Cover letter Examples by Industry

Learn how to write a cover letter that highlights your accomplishments and attracts attention. Here are the best cover letter examples by industry to get more interviews and land the job of your dreams.

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Cover letter Examples

Cover letter examples in 2021

A great cover letter is an essential addition to your resume when looking for a job. It should include:

  • professional greeting;
  • introduction that presents your achievements and experiences;
  • at least two body paragraphs showing why you are a great candidate for the position and how you are suitable for this company;
  • closing paragraph with a call to action.

In this post, you’ll learn about the layout and style of a cover letter as well as the best skills to put on a resume. We’ve prepared excellent samples that help job seekers.

General Cover Letter Example

It has a traditional format and style. It can include not only the hiring manager’s name but also information on how you’ve found the posting. It needs to present your relevant experience and skills for the job as well as qualifications.

Professional cover letter example

It is perfect for those, who have wide experience in the field. It includes measurable results and an impact of your work on the previous job. It highlights your professionalism to employers.

Creative cover letter example

This one is more fitting for less traditional companies. It is less formal and can use simpler language. But it still has to be informative and powerful while making you stand out from the competition.

Entry-level cover letter example

This one is excellent for recent graduates and those who just start their career path. It needs to establish interest in the position, company, and skills that will be relevant.


Accounting & Finance

An accounting cover letter example will help to prepare applications for the financial sector companies. One can learn what jobs do require such documents and what skills to include in the cover letter. Here are the best finance cover letter examples for accounting and finance jobs.


Administration & Office Support

Here are excellent administration cover letter examples to inspire and help to apply for the dream job. Craft an office support cover letter that will impress any hiring manager. Present your relevant experiences and skills with help of these samples.


Business & Management

A business cover letter is a crucial step when applying to positions in business and management. It shows your professionalism, dedication, and interest in the company, as well as skills and experience. Check out a management cover letter example for inspiration.


Construction & Maintenance

Land a job in this industry with an outstanding construction cover letter or top-notch maintenance cover letter. Learn how to present your qualifications to recruiters in the best light. Here are amazing examples of how to do that.


Creative & Cultural Field

Here you can find a sample cover letter for job in the creative or cultural field. It is a sphere where one can showcase their skills and work experience creatively. It doesn’t require such formality as other industries, so check out cover letter examples to get a better grip on the style.


Customer Service & Retail

These cover letter samples are perfect for a job application in customer service and retail. They help to present an applicant in the best way. You can craft a custom service cover letter after examining these great examples.


Education & Human Services

Good cover letter examples always include all the essential parts and showcase how to grab the recruiter’s attention right away. If you are interested in a fruitful career in education and human services, take your time to look at these excellent samples of cover letters.


Emergency Service

This section features examples of a cover letter for resume to apply for an emergency service position. It is important not only to tailor it to a specific company but also to make it industry-specific. It shows professionalism and relevant experience.

No cover letter examples yet.


If you are looking for a great example of cover letter to land an engineering job, search no more. These samples are from a career advice expert that knows exactly how to stand out from the competition in this field.


Food Service

To get a perfect job, it is important not only to craft a winning resume but also to write a powerful cover letter. Here one can find good cover letter examples specific to the food industry and related positions.

No cover letter examples yet.

Healthcare & Wellbeing

Perfect examples are extremely helpful to create the best cover letter for a position in healthcare and wellbeing. If you’ve chosen this career path, invest your time in checking these samples. They are crafted by professionals in career advice and growth.


Information Technology (IT)

Being an expert in the field is not enough to get a job. A person also needs to create a resume and cover letter that accurately represents their expertise. These cover letter samples for the IT industry are perfect if you do not know where to start or how to advance your application.


Life Situation & Entry-Level Cover letter examples

These cover letter samples are useful for life situations or entry-level applications. It is often hard to showcase one’s skills if one does not have huge experience in the field. Yet, it is completely possible to stand out and make a good impressio


Marketing & Sales

These top-notch marketing cover letter examples will help a candidate to market themselves to a laborer. The samples can help with formatting, style, and focusing on measurable results. Treat them as essential career resources to get the desired position.


Personal & child care

In the field of personal and child care, a cover letter has a crucial part. It helps to introduce oneself and make a wonderful first impression. After all, it is not only about skills and experience but also about personality. Check out these cover letter examples specific to this industry.

No cover letter examples yet.

Spa & Salon

Here one can look at professionally crafted cover letter samples for spa and salon positions. They are usually rare to find online, yet they are very helpful in the job application process. If you are interested in a position in this field, get inspired with the samples.

No cover letter examples yet.

Transportation & Logistics

Looking for cover letter examples for job in transportation and logistics? Well, you’ve found them. We’ve got the best sources for you. Check out excellent samples to enhance your applications and get more interviews.

No cover letter examples yet.