Which of the following phrases suits best for describing the professional accomplishment on a résumé?

a. Top producer by a lot
b. Top producer of 37 employees
c. The leading producer
d. Top producer


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Correct Answer: option B.

Answer B is best suited for describing an accomplishment on a professional resume. Why? When specifying professional accomplishments, it is better to start by stating a job title (“top producer”) and then quantify your achievement with some numbers (“of 37 employees”). As you can see, option B has it all.

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Correct: option B.

“Top producer of 37 employees” is the best statement for a job resume. It gets straight to the point, defines your previous experience, and strengthens the impression you make on recruiters by providing specific numbers. It also clearly shows your abilities and skills, so the correct answer is option B.

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Correct: option B.

The only phrase that includes some numbers (option B) best describes the accomplishment that can be listed on a resume. The phrase is clear and concise. Also, it highlights individual abilities. What’s even more important, when writing a resume, it is vital to make your accomplishments measurable by using numbers.

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