Executive Cover Letter Sample

A career as an executive is challenging and demanding. Yet, it goes through an applicant tracking process like any other career path on the job market. Therefore, you will need a perfect cover letter to land a decent executive position. A question arises: how to write a cover letter for an executive? 

You may study an executive cover letter sample and follow its patterns to write your cover letter. However, trusting the job to professionals would be a better option. Our cover letter service has qualifications and knowledge, which we are ready to apply to write your perfect cover letter. 

Besides, in the following article, you will find useful tips on how to write a cover letter, namely:

  • Cover letter structure and formatting. 
  • How to greet and sign off your letter. 
  • Information to include about the company 

Cover Letter for an Executive [Example] 

A cover letter for an executive position follows the same standard rules as a professional cover letter format. The following example may serve you as a template for your cover letter: 

Dear Jane Doe, 

Your job position as the CEO of the ABC company has picked my attention, and I would like to take this role. With 5+ years of experience in the IT industry, I would like to leverage my management, fundraising, and software engineering abilities to a new level. I easily find common ground with pre-established teams and am not afraid to take calculated risks. 

At my current job position as the CEO of XYZ company, I am responsible for making visionary decisions and leading the company with a net value of $15 million through the competitive market of custom office software solutions. Among the accomplishments that my team earned, you may find the best company, the best software product of the year, and an overall market expansion of 15% in two years. 

The ABC company dares to take risks and provide unique and catching products. At the same time, it understands the requirements of the modern market. I wish to contribute my skills and expertise to the company's work and turn bright ideas into solid profit. 

I have attached my resume and contact information to the cover letter and am looking forward to seeing you in person during an interview. 

Best regards, 

[Your Name] 

Executive Cover Letter Template 

The cover letter template for an executive job application follows the same rules as any other modern cover letter. When you apply for a CEO position in a company, ensure that your cover letter adheres to the following template: 

  • Heading. 
  • Greeting. 
  • Introduction. 
  • Body. 
  • Closing. 
  • Sign off. 

Your cover letter should express your interest in the position, while your resume will serve as a background for your relevant work experience. 

Ultimate Guide on How to Write an Executive Cover Letter 

Naturally, if you want a good cover letter, you may follow a cover letter sample and reach a decent result. However, a great cover letter may be more rewarding. A masterfully crafted cover letter may provide you with an interview opportunity and help you stand out among other applicants.  

There is not always time or possibility to master cover letter writing skills. In this case, a professional writing service will be the perfect solution. If you need assistance with cover letter writing, our specialists are ready to help you make it in the best possible way.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn practical tips and advice on how to craft a winning cover letter on your own. 

Stick to the Professional Cover Letter Formatting 

An easy-to-read cover letter formatting is essential for your executive cover letter. Despite the high position in which you had previous work experience, you still need to win an interview opportunity with a hiring manager of a company. 

The best professional cover letter formatting adheres to the following parameters: 

  • Font: Helvetica, Calibri, Georgia. 
  • 3-4 paragraphs. 
  • 1.15 spacing. 
  • 1-inch margins. 

Cover Letter Heading 

A cover letter heading is the first thing that a hiring manager sees in your cover letter. As in the example cover letter executive above, it would be wise to write down your name and professional contact information. Your cover letter heading is your official introduction before a hiring department and a possible ticket to the job application. 

Cover Letter Sample for Executive [Heading] 

You may use the following cover letter example as a base for your cover letter: 


John Doe



Date and Company Details on Cover Letter

Besides the company adress and hiring manager's name, you should add the date and company contact details in your cover letter for executive. Any extra attention to detail will help you catch recruiters' attention and make them notice your letter.

Example Cover Letter Executive [Date and Company Details] 

You may apply the following example cover letter executive in your cover letter to emphasize your attention to detail: 


John Doe 

ABC Company 

(952) 933-5695

4040 Victoria St

Minnetonka, Minnesota(MN), 55345

Cover Letter Greeting 

A cover letter greeting is another detail that attracts the attention of a potential employer. The main tip to a cover letter greeting is to make it personal. Address a hiring manager by name. If you do not know the name, you may use "to whom it may concern." 

Cover Letter Example for Executive [Greeting]

A professional cover letter greeting may help a recruiting firm to decide to hire you. Taking time with your cover letter personalization is a wise way to invest in your career. Use the following cover letter example for executive in your cover letter: 

  • Dear John Doe. 
  • Dear Hiring Manager. 
  • To whom it may concern. 

What to Include in an Executive Cover Letter [Body] 

In the introduction paragraph of your cover letter for an executive, you should express your interest in the position. The body paragraph becomes the stage for your background and accomplishments. Learn the company and its main values to provide the most relevant of your achievements. 

Executive Cover Letter Sample [Body] 

You may use the executive cover letter sample at the beginning of the article as your guide. Concentrate on the brightest points of your background in the body paragraph, and use relevant information from the job post to enhance it even more. 

Closing Paragraph for Cover Letter 

Restate your interest in the position at the end of your cover letter to increase your chances of getting hired. Any executive cover letter sample will suggest you add contact information and express your gratitude to the hiring manager for reading your cover letter. Use the example of executive cover letter at the beginning of the article as your guide. 

Executive Cover Letter Example [Closing] 

You may use the following executive cover letter example as a template: 

I wait to meet you in person during an interview and contribute my skills and knowledge to the company's cause. 

Use Keywords To Describe Your Skills

There is one thing that you would not find in any cover letter executive example; the importance of keywords. The modern job market relies on applicant tracking system (ATS) software to look for candidates. It includes cover letters too. 

Therefore, you need to scan a job position carefully and use the right keywords for your job application. The variety of key skills for executives is massive. Usually, soft skills include:

  • Time management 
  • Strong interpersonal skills. 

The hard skills depend on the particular industry in which you excel and can take leading positions: 

  • Software engineering. 
  • Market Analysis. 
  • Bookkeeping skills. 
  • UX design, etc. 

Study the Company 

A great source of keywords for your executive cover letter is the company to which you are applying. You may scan through the company's website to find what qualifications it requires and how your background may help it. Besides, it would be wise to study the company's core values and corporate ethics to mention them in your cover letter as well. 

Bottom Line 

Thank you for reading the article. Now you know how to write a cover letter for an executive. The cover letter for executive example at the beginning should be a sufficient guide for a cover letter on your own. When you write a cover letter, don't forget to: 

  • Follow the professional formatting. 
  • Personalize your greeting. 
  • Use keywords in your body paragraph. 
  • Study the company to which you are applying and its core values. 

Don't want to spend too much time on a cover letter? Our resume writing service for executives will gladly assist you at any stage of the cover letter writing. Our specialists have the necessary qualification to impress even the most demanding hiring manager and help you land an interview for the job of your dream. 

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