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Resume skills serve as keywords that get scanned by the ATS and, subsequently, affect one’s acceptance. For your application to succeed, make sure you know what skills to list on resume.

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Best Skills to Put on a Resume in 2021

Modern employees need a variety of skills to put on a resume to be perceived as successful candidates. This, however, doesn’t mean that they should include irrelevant resume skills. Ideally, our professional resume writing service suggests that skills for resume should match their career level and the field they are in. Even newbies and recent graduates should be able to find some skills that make their resumes outstanding.

Let’s consider skills one can add based on the competence levels.

  • Top management professionals should emphasize their people skills and leadership skills. They are to be able to direct employees, utilizing communication skills and management skills to the fullest.

  • Management or mid-career positions require people to have project manager skills, organizational skills, and technical skills enough to drive success in their duties. Depending on the field, these specialists should have customer service skills, marketing skills, sales skills, or even nursing skills.

  • Executives, however, should focus on their ability to manage and execute assignments. Our experienced executive resume writers say that time management skills and interpersonal skills would be more than appreciated at this level.

  • Entry-level positions do not require much from applicants. However according to the best cover letter writing service, and customer service skills combined with narrower sales associate skills and administrative assistant skills would be a plus.


Accounting & Finance

Accounting and finance skills are required not only from bankers and accountants but also from many other professionals. For example, an account manager, CPA, and accounts payable/receivable manager will benefit from accounting skills. A financial analyst or investment banking professional will definitely take advantage of finance expertise.


Administration & Office Support

Administrative and office support skills will definitely strengthen a resume of an office manager. However, that’s not it. Administration skills have a much wider application. For example, HRs, personal assistants, receptionists, secretaries, and even executive assistants and data entry clerks will benefit from those skills.


Business & Management

Business skills should definitely go on the resume of a business analyst and business development specialist. A business owner will also benefit from them. Management skills, however, are needed by general managers, operations managers, project coordinators, property managers, and executive professionals.


Construction & Maintenance

Maintenance and construction skills will strengthen the resumes of an architect, carpenter, electrician, construction project manager, construction worker, and other professionals. Maintenance skills should appear in the resumes of a welder, project manager, machine operator, handyman, mechanic, and HVAC technician.


Creative & Cultural Field

Creative skills on the resume will help actors, artists, dancers, copywriters, and filmmakers get more interviews and land a job. Also, they are needed by graphic designers, interior designers, and photographers. Cultural skills will benefit art directors, theater and museum staff, pastors, and event planners.


Customer Service & Retail

Many people become involved in working with customers, so customer service skills are a must for a wide variety of professions. The list includes flight attendants, customer service reps, housekeepers, etc. Retail skills, however, are needed by cashiers, retail managers, retail sales associates, and store managers.


Education & Human Services

If you work or intend to get employed as a tutor, teacher, coach, librarian, school counselor, teacher assistant, research assistant, or even career advice expert, add education skills to your resume. Human services skills, though, are needed by social workers, lifeguards, and paraprofessionals.


Emergency Service

Emergency officers help people in difficult situations or circumstances that threaten their health, well-being, or even life. Emergency skills will be relevant to the resumes of firefighters, police officers, security guards, security officers, and other related professions. Doctors and nurses working in emergency units, as well as paramedics, may also add this skill.

No skills found.


Engineering skills are now very much popular and can often be found on a resume of an IT specialist. However, it’s not always relevant. They definitely look better on the resumes of civil engineers, chemical engineers, biotech engineers, electrical engineers, manufacturing engineers, mechanical engineers, and other engineering-related professions.


Food Service

There are many professions directly or indirectly connected to food services. However, food service skills should go on resumes of baristas, bartenders, chefs, hostesses, prep cooks, servers, and waiters. Vendors or drivers that sell or deliver food, however, should find different skills for resume.


Healthcare & Wellbeing

If you are a medical worker, healthcare skills are a must for your resume. They should also be considered by dentists, EMTs, nurses, medical assistants, surgeons, pharmacists, and medical receptionists. On the other hand, wellbeing skills should go on yoga specialists’, meditation specialists’, cosmetologists’, and hygienists’ resumes.


Information Technology (IT)

IT skills are essential for those working in the information technology field. Data analysts, data scientists, IT directors, IT project managers, network engineers, product managers, QA testers, scrum masters, system administrators, and other professionals in this industry should add information technology skills to their resumes.


Life Situation & Student

Life skills should go on the resumes of seasonal professionals who have been out of work for some time. For example, stay-at-home moms and volunteers may benefit from such skills. High school students’ or college students’ resumes should also include this skill as they may not have enough experience to get them hired.

No skills found.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing skills are today requested not only from digital marketers, marketing coordinators, and marketing managers but also from people working in different fields. You may be a content writer, but you still need to be competent in marketing. Also, sales skills complement marketing competencies for sales managers and sales associates, for instance.


Personal & child care

Babysitters, caregivers, child care specialists, and nannies should also create their resumes and fill them with the right keywords. Personal skills such as communication, empathy, work ethics, and compassion, as well as child care skills, are central in those resumes.


Spa & Salon

If you are working in the beauty industry, spa and salon skills should definitely go on your resume. For example, hairstylists and makeup artists will benefit from adding fashion skills to their skillset lists. Cosmetologists, estheticians, and massage therapists should, however, think of other skills to put on resume.

No skills found.

Transportation & Logistics

If you are not sure how to make your driver’s or pilot’s resume more effective, consider adding transportation skills. If you belong to the strategic planning team more, logistics skills will benefit your resume. Consider adding them if you are a warehouse manager or warehouse worker.

No skills found.

Skills for A Resume that You Need to Include

The skills and abilities section is one of the most important parts of a resume. Thus, this part tells about you as a professional and enumerates your strong sides as a worker. In case you want to create a winning resume, you should clearly differentiate your strong skills for resume and know how to include them effectively to impress your future employer.

It’s also important to understand the difference between hard and soft skills. As for the hard ones, they involve those abilities, which are related directly to the job position. Thus, hard skills simply mean your strong sided as a professional in some field. Speaking about soft skills, they include interpersonal or creative abilities. This kind of skill tells what the person you are. Both types of skills for resume are important for the employer and hiring manager to know, as they make the full portrait of you as the candidate for a certain position.

Here you can find some necessary information about how to differentiate hard and soft skills in more detail, some tips concerning the most winning skills to include in your resume, as well as how to avoid the most typical mistakes while crafting your resume.

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Top 10 Skills for Resumes

Of course, different positions require various skills and abilities from the worker. Otherwise, some of the skills are still desired for almost any employer through the decades. The job seeker should know for sure what skills to put on a resume and include top skills that are appropriate for a certain position. While crafting a winning resume, the employee should look through some effective resumes or job posting templates to highlight the most wanted skills and abilities. Thus, they can be used as the keywords to make up a bot-beating resume. It is better to start with general skills for resume and then continue with top skills. Also, the employee should differentiate between hard skills and soft skills with the aim of not missing the most important ones. For example, someone who does not know the difference between these two types of skills can mention only soft skills and forget about hard ones. In this case, the resume will not work for the employee, as the hiring manager just skip this resume because of not finding the required skills.

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Soft Skills for a Resume, What Is It, and How it Works?

Among all the skills and abilities, soft skills for resume are not less important than hard ones. It does not mean that the hiring manager pays attention to only professional skills. It’s important for the employer to have a full picture of you as a worker, including your experience, professional skills, and your personality. Also, the employer can understand how you will act in a different situation and which of your qualities will be helpful for a working process and which are no. So, you should search for an example of skills for resume that will be the winning ones for you. For example, some job positions require the ability to work effectively in a team. Even if you are the best specialist in this field, not having a collaboration skill will mean that you will not be appropriate for this job position.

Top Soft Skill Examples

For crafting a winning resume, you should include the best soft skills for resume to correspond to the requirements of the employer. Here you can find some of the soft skills, which are desired for the majority of employers:

  • Adaptivity — a good worker should be able to adapt to any environment and know how to react to different situations;

  • Multitasking — being able to complete different tasks simultaneously and effectively will be a huge advantage for you;

  • Collaboration — this skill definitely refers to a list of soft skills for resume of an ideal candidate;

  • Creativity — flexible mindset and ability to offer creative solutions is a feature of a highly-valued worker.

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Hard Skills for a Resume, What Is It, and How It Works?

Hard skills are those abilities, which are related directly to a job position and the kind of work that you are going to perform. This type of skill is important because they describe you as a professional and list your strong sides required for a job. Knowing what top hard skills for resume to include increases your chances to become the desired candidate and get more interviews. While crafting a winning resume, you should highlight your strong professional sides and enumerate only those hard skills appropriate for a job position you are applying for. For instance, if you want to become a school teacher of English, such skills resume as marketing or negotiation are the less desired ones for this professional occupation.

Top Hard Skill Examples

Top hard skills can help make your resume the winning one and highlight your candidature as the most appropriate one. Here you can find a list of hard skills for resume, which are among the top desired skills and abilities in almost any field.

  • Multilingualism — knowing a lot of languages is the skill that makes you a desired worker in almost all fields. Under the huge influence of globalization, multilingualism is desired for the majority of companies, as the worker who knows several languages can communicate with the customer all around the world;

  • Research Skills — the person, who can search for information fast and then effectively analyze it, becomes the desired worker for almost any company. Having experience in planning and scheduling, collecting data, as well as analyzing and interpreting information to find a solution to certain issues will boost your chances to get a job of your dream;

  • Writing and Editing — it is one of the skills to add to resume that will be a winning one because the ideal candidate should be able to write and edit various documents, texts, or press releases. This skill will be useful in almost any field, as the person who can express thoughts clearly both in written and spoken form is the valued worker.

How to Match your Resume Skills to the Job Requirements

Remember that your aim is not just to list your strong skills and abilities but to choose the most appropriate skills, which will match the job requirements. First of all, you should look through the job posting carefully and analyze what kind of person they are looking for. Then, you should highlight the most required hard and soft skills that are the most appropriate for the job position you are applying for. A job seeker can also ask for advice from the career advice expert to find out the most required professional and personal skills for a certain job position.

After listing these skills and abilities, think about some more good skills for resume that are desired for almost any company. For instance, such skills as multilingualism and multitasking are appropriate for a variety of fields. Otherwise, do not forget that those skills relevant to a job position should be in priority and mentioned at the begging of the list. One more important thing is not to list all possible skills hoping to match the requirements — think carefully and choose wisely.  

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The Way of Creating a Resume Skill Section

It is not only crucial to pay attention to what kind of skills you include in your resume profile but also consider some tips on how to do it effectively. Thus, recruiters mark not only your strong sides but also the way how you listed them. The job seeker should be careful with the skills section of resume and make everything possible to make it look neat and professional. The well-organized skills and abilities section can leave a good impression of you as a professional. So, you should consider not only content but also its form. Some of the tips can help an employee to improve the skills section in the resume profile.

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Put key skills in a separate skills section

First of all, you should make a separate section to list all key skills for resume. The hiring manager should see exactly the block of text where you enumerated hard and soft skills. The separate section is also essential to make your resume visible for resume-scanning software — all you need is to include keywords in the skills section. Also, do not just list all the skills without adding some details — each of the skills should be separated. Think carefully about skills to put on resume and then work on formatting this part of the document.

Bulleted list of all skills

It is recommended to create a bulleted job skills list. This formatting tool will help to define clearly your hard and soft skills. Also, this way of organizing a resume can boost your chances to get more interviews, as the recruiter will have not a chance to miss your resume. Choose all good skills to put on resume and then use this feature to make a skills section look well-organized.

Quick description of your proficiency level

One more important tip to consider is to add some description to the professional skills you mentioned in this section. Do not leave just an empty list of hard and soft skills. For example, if you mention multilingualism as your hard skill, add a description of your proficiency level you have obtained in learning foreign languages. You can also add some certificates that justify your expertise in a certain field. All in all, a quick description can help to enlarge the skills section with some proof of your proficiency.

How many skills should you include on a resume?

Of course, there is no exact number of skills to include on resume because everything depends on you. Nevertheless, it’s better to include at least 3-4 soft and 3-4 hard skills in your resume profile. The only thing to remember is that all mentioned skills should be relevant.

Weave the Most Relevant Skills into Your Resume Profile

As was mentioned above, relevance is the crucial thing to remember while crafting a resume. The job seeker should not just enumerate the skills he/she has but should know for sure that these skills in resume correspond to the employer’s requirements. The ideal candidate should also know the difference between hard and soft skills and understand why these skills are important to the job position. Weaving the most relevant skills is essential for not only making a good resume but also for passing an interview. The hiring manager will be interested to know why you included all these skills and ask to explain why you suppose them to be the most winning and relevant ones for the desired job position. That’s why your main task is not only to list great skills for resume but also to highlight the most relevant skills and abilities for your future work duties. Think carefully and analyze what you want to include in your resume profile, as it will directly affect your chances of getting the desired job.

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What Don’t You Need to Do with Skills on Your Resume?

The main objective of adding your strong skills to a resume is to show that you are the best candidate possessing the most winning hard and soft skills required for a certain position. It’s better not to include some of the skills in your resume if you, of course, do not want to spoil the employer’s first impression of you as a worker. It’s also crucial to consider some tips on avoiding mistakes while filling out the skills and abilities section.

  • Do Not Add Any False Information — it’s recommended not to lie about your skills or job experience even if you want to leave a good impression. It is a great risk because a company can check this data and call references. Also, if you do not have some of the mentioned resume skills, it will become obvious during a trial period. So, add only necessary and relevant information, which can help you to craft a winning resume.

  • Add Some Proof — it is better to provide some information that will support your strong skills and achievements. For instance, you should not only mention that your project helped to boost sales but add some numbers (the sales increased to X% comparing to the previous year). Thus, the employer will see the result of your work, referring to the real example.

  • Do Not Include Skills the Are Unnecessary for a Job — do not try to add as many resume skills as you know. Your aim is to show that you are the best candidate but not just enumerate soft and hard skills. That’s why include only these skills examples that refer exactly to the job position.

  • Avoid Wordiness — pay attention to vocabulary you use to describe your strong skills and job experience. Remember that the skills and abilities resume section should not be wordy; it should be clear and readable for the hiring manager to highlight which of your soft and hard skills are the most appropriate for the job position.

  • Do Not Miss Proofreading — one more important recommendation is not to forget proofreading your resume. A lot of job seekers forget to check everything before sending a resume to the desired company or posting it. Nevertheless, your document should be free of any mistakes or typos. Remember that even a minor error can mean for the employer that you are a neglectful and shallow person.

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