The Best Ultimate Guide How to Delete LinkedIn Account

how to delete linkedin account
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LinkedIn is different from other networks and we can’t agree more. While other platforms often offer you posts of random people and plenty of unnecessary content, LinkedIn focuses on one thing – and that’s professional growth.

The site offers users many opportunities, from job search and reaching HRs and SEOs of various companies to developing your personal brand.
However, you may wonder how to delete LinkedIn account due to going dark to reset your career and start it with a clean slate. Social media platforms typically try to make you stay on them for as long as possible, but LinkedIn has another approach. It lets you delete your account or just deactivate it for some time.

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How to delete LinkedIn account permanently

Asking "How do you delete your LinkedIn account?" you probably think it’s a long process. But with our step-by-step guide, it becomes super easy.
First, click on the Me icon – it’s in the right upper corner. Go to Settings & Privacy from the dropdown menu.

screenshot of linkedin account

Go to Close account, next, choose Change.

screenshot account management

Pick up the reason for deleting your account and select.

Once your password is entered, choose Close account.

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This way, you can erase your LinkedIn account very quickly.

How to Delete LinkedIn Account From Computer

Can you delete your LinkedIn account from a browser? The answer is certainly yes. But before you do, better save all your information, namely pictures, videos, posts, contacts, etc. Please note that information you have shared with others, or data that users copied will remain visible even if your profile is deleted.

First of all, log in to your profile, and go to Settings & Privacy from the menu – it’s at the top right of the LinkedIn page.

linkedin profile screenshot with an arrow for settings and privacy

Click on the Account Management tab and scroll down to Account Preferences. Select Change near to Close Account.

Next, the system will ask why you want to delete your profile. You may choose whatever suits you best: privacy concerns, unwanted contacts, or type your reasons in the empty bar.

Click Next to confirm your decision, then enter your password. Select Close Account.

poll table

How to Delete LinkedIn account from the app

If you’ve been using LinkedIn via your phone, you probably need to know how to cancel your LinkedIn account from the app. Whether you’ve got Android or iOS, the process is the same – there are 5 basic steps.  

  • Tap your LinkedIn picture, choose Settings and select Account preferences.
  • Go to Close account – you can see it under Account management.
  • Choose Continue.
  • Pick up the reasons for deleting your account and choose Next.
  • When you’ve entered the password, tap Done.
4 iPhone screens with screenshots linkedin profile

Your data after canceling a LinkedIn account

Once you erase your LinkedIn account, you will lose access to your connections, recommendations and data you've shared on it. So, it’s better to save everything important in advance. Despite your profile won’t be visible on LinkedIn, some search engines may show your information for some time.
Of course, you can restore the account, but not after 30 days. Also, it’s possible to reopen the account if you deleted it less than two weeks ago. However, you won’t have access to your group memberships, followings, endorsements and other key things.

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ask How to Delete LinkedIn Account

Before you delete your LinkedIn profile, be sure you know all advantages of this platform.

  • LinkedIn speeds up the job search. Here, you can get detailed information about open vacancies, reach recruiters and employees of various companies.
  • Thanks to LinkedIn Premium, you can compare your profile with those of other users and draw conclusions about your competitiveness.
  • By analyzing people who viewed your profile, you can better understand to who your candidacy is of particular interest.
  • The platform is perfect for developing your personal brand – attach photos, videos, Word and PDF documents to your posts. This gives you a chance to share successful projects and knowledge with other users.

How to Deactivate LinkedIn Premium

Another widespread question is how to quit LinkedIn Premium. We hope that with our tips it will be easier than ever.

  • First, find the Me icon and click on it – it’s in the right upper corner of your LinkedIn page.
screenshot of linkedin profile
  • Then choose Access My Premium – it must be in the dropdown menu.
  • Go to Manage Premium account, and then - Premium Subscription settings.
  • Select Manage subscription and choose Cancel subscription.
screenshot linkedin cancel subscription
  • Decide which prompt suits you best or type your variant in an empty field. To stop LinkedIn Premium, choose Confirm cancellation.

linkedin screenshot before you go

How to restart a LinkedIn account

«Can I reopen a closed LinkedIn account?», one may wonder when deciding to return to this platform. As it was mentioned earlier, reopening an account is possible if you closed it less than 14 days ago.

Once you delete your account on LinkedIn, you may use it again. The first way is just to log into your account and that’s it. The second is to use the link which you received in the closure email from a web browser or mobile device.

  • On the main login page, enter your email address and password, and choose Sign In.
  • Or you may also turn to the link given to you in the closure email.
screenshot of gmail letters from linkedin
  • Select Reactivate, then you’ll receive an email to confirm that you are to open your account again.

Difference between Deactivating and Deleting

If you need a break from social platforms and aim at returning there some time later, you should certainly know how to deactivate your LinkedIn account.
You’ve already read «How can you delete your LinkedIn account?», so let’s compare these two terms. In fact, they are completely different.


  • You can return to LinkedIn any time.
  • Your profile visibility is up to you. It may be unavailable to both LinkedIn users and people who are not logged into the service. Or you may still provide LinkedIn users with access to it.


  • You can get back to your account if you erased it less than 14 days ago.
  • No one can see your profile. It’s removed from the website as well as all your posts, comments, etc.

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How to deactivate your LinkedIn account

Now, let’s get back to how you can deactivate your LinkedIn account.

The platform offers users a chance to decide what profile information others see when they turn to search engines. And luckily you can select the profile settings which make your profile visible to no one.

  • Click on the Me icon and choose Settings and Privacy.
screenshot of linkedin profile megan ellis
  • Select Edit your public profile.

screenshot linkedin profile settings
  • Go to Edit visibility.
  • The last step is to turn off your profile's public visibility.

Public profile settings in linkedin

Is Deleting a LinkedIn Account Worth It?

LinkedIn popularity grows over time, so do you still want to cancel your LinkedIn account? More and more career advice experts recommend being present there, and recruiters open up about studying candidates’ profiles before reaching them. So, one may never underestimate a well-thought-out account on this platform. That’s why many job seekers turn to professional writers. Experienced specialists know exactly what hiring managers search for, thus, they are great at highlighting your successes in an outstanding way. Order now and your profile won’t go unnoticed.

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