What is the unemployment rate in the US ?

Ivory Howard
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The US unemployment rate as of May 2021 is 5.8% according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistic’s report. 5.8% is about 9.2 million people, which is a huge number. The rate now is significantly lower than a year before, when in May 2020 the rate was 13%. So it is safe to say that there is a positive tendency for decreasing the number of unemployed people. Yet, the current percent is still higher than the pre-pandemic one (3.5% in February 2020).

Vanessa Vanderburg
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Generally, the tendency for the US unemployment rate looks pretty good. It has been decreasing in the year 2021 compared to the previous year. As for today, there are 5.8% of unemployed people in the US (9.3 million), which is a big number. But it is still much lower than in May of 2020 when the rate was about 13%. So the number of citizens looking for a job dropped but it hasn’t reached the pre-COVID-19 levels when the rate was only 3.5%.

Michelle Tu
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At the beginning of June the Bureau of Labor and Statistics published a report on the US unemployment rate. As for May this year, it is 5.8% - which is about 9.3 million people. It is still not as low as pre-pandemic when the rate was about 3.5% (as for February 2020). But the overall tendency is very good, as the rate has dropped significantly in comparison to 2020. In May of last year, the rate was 13%.

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