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google docs cover letter template
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The Best Google Docs Cover Letter Templates

In today’s competitive job market, a cover letter is no longer an extra addon. More than 70% of recruiters say they appreciate one even if it’s not required! Cover letters are slowly becoming the norm, and applying for a job without them can be somewhat risky.

But - how to make your cover letter stand out from the vast majority? The answer comes down to two things: the words you choose and the design you go with. 

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • What are Google Doc formats?
  • How many types are there?
  • Common examples.
  • How to use these templates to your advantage.

What is Google Docs Cover Letter Template?

As we’ve already mentioned, choosing the right words to convey your message is only half of the work. Creating a captivating, eye-catching design to go along your cover letter is the key. Why is that?

We, as humans, are attracted to pictures, colors, and design. You’re more likely to positively respond to a well-designed, colorful cover letter than to a dry, monotonous email. It’s just how we work, and you as a job seeker can use that to your advantage. But what if your design skills are not the best? Don’t you dare worry.

There are hundreds of pre-made cover letter templates in Google Docs, waiting to be downloaded. You can modify them and restructure them in any way you’d like. And the best part is - they’re all completely free! You don’t need to waste money on professional editing software to have a cover letter that’s unique and beautiful. Let’s explore some of the templates to get your creative juices flowing!

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Use the Right Google Docs Cover Letter Format

You may ask what exactly is a Google Docs cover letter format? Simply, it’s a cover letter template for Google Docs that’s here for you to customize fully. But what does that mean, and when to use it?

It means the template comes with a beautiful design, and your job is to fill it out with your cover letter writings. And you should use it whenever you feel like it! Whether you’re terrific or poor at design, it doesn’t matter!

Google Docs Cover Letter Format

In the following section, we’ll explore the seven most commonly used Google Doc cover letter Google Doc template types! Each and every one of those is used in a unique way for a different occasion. Some of the cover letter google docs formats are more relaxed than others, while some maintain a high level of professionalism and skillfulness. Let’s look at them one by one and determine which one is the best Google Docs cover letter format.

Let’s get into more detail on these cover letter templates:

  • Swiss cover letter template
  • Saturn template
  • Geometric template
  • Handwritten Headline cover letter template
  • Spearmint template
  • Modern Writer cover letter template
  • Ivy League template

Swiss Cover Letter Template

Swiss cover letter template is for you if you enjoy a minimalist, clean layout. It displays clean lines, defined and precise strokes, and an asymmetrical layout, and with that, it creates a feeling of artistic balance. If you’d love to give your application some creative flair, this is the template just for you.

you'll find template of swiss cover letter.

Saturn Cover Letter Template

This cover letter template example is a professional one. The most prominent feature is the recognizable divider that divides the page into two columns. Why is this done? It’s here to maximize the space and make the most of a single page. It’s simple, elegant, and easily scannable for all the needed info, which makes it perfect for professional applications.

Need a saturn cover letter template. You're at the right place.

Geometric Cover Letter Template

This job cover letter template is pretty self-explanatory. The design is blocky, defined, and doesn’t mess around. This technical template is pixelated, simple, and carefully colored to match the edginess of the design. It’s perfect for technical projects and feats of a similar kind, as it gives off a professional and functional vibe. It’s great for product design cover letters, too!

Looking for geometric cover letter template. We created it for you.

Handwritten Headline Cover Letter Template

This professional cover letter template is another quite obvious but captivating one. It combines modernity and a professional approach to deliver a message of well-thought design, intricate layout, and mesmerizing detail. Even though this type of outline can be pretty cold, the headline balances out by creating a warm touch of human expression. It’s excellent for both professional and relaxed cover letters.

Are you in need of handwritten headline cover letter template? Use professional-written one.

Spearmint Cover Letter Template

The spearmint template is the most common sample cover letter template. It’s pretty straightforward to work with and gives off a professional touch. Its closed and corporate feel creates an atmosphere of well-known safety and makes reading a cover letter a relaxing activity. It’s probably the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about a traditional cover letter layout!

We created spearmint cover letter template on your disposal. Just make a copy and use it.

Modern Writer Cover Letter Template

This modern cover letter template is as minimalist as it gets. Its simplicity and straightforwardness go hand in hand and demonstrate how less is more. The well-known black horizontal line separates your name or the name of your company from the rest of the cover letter - making it more visible, noticed, and recognized.

check modern writer cover letter template

Ivy League Cover Letter Template

When asked what’s the best cover letter template, the majority reply with this one. There are many reasons to think so - it’s incredibly simple, effective, and elegant. Its traditional-looking design and timeless interface are made to stand out in a classy and profound way. Give it a try and test out how simple and efficacious cover letters can get.

Are you in need of ivy league cover letter template? You'll get professionally-written one.

How to Use Google Cover Letter Templates

Now that we covered the most common templates, one question still remains. How to use them effectively? There are a few easy steps to follow, and you’ll have a professional-looking cover letter in no time! It all boils down to two important tasks:

  1. Download the Google Doc cover letter template

They’re completely free to use, design and edit. You can download a specific design by looking it up on Google and adding it to your Google Doc library.

  1. Fill it out!

It can’t be easier than this. You can randomly fill out the details of your letter, or you can follow a specific plan. Here’s a checklist - to make sure you don’t leave some important data out:

  • Fill out your contact details - name, address, email, and phone number.
  • Add the name of your company if you have one.
  • Add the date of the application.
  • Write a cover letter - and make sure to spellcheck the employer’s name, and proofread a couple of times before submitting.
  • End on a positive and professional note.

Key Takeaway 

Here’s what to take away. The best cover letter template for you depends on the type of cover letter you’ll send out. Want to sound professional and straightforward? Use Modern Writer. Want to leave a relaxed impression? Fill out a Geometric or a Handwritten Headline template.

In other words, it’s entirely up to you! After deciding the tone of your letter, a basic cover letter template is then made by downloading the desired one - and simply filling it out. And feel free to implement your own design or match your writing style with an already existing one. Add important info, like your contact information, the date, and the cover letter content, and you’re good to go! 

To shorten it even more - download, fill out, proofread, send out - and be employed!

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