Will the job market get better in 2021?

Michelle Tu
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It is expected to get better with the unemployment rate dropping in comparison to 2020. There are more positions open now and it continues to grow. Yet, it is probably not going to be as good as before the pandemic. A lot of people will be looking for new job opportunities, but many companies are not ready for the new market. The trends like more flexible schedules and remote work are going to stay. But with the huge number of job seekers, the job market will be quite competitive.

Rachel Evans
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The job market is already getting better after the COVID-19 pandemic, the unemployment rate in the USA is reduced to 5.8% compared to 13% the previous year. The number of open positions is also growing. But the pace is not as fast as people would like it. And it is going to take a bit longer than a year to get back to the pre-pandemic numbers. Overall, the job market is going to be competitive and fast with job seekers looking for better opportunities.

Ivory Howard
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Overall, the prospects are very optimistic for the year 2021. The unemployment rate is dropping in the US and other countries. There are more job postings and many companies, as well as employees, go back to normal life with vaccination. But it is not going to be all positive as well. The competition for positions stays pretty high as there are still millions of unemployed professionals. And companies need to adjust fast to the new job market, more expectations from candidates, and flexible working schedules.

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