The _______ résumé format is the one that makes emphasis on an applicant’s work experience and education:

a. Functional
b. Electronic
c. Chronological
d. Skills


Before you get invited to a job interview, recruiters need to check your resume. In case you need a CV writing service to get your CV or resume done, all you have to do is use your search engine. Yet, with the help of the latter, you can also find good resume examples to get the gist of the style.

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Answer: C. Chronological.

The correct answer is chronological; this is the resume format that emphasizes your professional experience and education. It’s also the most preferred format due to its effectiveness. A resume example in a chronological format puts the applicant’s strong points first and follows a consistent structure, which is why it’s effective.

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Correct Answer: C. Chronological.

It is a chronological format, the one that focuses on experience and education. It implies that you list your work experience and education in chronological order so that your latest accomplishments would be seen first. It directs the reader’s attention and saves time; the best resume templates often use this format.

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Right Answer: C. Chronological.

If you make the biggest emphasis on professional history and education, that’s a chronological resume format (C). It’s considered a standard format, so it’s used in many good resume examples. However, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t suit everyone. It won’t be a good choice if you lack work experience.

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