5 Quick Ways How to Format a Cover Letter

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In today's competitive market, a laborer needs to capture every opportunity to drive the recruiter's attention. To apply for a job and land an interview, you need a bot-beating resume that demonstrates your level of qualification and shows employers that you are a perfect fit.

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But, a resume is only a small part of your job application. In order to get your applications noticed, you need to supplement them with a killer cover letter.

This guide, created by expert writers from SkillHub with vast experience in the cover letter writing business, will tell you about the best cover letter format 2021 and help you create your own letter that will impress the recruiter and get you employed. Let's dive in!

Cover Letter Format Guidelines

A cover letter is a formal document that provides supplementary information and helps an applicant move forward in the applicant tracking process. It can have a decisive role in your future career, which is why you should always care to submit one along with your resume.

To create a professional cover letter that will bring you the desired result, you, first of all, need to learn how to format a cover letter.

Further in this article, you will find tips on how to format cover letter and a professionally written cover letter sample for job application in word format.

But, first, let us share some general formatting guidelines:

  • Set all margins to one inch;
  • Align all text left, with no justification;
  • Use the standard spacing (1-1.15);
  • Add double spaces to divide your paragraphs;
  • For a more professional look, put a digital copy of your signature (optional);
  • Save as PDF.

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Unsure where to start? Luckily for all job seekers out there, choosing the right format for cover letter isn't that hard. Actually, there is a standard cover letter format template that has been time-tested and proven to work great for everyone.

In the subsections provided below, we will take a closer look at the main must-have elements of a great cover letter that you should also include and define each.

Contact Section

The first element of your cover letter, located at the top of the document, is a contact info section. Some things to include are your name, phone number, email, etc.

Employer Address

After sharing your contact details, you should include the employer's information, including the employer's and company names and a physical address organized according to the appropriate cover letter address format.


A formal cover letter format implies including at least two body paragraphs where you communicate your work experience, education, skills, and other relevant info that recruiting firms may find useful.

Paragraphs and Bulleted Lists

To get more interviews and make companies want to employ you, specify in your paragraphs:

  • Why you are a perfect fit;
  • Why a company suits you;
  • Measurable accomplishments (bulleted points).


In the standard business cover letter format, at the end of the document, you should include a formal thank you, a restatement of contact info, and a call to action.

Cover Letter Sections: What to Specify in Each

Every section in a cover letter has its purpose. You already know what sections to include and, now, let's see what information has to be provided in each in detail.


This section provides recruiters with the means to contact you. Though you will also have this info in your resume, including it in a cover letter is also important because this way, a hiring manager can quickly scan your letter and contact you immediately, even if they haven't seen your resume yet.

The info you should include:

  • Name and title
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Links to online profiles (optional)


Rick Blake

SMM Manager

111th St

New York, NY

+1 212-657-2479




In the best cover letter format, the formal salutation should follow right after your own contact information and the contact details of the employer.

Formatting a proper salutation isn't hard. The only rule for creating a professional greeting is to always address the employer, human resources manager, or recruiter by name. This has several purposes - to show respect, to look professional, and to indicate that you did some research (this will help you stand out).

According to stats, employers are more likely to hire humans who personalize their cover letters and include the hiring manager's name. Thus, be sure to figure out who you are going to reach and then do some research to find that person's name (e.g., study the company's website, call the reception, examine the corporate LinkedIn page, etc.). Then use the name in a salutation as shown below.


Dear Jennifer

Dear Jennifer King

Dear Ms. King


In a standard format of a cover letter, the opening paragraph should grab recruiters' attention from the first lines, so you need to include a powerful hook. A great hook can be based on:

  • Something you love about the company you are applying to;
  • A major professional accomplishment;
  • An engaging fact that demonstrates your skill, passion, or another good quality;
  • Congratulations on recent news or awards of the company.


For years, I've been engaged in observing the creativity and professionalism your team puts in its SMM initiatives, and now I am excited to learn that Company X is currently hiring for the SMM manager role.

After the opening clause, you should include a few more paragraphs explaining your motivation and showing what you have to offer to the company.


As far as I see, the main upcoming challenge for Company X will be growing its followers base across different social media channels to boost brand awareness. With over 5 years of experience in the role of an SMM manager and a solid understanding of prospects' needs, I believe I can become a valuable addition to your team.

In my past workplace, I successfully led all SMM initiatives. Specifically, I helped the company:

  • Attract 300,000+ new followers in a year
  • Boost Social Media Marketing ROI by 62%
  • Increase conversion rates by 47%

What I like the most about Company X is your strong corporate culture and innovative approach to marketing. This perfectly suits my personality and professional values. 

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Complimentary Close

Thank the manager, remind your contact details, and make a call to action.

Wrong ❌

I'd love to hear back from you!

Right ✅

Thank you for your time. I'd welcome the chance to discuss further details with you. Feel free to reach me at rick.blake@gmail.com or (212)-657-2479.


Finish with a formal farewell phrase like "Sincerely," "Kind regards," "Best regards," or another, and then add your name on the next line. Additionally, you may add a handwritten signature for a professional touch.

Most importantly - don't use inappropriate farewell phrases and never leave a standard signature. See the examples:

Wrong ❌

Sent from my iPhone

Right ✅

Kind regards,

Rick Blake

Formatting Tips for Cover Letters

Here are some additional expert tips on how to format cover letter:

  • Pick fonts wisely - A perfect font for a resume cover letter format should be set in 10 or 12 point size and be easy to read, so stick to standard fonts.
  • Choose the best type of letter - You may submit your letter as a hard copy or via email; the choice depends on the employer's demands and your own preferences.
  • Pay attention to letter spacing - Use single spacing throughout the entire letter and add a space between each section of the document.
  • Pay attention to email letter spacing - In an email version, add spacing between the salutation, each paragraph, and before the complimentary paragraph.
  • Don't neglect to proofread - Errors, typos, and other mistakes harm the quality of your cover letter, so be sure to carefully proofread your document before submitting it.

These tips will help you follow the proper cover letter format. But remember that if you lack time for writing your cover letter or want to have a guarantee of success, you can always get professional help at SkillHub. SkillHub is one of the best career resources for job seekers that allows you to invest in your career wisely and get the desired result without a hassle!

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Cover Letter Example [Text Version]

Here's a well-structured cover letter format example by our career advice expert:

Rick Blake

SMM Manager

111th St

New York, NY

+1 212-657-2479




Jennifer King

Head of Marketing

5th Ave

New York, NY

+1 212-678-8405

Dear Ms. King,

As an old fan of Company X and its marketing department, in particular, I am excited to see an open position for an SMM Manager and believe I can contribute to your growth.

In my current place of work, I've accomplished the following SMM goals:

  • Increased the number of followers by 89%
  • Successfully managed multiple SMM campaigns with budgets over $1.5M
  • Decreased marketing expenses by 15% and increased ROI by 70%

I am deeply inspired by Company X's self-reliant SMM team aligned by only two key metrics: conversions and traffic. This organizational model fully corresponds to my professional values, which is why I would be happy to join in.

Thank you for considering my application. I'm looking forward to discussing more details, so feel free to contact me via rick.blake@gmail.com or (212)-657-2479.

Best regards,

Rick Blake

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