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What is a resume headline, and why is it important in 2022? 

Today, hiring teams get tons of resumes daily and use automation to weed out irrelevant applications. Putting a headline on a resume is an effective way to optimize your job search and get more interviews. 

Want to learn more? Continue reading for 

  • resume headline definition;
  • importance of a headline for resume;
  • 30+ ideas and examples;
  • tips on how to write a winning title.

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Now, let’s zoom in on the subject.

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What Is a Headline on a Resume?

In short, a resume headline (aka resume title) is a concise, catchy phrase that showcases your skills and credentials and demonstrates your professional value. 

This can be done in various ways. Depending on your background, experience, accomplishments, etc., you can choose to highlight different things. More on that later. 

Importance of a Headline on Resume

But why put a headline on a resume? To increase your chances of getting hired! Placed under your name at the top of the title page, a good resume headline grabs the hiring managers’ attention and convinces them you’re the best fit for the job.

Thus, a headline for a resume works like an article title or a book logline: in all these cases, enticing the reader to learn more is the ultimate goal. But how do you achieve it? 

Continue reading to see guidelines and examples. 

30 Resume Headline Ideas

So, what makes the title for resume great? Study the following list of resume title ideas to see what a good headline for a resume should look like. 

  • Award-Winning Illustrator for Children’s Books 
  • Fashion Photographer With Works Featured in Top Magazines 
  • Award-Winning Hair Stylist With Experience on TV 
  • Lauded Interior Designer With 200+ Happy Clients 
  • Live Sound Engineer Proficient With Sound Mixing and Design 
  • Licensed Electrician With a Technical School Degree 
  • Experienced Carpenter Foreman With Leadership Skills 
  • Experienced Plumbing Technician With Journeyman Status 
  • PE Licensed Structural Engineer Proficient With Software 
  • Certified Language Instructor for Young Learners 
  • Medical Copywriter With 2+ Years of Experience in Pharma 
  • Expert Journalist With a Political Sciences Degree 
  • Certified Project Manager With Great Organizational Skills 
  • Trained Office Manager With Associate Degree in Business Management 
  • Error-Free Staff Accountant Proficient in Account Analysis 
  • Experienced Marketing Manager and Recent MBA Graduate 
  • Bilingual Babysitter and Student Pediatric Nurse 
  • Remote Customer Support Operator Proficient in French 
  • Friendly Cashier With Excellent Math Skills 
  • Trained Shop Assistant Who Exceeds Sales Targets 
  • Organized Front Desk Receptionist Proficient With MS Office 
  • Dedicated Librarian With Good Communication Skills
  • Prepress Supervisor With 5+ Years of Experience 
  • Motivating Fitness Instructor and Former Athlete 
  • Italian Executive Chef With Strong Leadership Skills 
  • Licensed Insurance Agent With Experience in Healthcare
  • Experienced Math Tutor With 100+ Successful Students 
  • Certified Online Language Instructor for Adults 
  • Supply Chain Consultant Proficient With JDA WMS 
  • Cybersecurity Engineer With BS in Computer Science 

Read on to find more title of resume examples for your industry. 

Best Resume Headline Examples

Sometimes, a good resume headline example can help an applicant more than any instructions. If you need more industry-specific resume title examples, continue reading. 

Below, you’ll find expert ideas for

  • Business & Management
  • Customer Service 
  • Engineering & Software Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance & Accounting

We also have resume title examples for fresh graduates. 

Business & Management

For Business & Management specialists, relevant experience and soft skills are vital, so try to highlight them in your headline. 

Use these resume title samples as a reference. 

  • Business Strategy Manager With Experience in E-Commerce 
  • Insightful Management Consultant With 6+ Years in IT 
  • Seasoned Development Director With Complex Problem-Solving Skills
  • Expert Business Writer Specializing in Press Releases 
  • Junior Business Analyst With Data Science Degree 

Resume Headline Examples for Customer Service

Customer service jobs are mainly about working with people. Yet, experience, organizational skills, and software proficiency are also important. 

See how you can highlight them in your headline resume. 

  • Bilingual Customer Service Representative With Experience
  • Customer Service Supervisor With Advanced Organizational Skills 
  • Tech-Savvy Customer Success Manager 
  • Customer Support Specialist With Experience in IT 
  • Highly Skilled Operations Manager With 3+ Experience in CRM 

Resume Headline Example: Engineering & Software Development

Mentioning a professional title on resume shows the recruiter that you are a relevant candidate. This is especially true for big industries like engineering. 

Look how it works in these examples. 

  • Top Mobile App Developer with 100+ Apps Featured on AppStore 
  • Mechanical Engineer With Experience in Maintaining Data Centers
  • Dedicated Chemical Engineer With MIT Degree 
  • Passionate Game Developer Fluent in C++ 
  • Systems Engineer With 3+ Years of Experience 

Sales & Marketing

Putting a memorable headline on a resume can be particularly beneficial for sales and marketing specialists. But get it wrong – and it may cost you a job offer. 

Here are some good examples for your reference. 

  • Top SMM Specialist With Advanced Analytical Skills 
  • Sales Representative With Experience in B2B Sector 
  • Marketing Director With 50+ Successfully Implemented Strategies 
  • Experienced Email Copywriter for Edtech 
  • Innovative Brand Manager With MBA Degree 

Headline on Resume: Finance & Accounting

For recruiters to get to your impressive summary, you need to entice them with a brief tagline. 

Look at these headline examples for resume that employers will love. 

  • Experienced Staff Accountant With Great Attention to Detail 
  • Finance and Accounting Analyst With a Statistics Degree 
  • Chief Financial Officer With Strong KPI Management Skills 
  • Honors Accounting Graduate Accurate With Numbers 
  • Dedicated Personal Financial Advisor With 20+ Successful Cases 

Resume Title for Fresh Graduate

If you’re a young specialist with no experience, you can still come up with an impressive resume job title.

Study the following examples. 

  • B.Tech in Computer Science Proficient With Python and C++ 
  • MBA Graduate With 10+ Successful Digital Marketing Projects 
  • BS in Civil Engineering With an Award-Winning Project 
  • Dedicated Chemistry Ph.D. Graduate Specializing in Biophysics 
  • Harvard Graduate and Author of 50+ Published Works 


In healthcare, education is a must. Yet, interpersonal skills such as emotional intelligence and stress management are no less crucial. 

Here are some strong resume headline examples for healthcare workers. 

  • Trained Nurse with Advanced Communication Skills
  • Dedicated Clinical Psychologist for Teenagers 
  • Friendly Hospital Receptionist and Part-Time Nursing Student 
  • Certified Surgical Assistant Ready for Long Shifts
  • Practice Manager With Experience in Sports Medicine 

How to Write a Resume Headline?

To come up with an impressive headline or summary for resume, you have to know some lifehacks. Highlighting your main skills is one of them. 

Quick tip: you needn’t do it manually. Skillhub automates the process, analyzing job descriptions and your resume and producing a curated skills list. 

Continue reading to learn more resume headline writing tips. 

Use Capital Case

What is a resume title if not a string of capitalized words? If you don’t use the upper case, your headline won’t be an instant attention-grabber. 

See the difference in these examples. 

Bad: Award-winning photographer with 7+ years of experience in fashion 

Good: Award-Winning Photographer With 7+ Years of Experience in Fashion 

To automate the task, use online capitalization tools. 

Add Specific Keywords

To pass through the applicant tracking system (ATS), your resume title page should contain specific keywords. Analyze the job description and highlight them manually or via Skillhub. When analyzing manually, look for crucial skills, education, and other specific requirements. 

See how adding keywords instantly improves this resume headline example.

Bad: Skilled and Professional Electrician

Good: Licensed Electrician With a Technical School Degree 

Highlight Performance and Achievements

If possible, highlight your performance indicators and most impressive achievements in your resume title. The best resume headline showcases something concrete and measurable – the number of sales, industry awards, etc. Education can also be an indicator, especially if you outperform your peers. 

Compare these examples. 

Bad: Talented Motion Designer With Experience 

Good: Professional Motion Designer With a Portfolio of 150+ Projects 

Omit General Words

Overused words like “motivated” and “hard-working” won’t make your resume title stand out. Instead, it’s better to use something specific. Putting a job title on resume never fails, for example. 

Look at the examples below and compare. 

Bad: Motivated and Hard-Working Accounting Graduate for Your Company

Good: Account Manager With Strong Relationship-Building Skills Who Boosts Monthly Sales by 15% 

Be Concise and Specific 

A short resume headline is much more effective than a lengthy one. When putting a title on resume, keep it concise and to-the-point. 


Bad: Skilled Sound Engineer With a Degree Who Worked at Many Theaters and Concert Venues With Famous Artists and Directors 

Good: Experienced Live Sound Engineer With Berklee Degree 

Additional Tips on How to Put a Headline for Resume

Need more tips to make your job application a success? Here they are. 

  • Examine good resume title examples for any job to see the patterns
  • Brainstorm many headlines and choose the best 
  • Pick a fitting title page template 
  • Format your document properly 
  • Get professional help 

Read on to see the title page template example. 

Resume Title Page Template

Using a proper title page template will help you land more interviews and get hired quickly. 

Study the picture of a resume title page template below or scroll to see a text version. 


Experienced Sales Manager Proficient With CRM 

Eleanor Emma Bell

1125 W31 St., New York, 

NY 10001-0096 USA

(123) 456-7890


Sales manager with a BS degree in Marketing and 5+ years of experience in the tech industry. Have extensive successful experience using Zoho, Salesforce, and Hubspot for sales automation and driving repeat sales. Looking forward to leveraging my expertise into a position as Lead Sales and Marketing Manager at TopBrand.” 

As you see in this example, your resume title should be placed at the top of the page, right after your name. 

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Resume Headline in 2022: Takeaway

To sum up, here are the key points we’ve mentioned in this article. 

  • Resume headline (resume title) definition 
  • Why a proper title enhances your resume 
  • 30 unique resume ideas
  • 30 industry-specific resume examples 
  • How to write a memorable resume title 

We’ve also provided 60 resume headline examples and ideas along with a resume title page template to increase your chances of getting hired so you don't need to strugle with such a quastion like "can someone help make resume for me".

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