Job applicants should always use a paper that is _____ to print their résumé.

a. Highly patterned
b. Their favorite color
c. Bright or fluorescent
d. White or light-colored

Please select the best answer from the choices provided A B C D


When printing a resume you might find some mistakes. That's why even ordering editing from a resume service can be extremely beneficial. Alternatively, you can look at great resume examples to know in what order to list your previous places of work.

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Correct answer: D.White or light-colored.

If you ever wonder what the best resume format is, choose something that is simple - that’s the golden rule of resume writing. The simplicity in everything is the key to success, which is why it is highly recommended to stick with either white or light-colored paper for printing your resume.

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The Right Answer: D.White or light-colored.

Pick white or light-colored. When it comes to a resume format and design - the simpler, the better. If you print your resume on bright-colored paper, you will make it hard to read for the recruiter and employer, whereas white or light-colored paper will make it easy to read and appealing.

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Correct: D.White or light-colored.

Always keep the resume as simple as possible to ensure that nothing will distract the reader from you and your professional experience. That’s why it is recommended to select simple resume formats, organize everything chronologically, and, of course, choose white or light-colored paper that does not steal too much attention.

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