What are the three main stages that applicants’ résumés go through after being submitted to an employer?

Describe each stage.


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If you are wondering how to make a resume that wins jobs, you need to know that your resume will go through a multistage check. Namely, it takes three stages from the moment you submit your resume and until your candidacy gets chosen for the job.

  1. First, resumes are being scanned with special software to weed out the applicants that don’t meet the basic needs and requirements.
  2. Next, the remaining resumes are reviewed by HRs or employers in detail to narrow down the number of candidates.
  3. Finally, the resume is being studied further to define the focus for the interview.
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The three stages employers use to filter job applications include the following.

  • Scanning resumes using technology. By the way, experts stress the importance of keywords when giving tips on how to write a resume because resume-scanning software is programmed to identify relevant keywords and filter out resumes that don’t include them.
  • Human screening. Recruiters examine the resumes that were selected by the software and define what candidates should go to the next stage.
  • In-person interviewing. Lastly, your resume will be used during the interview stage as an auxiliary tool for the recruiter that helps him or her guide the process.
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Everyone wondering how to create a resume must understand the process of choosing candidates used by employers. The entire course can be divided into three stages: technology check, human screening, and interviewing. 

The technology check stage implies that all the job applications submitted to the employer will be scanned using the ATS system or other resume-scanning software to identify candidacies that are best suited. Next, a human resources manager will read every application fully to learn more about each candidate and pick the ones that should move higher up. Eventually, your resume will serve as a script for the upcoming interview.

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