you authored
  • Personal achievements (for instance, volunteering or winning sports titles)
  • Media coverage you gained
  • Grants you received
  • Fundraising success stories
  • Promotions in your career and how quickly you climbed the ladder

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Resumes Accomplishments Examples by Industry

Each sphere has a recruiter who is looking for specific skills in their future employee. Do not miss the opportunity to include professional achievements on resume that will be valuable for your industry. Then, your chances of getting the dream job increase.

Administrative Achievement Examples

Here are some important achievements to put on a resume in an administrative sphere:

  • Worked directly with the top management of the company, organized their appointments, accomodation, and flights
  • Trained and supported the team of assistants
  • Communicated with 50+ company customers daily
  • Supported the existing partnerships and established new connections
  • Made deals with new office suppliers to cut the annual supply costs by 15%
  • Hired and managed cleaning and maintenance staff

Business & HR Professional achievement examples

Check out some useful achievements to list on resume in Business & HR:

  • Sourced qualified candidates suitable for the vacant positions
  • Planned and organized hiring events
  • Took advantage of networking events and social media in favor of the company (reduced the hiring costs by 27%)
  • Shortened the time to fill a position by 45%
  • Managed the applicants’ and employees’ data integrity
  • Collected data to perform efficient forecast analysis
  • Implemented new scripts that increased performance by 20%

Sales and Customer Service Professional Accomplishments

Sales and Customer Service are probably the most demanding spheres when it comes to career achievement. Yet, we also know how to conquer them. You will find some key achievements examples below:

  • Sent 250+ cold emails daily and set up calls with 15% of the recipients
  • Exceeded sales KPIs by 25% three months in a row
  • Achieved a customer satisfaction rate of 95%
  • Got the employee of the month award 6 months in a row

Education and Teaching Working Achievements

The funniest thing here: teachers usually demand achievements from their students. But now it is time for them to illustrate an appropriate resume accomplishments sample.

  • Introduced new ideas and innovations to the existing school program
  • Increased the attendance rates by 20% in most classes taught
  • Published a book on how to improve the learning progress
  • Published 10 related research papers
  • Won the teacher of the year award
  • Received over 90% positive feedback from private tutoring students

Healthcare Work Accomplishments

Probably there is no other sphere where work achievements examples play such a significant role. So what is important for a healthcare worker?

  • A high level of self-organization (strictly following all operational guidelines in the workplace)
  • Received thank you notes from patients
  • Dedicated time to collaborate with other departments for a common bigger purpose

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IT and Software Dev Accomplishments In Resume

Make sure you choose the right interests to include on resume. It is another crucial aspect for your employer. Do not be shy to mix them with your professional achievements.

  • Improved error documentation systems
  • Increased the website traffic by 30% by redesigning it
  • Managed a team of seven in developing new financial management software
  • Increased workplace efficiency and reduced annual labor costs by $1500

Marketing & Advertising Examples of Accomplishments

Marketing and advertising specialists know best how to wrap up and present resume achievements examples. Yet, you need decent proof inside this beautiful box. 

  • Successful Facebook and lead generation campaigns (15+ leads for the sales team every day)
  • Increased conversion by 17%
  • Managed a monthly budget of over $15000
  • Improved user engagement by over 70% (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn)

Finance Key Accomplishments

If your goal is to make a career in finance, the HR manager will definitely pay attention to the achievements section on resume. The following accomplishments are a must:

  • Improved the operational efficiency of the company by 7% by implementing cutting-edge data management procedures
  • Reduced labor and material costs by 10%
  • Worked with a team of five accountants responsible for the reports of all 12 company departments
  • Managed an annual budget of $500,000 5 years in a row

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Listing Achievements as a Student

How to write achievements in resume for freshers? It is a good question but not an obstacle. Not for resume services on Skillhub, anyway. Here is a tip from them: print out the job description. Then use a highlighter to isolate the most important skills for the jobs you choose. Or there is even a better way: turn to professionals. Skillhub automates this process. After analyzing your resume and job description, it returns a curated list of skills.

You might also want to list high school achievements on resume yourself. These achievements in resume for students will have a great impact on your employer:

  • Projects

I have been the editor of our school paper for three years.

  • Volunteering experience

I helped elementary school kids who had problems with spelling and grammar.

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How to Write Achievements in Resume

Employers want to hire the best candidates for the positions in the company. All the more reason to learn how to write achievements in resume. 

Write Your List of Achievements in the Work Experience Section

Most company recruiters will look for job achievements in the Work Experience Section. Researching what this company is looking for will help to identify suitable work accomplishments. Make sure you list the achievements to convince your potential employers.

Quantify Results when listing accomplishments on resume

HR managers expect the achievements in resumes to speak louder than words. Saying that your solutions to the tasks were of good quality is not enough. Quantify your key achievements:

  • Responded to over 75 customer calls daily and solved 95% of their concerns
  • Managed monthly budgets of over $15000
  • Co-authored a multi-media campaign that increased enrollment by 500 students in six years
  • Trained and supervised 5 other receptionists over a period of 3 years
  • Partnered with 10 local community organizations
  • Tutored 5 students in the German language helping them to improve their grades by 2 grades on average

Highlight Key Accomplishments in a Resume

Getting the job = grabbing the attention. A sample list of accomplishments that you copy-paste from an article like this will only help so much. No matter how helpful the article is, you need to add a personal touch. Think of the unique activities in your life and career. This is your unique key to the dream-job-keyhole.

Additional tips for achievements in resume

Your resume profile on LinkedIn, your skills, and your level of customer service - all of that is important. But writing achievement resumes is the new art you should master. Here is a valuable tip: use the two-step “What?/So what?” formula.

What did I do?

Worked hand-in-hand with clients.

So what?

We designed their dream house.

Ask yourself these two questions whenever you want to present your achievement in the best possible way.

Accomplishments example for resume

So much theory. Let us get down to practice. So, what should a perfect example of accomplishments in resumes look like?

  • Implemented a new accounting system reducing time for customer inquiries by 30%.

Just one line but check it out. It illustrates the “What?/So what?” formula. It has an example of an idea/innovation you were the author of. And it quantifies the result. It is a perfect example that you should multiply. You can put your achievements into the resume summary section. Add highlights to emphasize the key ones. 

How to Write Awards In Resume

Never neglect awards in resume. Do not panic in case you do not have specific ones. Awards are a broad notion. They can include:

  • results
  • measuring performance
  • prestigious achievements

Include awards in a job description section

Think of your work history. There must have been something worth everybody’s attention. Perhaps it was a deal you made that got you a job promotion? That can be an award. 

Awards in resume example:

  • Won the teacher of the year award
  • Got the employee of the month award 6 months in a row
  • Most Valuable Teammate 2021

Write awards in a separate section

First and foremost: your awards should be relevant to the company and the industry. It is all very well that you have a multifaceted personality. But the Golden Microphone award at a singing contest is not relevant for the position of an architect, is it? Awards and achievements in resume examples are worth your attention before you make a list of all your talents.

If you need more examples for inspiration, go on resume examples by industry. There are well researched, perfectly written to a job position resume examples that have already promoted!

Key Points: Achievements in resume

Listing accomplishments on resumes increases the chances of a job interview. If your question is “Achievements examples for job application”, we have the answer:

  • Ideas and innovations
  • Industry awards 
  • Social media success and influence
  • Certifications
  • Personal achievements
  • Media coverage
  • Grants
  • Promotions in your career

If you work on this on your own, not only do you increase the chances of getting hired but also the chances of getting tired. Address the professionals resume editing service who are always happy to help you with a winning resume. They are on a mission: help you get as many job interviews as possible.