List of 5 Professional Soft Skills You Need in Today's Workforce

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What are the skills I can put on a resume? Managing your relationships with other people is called soft skills and is one of the most critical skills to acquire. Soft skills for a resume allow you to communicate competently, improve communication quality, achieve greater efficiency in contact with others, and control your emotions and behavior.

Soft Skills Definition: What are soft skills?

So what are the soft skills? Soft skills definition looks like this – it is a collective term that refers to the types of behavior that help people socialize and work successfully. And everybody knows that socialization is the name for human interaction, even if this interaction does not take place personally face to face, but via the Internet, telephone, or even through emails. Long story short, these skills are good manners and personality traits essential for proper communication and building good relationships with people around you.

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List of Soft Skills for a Resume 

The best skills for a resume, among other things, are the things that trigger emotional intelligence. And the ability to apply them is vital for anyone who wants to achieve high results and improve their relations with family, friends, partners, and work colleagues. These are the skills to use on a resume.

Simultaneously, one should not assume that these skills are something unusual, that they are challenging to master, or that one needs to have some supernatural qualities and abilities for this. Everything is much simpler, and further, we will tell you how they are formed. But first, let's make a small list of soft skills.

1. Communication Skills 

Effective communication is the key to any relationship. Communication skills have an impact not only on your team but also on customers and all stakeholders.

Poor communication jeopardizes the project's successful outcome; while decent communication is mainly about understanding and maintaining dialogue, it's not about you proving your point. Therefore, it is essential, especially for project managers, to choose a high-quality online collaboration tool and select individual "keys" for each employee.

Provide information that will show potential employers that you are comfortable communicating in different ways, that you are straightforward about what you need, and express your thoughts clearly.

2.Creativity Skills 

Without a doubt, creativity skills are an incredible addition to your resume, either as a graphic designer or as a psychologist.

What are good skills to show creativity to list on a resume? Creativity is also related to bringing innovative solutions to existing problems or situations; that is, it is not just to invent something new. In this sense, every professional needs to know how to propose more efficient, economical, differentiated solutions in different positions and companies.

A professional with this skill is not enlightened. Still, one who asks the right questions about how to solve a problem and, of course, also understands the importance of exchanging knowledge with the rest of the team to bring elements that are not common to your routine.

3. Problem-solving Skills

These skills have been ranked first among the most demanded for six years. What are problem-solving skills? The compilers of the report on the future of employment gave it the following definition: "the ability to solve new, not yet clearly defined problems under the difficult conditions of the real world." A complex problem is an unforeseen result that has not previously occurred. Its complexity has an emotional (novelty, uncertainty, polemic) and a systemic component. This ability is crucial, as it implies a high degree of analytics and responsibility in group interaction.

4.Work ethic Skills 

Among the top skills they seek, employers highly appreciate people capable of taking the initiative, conveying confidence, and performing right out of the box. Managers don't have the time or resources to take care of them, so they only choose candidates who guarantee these circumstances.

What are work ethic skills? Optimism, believing in oneself, knowing how to take risks and responsibilities, commitment, and a vocation for service are other common skills required in many jobs, regardless of the activity sector.

The recruiters also make sure that the candidates have self-confidence, self-control, and motivation so that these characteristics are later reflected in the position's performance.

5.Teamwork Skills

What are teamwork skills? Are you always willing to help colleagues with tasks that are way too complicated for them or looking for tools to improve your team workflow? Do you take some extra time each day to reflect on your team or company's overall goals?

If you are a strong team player, be sure to mention teamwork skills in your resume. It highlights that you are ready to collaborate, which shows potential employers that you will be easy to work with and help the team succeed.

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Soft Skills Examples - What to list as skills on a resume

The resume is a document aimed to present your skills, abilities, and knowledge to find the job that best fits your profile. That's why it is crucial for the information to be precise and correct so that the employer could get a complete understanding of your skills and personality if you want to have high chances of getting your dream job. This is your chance to get more interviews.

Not all jobs require the same social and professional skills. For this reason, a preliminary analysis of the potential job position may be convenient to help you find out which soft skills examples should be improved and which qualities should not be considered as a priority. A careful reading of the job offer, reflection on the responsibilities it entails, and analysis of the people and departments with whom you will be in contact the most can be of great help.

So what to list as skills on a resume? All of the resume examples of soft skills in our list are essential. If you want to create a decent resume. This list of skills forms the fundamental basis of any candidate, and is applicable to any job:

  • Sense of responsibility;
  • Trust;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Knowledge of and respect for the rules;
  • Ability to update knowledge;
  • Understanding of customer relationships;
  • Initiative;
  • Creativity;
  • Stress and pressure management;
  • The capacity of analysis.

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How can you highlight your soft skills on a resume?

The most popular form of mentioning top skills for a resume is a bullet list. This is the most common presentation. But you can also create a graphic display to impress your employer. For example, you may want to present soft skills on a resume in an outline, such as diagrams, to illustrate the proportions well. To estimate your skills and abilities, you can use a star rating (from one to five) and then add any useful information (accomplishments, courses, experience, etc.) alongside it. Since the resume has other parts and should fit everything on one page, this means that you won't have the space to list all your skills. It's also important to be concise when it comes to the way of presenting them. But it is not forbidden to slip some of your skills into other parts of your professional CV, on the contrary! Thus, in the "work experiences" section, you can insert the skills that you have developed in each experience. However, be careful in this case that your CV does not become a simple list of skills.

Soft skills for resumes

The arrival of the coronavirus changed the way we were used to working. The home office came into our lives to be the new option to work remotely and be a challenge for companies that did not have it implemented.

This practice has also invited companies to reflect on whether their workers have the necessary skills to adapt to this new reality. Communication skills and digital competencies take center stage today to be the new skills most in-demand in 2022.

The skills that we have mentioned above will help you achieve your career goals. They are the best compliment to your professional training, as they provide information about the kind of person you are and about your aspirations.

Technical skills

Hard skills are professional and technical skills that can be both demonstrated and measured. These skills include the following: website development, car repair, logo design, tableware production, sewing clothes, and much more.

When people add key skills on resume, they indicate solid skills, just like employers in job descriptions. It should be noted that a particular set of skills to have for a job is applicable only for a specific professional activity. In other words, the competence of a programmer is not useful to a doctor.

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Additional skills

Now that we have discussed the essential jobs skills for resume, you might be asking what the other good skills to add to resume in 2022 are? Here are the TOP 4 skills that will improve your chances of getting a great online job or make your boss appreciate you more:

  1. Stability: In these uncertain times, stability plays a vital role in adapting to these times.
  2. Cross collaboration: Now that you work from home, continuing to collaborate with your co-workers (and better if they are from other areas) will be a skill for your resume, which, without a doubt, you should add. In these times, working as a remote team is a challenge.
  3. Constant learning: New applications and new communication methods appear more and more, so SkillHub cv creation service suggests it is essential to strengthen your digital skills and learn new skills in other disciplines.
  4. Growth spirit: Do you know the meaning of a growth mindset? Growth thinking or better known as a growth mindset is the skill for your CV that companies are requesting more today. This attitude always leads to constant development, facing new challenges, and a passion for learning.

What are the most valuable career soft skills to have?

According to studies conducted by state employment agencies, one of the most preferred values ​​among recruiting firms are professional skills when hiring a worker. The candidate has to fit well in the position offered. Long story short, the general behavior of the employee and the set of skills related to it are much more important these days than the technical ones. It's not surprising why an entrepreneur would not want to recruit a genius in the field of computer science if he is not resistant to stress and can not cooperate with his teammates. So communication skills are still the top skills for a resume.

Surely, you have to create a resume fully adapted to the type of job you want to get, and it would be good if you could have a few different skills' lists if your previous experience is not completely suitable for the position you want. If you have many work skills for resume related to behavior, indicate only the most relevant according to your potential activity sector. For example, talking about the educational field, the sense of responsibility, knowledge, trust, and respect for the rules are highly estimated. Suppose you want to concentrate on personal services (become a nurse, caregiver, etc.), the most valuable quality is autonomy. If you plan to work in a sales field, the most valuable criteria for you will be customer relationships.

Do you have questions about soft skills definition? Did we miss any tips? What do you think of soft skills for resume?

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