A word-processed résumé that was designed to be appealing to the eye is a _______.

a. Web résumé
b. Scannable résumé
c. Print résumé
d. Electronic résumé


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The right answer is C. - Print résumé. It’s one of the most traditional, old-fashioned types of resumes, but it’s still extremely popular.

This type of resume is easy to create. Besides, there are plenty of helpful resume cheat sheets available on the web that you can use to create yours.

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That’s a print résumé (option C). One of the biggest resumes questions facing job applicants is what type of resume to choose.

If you are not sure, then a print résumé is your best bet. It’s classic, straightforward, informative, and yet appealing. And, compared to other types, it’s more practical.

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This is called a print résumé. In a nutshell, it’s a resume that is all ready to be printed and mailed or handed.

It uses a variety of highlights like italicized text, bulleted lists, and other elements that make it visually appealing. And it’s the most widely adopted type of resume today.

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