Top On-Demand Engineer Skills to Get a Job

Engineers are professionals who probably get the biggest satisfaction from their job. They ensure safe production processes and complex systems. They also create products which improve our lives. Though engineering will be demanded in the nearest future of work, becoming a Engineer is a long process. 

After years of endless projects, one must craft a winning resume to display their Engineer skills and professional accomplishments.

This article will tell you which skills you must develop to become an engineer and how to organize them in the resume Skills and Experience sections.

What is Engineer?

An engineer is a professional who controls and maintains operational systems to ensure the safety of the technical equipment and production processes. Engineers have different job demands. Depending on the industry an engineer works in, they can check aerospace equipment or even build computer hardware.

So, what do engineers do? 

  • Solve various technical problems using knowledge in math and science;
  • Create new software to improve technical and organizational processes;
  • Maintain products and equipment; 
  • Ensure the safety of product operations and technical processes;
  • Manage projects;
  • Write technical reports.

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Engineer Technical Skills

Due to a variety of job responsibilities, an engineer must have multidimensional skills too. Presenting excellent engineer technical skills is not enough because engineering is a field that requires strong communication and other soft skills. 

The basic skills to possess as an engineer are: 

  • Planning and implementing product enhancements;
  • Knowing programming languages like C++;
  • Using computer software to create and present Statistics;
  • Performing structural Analysis and creating technical reports;
  • Having strong written and verbal communication skills.

Engineer Non-Technical Skills

Soft skills are of secondary importance to an engineer. Nonetheless, a high-skilled engineer with a contentious temper will not attract a recruiter. Yet pay attention to your professional soft skills too. Because in the end, they are important skills for engineers. 

  • Being friendly with the colleagues and other coworkers in the technical department; 
  • Keeping constant communication with the management while at work;
  • Solving problems creatively;
  • Providing extreme attention to detail;
  • Showcasing strong organization skills;
  • Applying leadership skills.

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Core Skills For Fitting the Job

First of all, recruiters place special value on one’s professional certification. Hence, engineer job requirements are tough to match. But the skills you present in the resume section will show the HR specialist that you are a jack-of-all-trades yet the best fit for the job. 

The core engineering skills for resume to have are:

  • Excellent teamwork;
  • Superb project management skills (to ensure that you can satisfy all administrative demands);
  • Problem-solving; 
  • Oral and written communication;
  • Structural analysis. 


All engineers work in teams. As a part of a team, you will have specific responsibilities to follow. You must have a positive attitude towards others because, in many cases, people in the team might not support your ideas. Yet being able to solve the conflict is among the most important skills required for engineer. In other cases, the company may ensure the integration of teams or departments. Again, such situations require you to have a friendly personality and stay open-minded.

Project Management

Managing projects might not be the main target skill if you are not the leading engineer. At the same time, project management skills are must-have skills for engineer professionals who apply for supervisory job positions. As one of the project management leaders, you will plan the stages of the project accomplishment, plan the budget and the resources, as well as control the project delivery. To be a project manager in engineering, one is expected to have superb time management and organization skills. 


The most crucial skill among the basic skills needed to be a engineer. The essence of the engineer’s daily work is searching for solutions for technical problems. In engineering, there are tons of technical issues to assess. To bring your problem-solving skill to a new level and learn handling obstacles effectively, one should know the tools to use. For instance, modeling and drawing charts and schemes are also a part of the problem-solving approach. 


Though rarely mentioned in the job description of an engineer, good communication skills make a big chunk in the skills of engineer. First of all, engineers work in teams. There, they discuss plans and the progress of the current project. Yet being able to reach an agreement with your colleagues is a must. Secondly, engineers cooperate with non-engineers. Hence, one must communicate a message and provide all details to a person who lacks technical knowledge. 

Structural Analysis

One of the most basic skills needed for engineer, structural analysis requires superb mathematical skills. While performing structural analysis, an engineer is supposed to identify the strains which will be used in the project and their placement. By performing specific calculations, an engineer ensures that the model is functional and effective. Additionally, one must have designing skills to take into consideration the model’s elements. 

How to Improve Engineer Skills

Practicing engineer skills at work is the best way to become a professional in your field. While performing your responsibilities, you will learn how to manage teams and use computer programs. If you still wonder how to improve Engineer skills, write a resume first. Our Skillhub professional resume writers will gladly help you get the most ATS-beating resume to win your dream job. Contact us!

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Sample for Engineer Resume Skills Section

After you have answered the ‘what do engineers do’ question, time to learn how to put engineer skills into the resume sections. A few tips on how to do it right:

  • Keep the Hard and Soft skills in separate sections;
  • Use professional terms to beat the applicant tracking system;
  • Keep your resume neat and organized, so the ATS bots don’t disregard your job application.

Engineer Skills In a Resume Skills Section [Example]

A resume is the first document an employer checks before giving you a job. Here, the Skills section is living evidence for your credentials as a professional in the field. Yet, one must be especially attentive to the skills for engineer to put in their resume.


Hard Skills

  • Superb knowledge of C++;
  • Excellent knowledge of computer software;
  • Excellent performance of structural analysis and modeling; 
  • Superb project management skills.

Soft Skills

  • Excellent collaboration skills;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills;
  • Excellent organization skills. 

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How To Put Your Engineer Skills in the Resume Experience [Example]

In many cases, becoming a engineer means that you’ll constantly have to learn new things in order to expand your career resources. Writing an efficient Experience section is the first step to do it. 


Mechanical Engineer

THRIVE, San Francisco

June 2012 - October 2016

  • Organized and managed design reviews of team projects with 75% acceptance by the top management;
  • Reviewed the CAD drawing made by the junior engineers;
  • Applied the CAD and CAM systems and increased team efficiency by 24%;
  • Provided critical analysis of the documentation. 

To Sum Up

We hope our article helped you with understanding what it means to be an engineer.

From now on, you know which experiences you must have to be a professional engineer. Before you engage in your job-searching activities, think of writing an amazing resume to get more interviews. 

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