List of Best Resume Writing Services that Get You Hired in 2023

best resume writing services 2023

The market for resume writing services is enormous. No wonder job seekers struggle with choice overload and find it challenging to find the best resume writer that matches their needs and expectations. They all have flaws and benefits, so it takes a while to identify the right match.

We’ve got you covered, though. Our experts have researched the market to create a list of the best resume writing services. It can be helpful for any workforce member who’d like to get competent help with their resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile. Our goal is to help you land a job of your dreams.

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Best Resume Writing Services of 2023

So these are top-notch professional resume services that help job seekers get their applications to the next level:

  • Skillhub;
  • Zety;
  • Monster;
  • TopResume;
  • Resumewritingservices;
  • Resume Companion;
  • Resumego;
  • Affordable Resume Services;
  • Thebalancecareer;
  • Indeed.

#1 Skillhub

Skillhub deserves the top place on the best resume writing services list. First, it has all relevant certifications, including the CPRW, CPCC, MRW, NCRA, CARW, RWA, ACRW, and ACCS. This is the best evidence that Skillhub isn’t faking it. If you use it for resume help before you apply for a job, you’re guaranteed to impress any recruiting professional or hiring manager.

Moreover, Skillhub has an easy sign-up process, expert resume writers from various industries, and access to writers anywhere. It’s your chance to get your job application noticed, stand out from competitors, and land an interview.

Good for candidates who:

Skillhub is perfect for job seekers who appreciate quality yet want the service they choose to be affordable. And thanks to the urgent delivery option, it’s also great for anyone who’d like to start sending applications ASAP.

Not good for candidates who:

If a low price is your top priority, Skillhub might not be what you want. Some Upwork and Fiverr writers have much lower fees (but the quality suffers as well).


The prices for the Basic package (only a resume) start at only $93. But if you’d like to have a professional write your cover letter and LinkedIn profile as well, expect to pay more.

#2 Zety

Zety differs from Skillhub but is also an awesome resume writing and career service. It empowers job seekers by allowing them to build their CVs using the helpful career resources Zety offers.

Zety has all the required certifications, such as the CPRW, CPCC, MRW, NCRA, CARW, RWA, ACRW, and ACCS, and tops the rating of unconventional resume writing services online. It also has a cover letter generator and tons of free information available. So if you’d like to increase the chances that your dream employer will hire you but don’t want to pay for a professional writer, Zety is perfect.

Good for candidates who:

Candidates who’d like to learn as much as possible about job search and hiring will appreciate Zety. In addition to a resume builder and cover letter generator, the service has a great blog with loads of relevant information.

Not good for candidates who:

Unless you’re confident in your resume writing skills enough to write a CV yourself (based on the learning resources Zety provides), it’s probably not for you.


Much of what Zety has to offer is entirely free. But even the extra resources and features cost only a little over $70 for an annual subscription, which is more than affordable.

#3 Monster

Monster needs no introductions. It’s one of the world’s best-known job boards and career advice platforms. But few job seekers know it’s also one of the top resume writing services that can help them create a stellar job application and get past any Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Monster’s list of certifications might be shorter than Skillhub’s, but it still includes the CPRW and CPCC, which is enough for most things. And the service has a highly competent team of writers who can help applicants present their key skills and work experience in the best light to get their dream job.

Good for candidates who:

Monster is the right choice for people who like everything in one place. If you’re using Monster’s job board, it’s also convenient to use its resume services.

Not good for candidates who:

Monster isn’t among the cheapest professional resume writing services. If you’re on a tight budget or after a good bargain, Monster might not be the best option.


The minimum a resume will cost you is $149, and you’ll have to pay much more ($349 and up) for a cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

#4 TopResume

TopResume is one the market leaders; if you ask about well-known certified resume writing services, you’re guaranteed to hear about it. Similarly to other platforms on this list, it has the necessary certifications (such as the CPRW and CPCC) and a large team of writers competent in various industries.

What’s more, TopResume has some of the best reviews, which is great evidence of its professionalism. Clients appreciate both TopResume’s quality and quick delivery. You can count on the service to help you with every part of the job application, including a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

Good for candidates who:

If it’s your first time using a resume writing service and you have any concerns, TopResume is an excellent choice because of its long-standing reputation in the market.

Not good for candidates who:

Similarly to Monster, TopResume is quite pricey, which scares off a lot of candidates who’re out of a job and lack financial security at the moment.


TopResume’s Starter package (only a resume) costs $149. The Premium and Ultimate packages (with a cover letter and LinkedIn profile) are priced at $219 and $349, respectively.

#5 Resumewritingservices

The list of the companies where Resumewritingservices’ clients have successfully landed jobs is imposing. It includes Google, Deloitte, Amazon, and other top employers. So if you’re searching for professional resume writing services to help you thrive in a competitive industry, Resumewritingservices is worth your attention.

Similarly to others, it’ll not only help you prepare a winning resume that gives justice to your key skills and experience but also help you pass the applicant tracking process. This is especially important for candidates who are applying for large corporations. Most of them use ATS bots to filter applications.

Good for candidates who:

Resumewritingservices has a relatively small and tight-knit team of resume writers, so it’s a good service for job seekers who appreciate a personal touch and non-stop communication.

Not good for candidates who:

If you work in a niche industry, Resumewritingservices might not have a suitable writer for you. Also, it’s one of the most expensive services in the market, so it’s not for frugal job seekers.


A resume from Resumewritingservices will cost you $270, twice as much as other services charge. And you’ll have to pay an extra $50 for a cover letter and $70 for a LinkedIn profile.

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#6 Resume Companion

Resume Companion is more similar to Zety than other services on this list. It’s CPRW and CPCC certified and offers many helpful job search advice. It also provides a few resume templates (although the choice isn’t too large) and resume and cover letter examples to follow.

That being said, if you ask a hiring manager, they’ll probably agree that hiring an expert is always better, which is not something that Resume Companion offers. About 70% of job seekers with a professionally written resume land a job within less than three months. The number is significantly lower for those who write their resume themselves.

Good for candidates who:

Resume Companion is perfect for job seekers who already have enough experience in resume writing or don’t have extra money to spare on resume writing services online.

Not good for candidates who:

In turn, candidates who struggle with writing and want to hire an actual expert for a customized resume, as opposed to getting generic advice, might not benefit from Resume Companion.


Most of what Resume Companion offers is free, which is the service’s main benefit. But you could also pay about $3 for a two-week trial to get access to more information and features.

#7 Resumego

Similarly to TopResume, Resumego is one of the best-known resume services. As stated on the company’s website, a professionally written resume increases job seekers’ chances of landing an interview by 37%, which is why Resumego (another top resume service) is a chance to invest in your career.

At the same time, remember that Resumego’s list of certifications is relatively short compared to other competitors; it includes only the CPRW and CPCC. Also, despite its popularity, Resumego has a small team of writers. This means you might be unable to find the right fit for your industry and career line.

Good for candidates who:

If you need a cover letter, Resumego might be the right choice for you—the most positive reviews Resumego has is about cover letters, not resumes.

Not good for candidates who:

A few services on this list, such as Skillhub, have better customer satisfaction scores for a lower price. So Resumego is yet another service ill-fitting for job seekers on a budget.


Resumego’s cheapest package, with only a resume included, costs $360. And you can expect to pay up to $600 if you’d like to have your cover letter and LinkedIn profile professionally written as well.

#8 Affordable Resume Services

If you like to root for an underdog, consider giving Affordable Resume Services a chance. It’s not among this list's most well-established or widely known services. But this doesn’t mean that job seekers can’t get a decent resume written by a professional from it.

Despite its no-name status in the market, Affordable Resume Services is licensed—it has the CPRW and CPCC certifications, which is more than most Upwork and Fiverr freelancers have to offer. That being said, trusting a lesser-known service is always a risk. That’s the main reason why Affordable Resume Services is so low on this list.

Good for candidates who:

The best benefit of Affordable Resume Services is clear from its name. If you’d like to invest in your career but don’t have much money to spare, it’s a good option.

Not good for candidates who:

Candidates with zero resume writing skills and experience are better off with a more established service. Otherwise, you might get a poorly written resume without even realizing it.


Affordable Resume Services’ price transparency leaves much to be desired, so it’s better to inquire personally. But apparently, candidates can get a resume for a little under $100.

#9 Thebalancecareer

Thebalancecareer isn’t a traditional resume writing service like most others. Instead, it’s a helpful information resource that any job seeker or laborer can benefit from. On Thebalancecareer, you can find useful recommendations on how to write a bot-beating resume, how long a CV should be, the best places for findings job openings, and more.

Thebalancecareer’s experts have the necessary certifications (such as the CPRW and CPCC) and know what they’re talking about. So if you’re after resume writing advice and career-boosting strategies that work, it’s a fantastic resource worth your attention.

Good for candidates who:

Candidates who don’t want to hire a certified writer but do want to be able to write a good resume themselves will undoubtedly benefit from Thebalancecareer job search tips.

Not good for candidates who:

You won’t find typical resume writing services online on Thebalancecareer. So if you’d like to hire someone competent to write your job application, you’re better off looking elsewhere.


Thebelancecareer is entirely free. If you have time and energy, you can use it as a learning platform and become a good resume writer without paying anyone.

#10 Indeed

Indeed needs no introductions in the job search and career world. It’s a well-known informational resource and a job board. What few job seekers know, though, is that it’s also home to one of the best resume writing services you can find. With a CSAT of 4.7/5, Indeed’s CPRW and CPCC-certified resume writers are good at what they do.

What’s more, similarly to Skillhub and a few other services in this list, Indeed offers candidates a chance to have their resumes scanned automatically. You won’t get thorough feedback, but even a few helpful tips can go a long way.

Good for candidates who:

Like Monster, Indeed’s resume writing service is excellent for people wanting everything in one place. Having one’s job application written and looking for jobs is convenient without leaving the platform.

Not good for candidates who:

Indeed is not for candidates in a hurry. It might take up to a week for its writers to complete your resume, which is way longer than other top resume writing services offer.


A job seeker can have their resume reviewed by Indeed experts for only $25. But the price goes up significantly if you’d like to have it written by a professional from scratch.

Summary: What are the best resume writing services?

Analyzing the market for the best resume writing services and top career resources can be daunting and time-consuming. Our career advice expert and writer, Perla Aroyo, has spent over 10 hours preparing this list and is clearly well-familiar with the topic. Job seekers without prior knowledge of resume services would need much more time.

That said, you’re more than welcome to analyze the market yourself. Here’s a short step-by-step guide:

  1. Research by keywords, such as resume writing service, write my resume, pay for resume, hire resume writer, and so on.
  2. Organize all resume services into one extensive list.
  3. Decide on the criteria based on what matters the most to you.
  4. Remember that frequently, you will need to contact customer service as not every service puts all the relevant information on the site.

If you’d like to save more time for your job search, just go with Skillhub. SkillHub’s resume writing and editing experts are the best at what they do, and so is our support team. We’ll ensure you get a resume that’ll impress every hiring manager.