A resume is usually read for less than ____ seconds by an employer.


On average, employers spend less than 30 seconds to read through your resume. Basically, there is no point for you to waste your precious time on something professional resume writing services online can do perfectly. Or you can use creative resume examples to craft a perfect resume for yourself.

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About 30. Resumes should provide a thorough overview of your professional self, but it has to be concise and straight to the point. This fact, by the way, answers the question of how many pages should a resume be - it’s recommended to keep it one page long (or max. two).

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On average, employers and recruiters spend only 30 seconds reading a resume. This time is enough for them to identify your key strong points. And the rest of the details are typically discussed during an interview. So, if you are wondering how long should a resume be, keep it short!

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The answer is - under 30 seconds. This is the average time a potential employer or hiring manager will spend on your resume before they decide whether to invite you to an interview or not. That’s why it’s vital to keep it concise, well-organized, and cut down on all unnecessary information.

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