Consulting Cover Letter Sample

Everybody knows that a well-written resume wins interviews. Meanwhile, a well-written cover letter wins jobs. 

Writing a perfect cover letter is possible. The only thing one needs to follow is the rules of formal writing and the common cover letter structure. 

In this article, you will learn 

  • why one needs a cover letter to apply for a job and build a career in consulting;
  • how to write a cover letter as a consulting specialist;
  • how to identify a good consulting cover letter sample;
  • format rules and what to avoid. 

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Cover Letter for Consulting [Example]

Always wondered how to write a consulting cover letter properly? No need for entering “cover letter sample consulting.” Just start with the cover letter format. 

To learn more about the format requirements, check the cover letter consulting example below.

Diana Robertson

7 Lantern Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11210


May 24, 2021

Ms. Amelie Lavigne

77 Rue de Varenne,

75007 Paris, France

Dear Ms. Lavigne! 

Your job post has greatly excited me to apply for the role of an art consultant at the Rodin Museum. I believe that my bachelor’s degree in arts and humanities and my master’s degree in curatorial arts have equipped me with sufficient knowledge to organize exhibitions and provide advice to museum clients. 

During 7 years of working as a curator and an art consultant at the Museum of Modern Art, I have organized more than 500 exhibitions and sold more than 300 masterpieces to the museum’s clients. 

My knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese allowed me to work with foreign clients yet attract constant investing. By showcasing efficient communication and leadership skills, I’ve been able to raise more than $25 million in donations to support the museum activities. 

My excellent written and verbal communication skills allowed me to solve conflicts between the buyer and the artist, choose the best purchase for the client, and ensure the safe transporting of artworks to them. One of my best professional accomplishments is selling artworks by Antoni Tapies and Manolo Valdes to one of our top clients. 

I’m looking forward to your answer to my consulting cover letter. I am excited that a job position as an art consultant will give me a chance to become a part of your team. 


Diana Robertson

Consulting Cover Letter Template

To effectively mention your work experience in your job application, check the format rules which apply to any consulting cover letter example.

  • Structure: a modern cover letter should contain a header, a greeting, a body, and a closing line.
  • Font: Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, etc.
  • Spacing: single or 1.15.
  • Details: be sure to mention the company name and your personal info.

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Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Consulting Cover Letter

Not all professional consultants know how to write an efficient cover letter that would give them an opportunity to build a stellar career.

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Continue reading to learn everything about the cover letter format below.

Structure is Everything in Cover Letter Writing

Wonder how to start a cover letter to interest a hiring manager? Modern cover letter formatting rules keep your cover letter information organized and give a flawless structure to the entire statement regarding the job position.

All best consulting cover letter examples would contain the following elements:

  • heading;
  • date;
  • company details;
  • greeting;
  • body;
  • closing part.

Cover Letter Heading

Like any other cover letter or job application, a cover letter example for consulting should contain a properly written header. A well-written heading makes sure your cover letter gets to the right company department and the hiring manager reads it in time.

Cover Letter Sample for Consulting [Heading]

Check the structure of the header elements in the example cover letter for consulting below.

Name Surname

Your Address

Your Phone contact

Your Email

For instance:

Mia Rodriguez 

2770 5th Ave

Sacramento, California(CA), 95826

(916) 383-9115

Date and Company Details on Cover Letter

When you type in “example cover letter consulting,” you will find that a header also contains information on date and company or the hiring manager personal info. 

The company details to mention are as follows:

  • name of the company or hiring manager;
  • company adress;
  • contact number;
  • hiring manager’s email. 

Example Cover Letter Consulting [Date and Company Details]

Any article on cover letter example consulting will tell you that to get a good team environment and an opportunity to build a great career, you should apply for a job with a well-organized cover letter first.

June 2, 2019

Maria Perez

2834 Toy Ave

Sacramento, California(CA), 95822

(916) 424-1087

Cover Letter Greeting

A cover letter greeting might sound like a formality to skip or pay minimum attention to. However, a greeting in a sample consulting cover letter shows your written communication skills to the employer. In this section, you can use as many alternatives to “Good day” or “Dear Hiring Manager” as you want. Just keep them formal.

Cover Letter Example for Consulting [Greeting]

To ensure a possible growth of a consulting career, make your cover letter for consulting fabulous. All employers aim to hire consulting specialists with amazing communication skills.

An example of an excellent cover letter greeting contains the name of the hiring manager, for instance:

Dear Maria Perez!

What to Include in a Consulting Cover Letter [Body]

But what is a cover letter at its core? The body section in a cover letter for consulting job is a place to showcase your accomplishments. Here, mention the following:

  • tell the recruiter why you can be helpful to the company;
  • name the position you are applying for;
  • list your skills in a bullet-point list if needed.

Consulting Cover Letter Sample [Body]

All cover letter examples consulting emphasize the importance of the body section.

“I have found your job post on LinkedIn, and I am excited to apply for the position of a financial consultant in your firm. I believe that my educational background in finances, as well as my 10-year experience, will allow me to increase the customer turnout in your business.”

Closing Paragraph for Cover Letter

All consulting cover letter examples contain a closing paragraph. A closing line is a phrase used to end the cover letter in a polite way. Knowing how to organize the closing paragraph is crucial, as showing your written communication skills is important for getting hired.

Consulting Cover Letter Example [Closing]

A closing paragraph is an irreplaceable part of the consulting cover letter template.

To display your communication skills and nail a job interview, use a strong ending. 

For example: 

“Thank you for your time! Looking forward to your answer. 


John Myers”

Present Your Skills in a Bright Light

To let your job application and cover letter beat the applicant tracking system (ATS), list professional keywords. The latter are the skills you need to suit the job position. 

A sample cover letter for consulting should contain hard and soft skills separated into sections and organized in bullet-point lists. 

For instance:

Hard Skills of a Consulting Specialist

  • interpersonal skills;
  • analytical skills;
  • communication skills;
  • excellent knowledge of the market.

Soft Skills of a Consulting Specialist

  • attention to detail;
  • conflict resolution skills.

Know the Company You’re Applying To 

While applying for a job position as a consultant, check the company information. In this way, you will know better about the company’s operations and values. You will also know which terms to use to attract the hiring manager’s attention. 

If you wonder how to write a cover letter for consulting, add professional keywords to win the recruiter’s attention and beat the ATS bots.

The best keywords for a consulting specialist are “verbal communication skills,” “clients,” “evaluation,” “assessment,” “sale,” “price,” etc.

Final Thoughts

We hope our article was useful to you. To recollect the tips on writing a consulting cover letter, see the guidelines below:

  • write down your personal information (mention your qualification if needed);
  • write down the company and hiring manager information like address and email;
  • add a greeting;
  • write the body of the cover letter with your skills and accomplishments;
  • end the letter with a closing paragraph.

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