Becoming a Teacher: Teacher Skills Wanted

As a profession, teaching will never get lost in history books. Teaching will firmly stay in the nearest future of work. Otherwise, who’s going to give you skills and knowledge and encourage your talents? As noble as it sounds, becoming a teacher is not easy. Yes, you can develop Teacher skills at the workplace. But before that, you must craft a winning resume, tell the recruiter about your accomplishments, and win a few job interviews.

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This article will tell you which skills you need to become a teacher and how to develop them. 

What is Teacher?

We all went to school, yet no need to wonder ‘what do teachers do for a living.’ A teacher can work at schools or colleges. Many teachers become tutors. Depending on the place, the age of students and the teaching material would differ. However, whether at elementary or high school, teachers have similar responsibilities:

  • Plan and prepare classes;
  • Conduct classes at the scheduled time;
  • Assign homework;
  • Encourage student’s learning experiences;
  • Support student’s motivation to study;
  • Manage the learning environment in terms of safety and order.

Teacher Technical Skills

Modern teacher requirements have expanded. Nowadays, knowing how to teach means knowing how to use technology for teaching. In fact, technical skills for resume are among hard skills for a teacher. A job description would require you to have superb computer knowledge as follows:

  • Web Navigation. You must know how to search for the necessary information online;
  • Word Processing. You’ll have to prepare your classes in docs and spreadsheets;
  • Video Technology. Online classes prevail during COVID-19 instead of traditional in-class activities;
  • Educational Copyright Knowledge. Once you download a book or a video, you should know how to use it legally.

Teacher Non-Technical Skills

People skills are at the top among the soft skills of a teacher. This means excellent communication, leadership, and high levels of social and emotional intelligence. 

  • Amazing communication. Most of the teachers work with school students. Which is more problematic, since school students often lack motivation and discipline while in the classroom. 
  • Leadership. Staying enthusiastic in times of trouble when your students need support and encouragement is a must. 
  • High social and emotional intelligence. As a job, being a teacher implies an ability to empathize with your students.
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Must-Have Skills to Become the Best Candidate

Because teaching includes so many requirements, top skills for teacher constitute a variety themselves. 

  • Communication. Teaching is literally a process of communication. A teacher explains the learning material to the audience by the use of visual and audio images. 
  • Organization. A teacher performs classes at a scheduled time. 
  • Creativity. Your students want fun. Their attention span is commonly short, which means you must know how to make children crave studying more. 
  • Leadership. Managing the classroom is tough. Yet, one should know how to solve problems and provide empathy to those in need of it.
  • Being a constant learner. Yes, learning new skills and getting new knowledge is a must. 

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Communication Skill

The ability to send effective messages is a top skill in the hierarchy of skills needed to be a teacher. Though verbal communication is the main channel of sending a message to the audience, other communication channels are important too. For instance, students require responses to their homework, which means that superb written language is a must. Meanwhile, our body language sends 90% of the spoken message, which also means that a good teacher knows how to use their gestures effectively. 

Organizational Skill

Having great teacher qualifications does no good if one does not know how to manage time. Along with class hours and preparation for lessons, teachers are supposed to attend staff meetings. Performing tasks in time and monitoring students’ activities is also a must. Commonly, teachers’ schedules are rigid and demanding. Yet, the lack of flexibility implies that one must do everything in time. Otherwise, if a teacher misses their deadline, the whole teaching process becomes inefficient.

Imaginative Skill

As it had been said, the attention span of students is short. Which means that the greatest demand of the teacher's work is keeping students, especially elementary ones, interested during the learning process. Creativity is rarely mentioned in the job description skills for a teacher. However, the lack of creativity leads to boredom and inefficient learning. That is why teachers who know how to make students study logarithms and biology are so highly valued.

Leadership Skill

Another job skill that is rarely mentioned in teacher job requirements. A teacher is often a role model for students. Which is great, since teachers who know how to solve problems set a great example to children. 

A teacher who knows how to guide students when they need support helps an individual to grow emotionally. This is especially true if a child is from a dysfunctional family. In this case, a teacher who knows how to lead takes the situation into their hands and finds resources to help a troubled student.

Continuous Learner

Like any other profession, teaching requires a student to constantly grow as a professional. New teaching methods and styles are developed along with new educational technology. Yet among the important skills for teachers is their ability to implement new elements into the learning process to make the latter effective. For instance, a teacher who knows how to use a smartboard will make the studying process funny and interactive yet keep students focused and motivated.

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How to Improve Teacher Skills

Practice makes perfect. The salt of this proverb is that one must repeat an action to learn it. Which is true. To master the skills of teacher, you must get a job at school and get years of experience. 

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How to Showcase Your Skills

People often think that years of experience get a new job. In reality, your skills are a job-winning resume section to focus on. If you want to highlight your skills in a resume, follow a few tips below:

  • Functional resume format. This type does not focus on your work experience, which is especially great for entry-level specialists. What it actually does is highlights the amazing skills you have for becoming a teacher. 
  • Sections. Focus on hard and soft skills for a teacher in separate subsections. 
  • Length. No need for an extremely long skills list. Just keep the information professionally relevant and organized. 

Sample for Teacher Resume Skills Section

What makes a teacher skill set effective? Not only the appropriately listed skills but the keywords which can beat any applicant tracking system. Yet organizing the skills section properly and using professionally-related terms is a must to win the fight with the ATS bots.

Teacher Skills In a Resume Skills Section

The Skills section is a part where one mentions their skills to be a teacher. While Certifications and private school education will impress your recruiter, nothing can make them change their mind if your skills do not match the job description. 

Check an example of a correctly written Skills section below. 


Hard Skills

  • Superb knowledge of learning applications and programs;
  • Superb web navigation skills; 
  • Excellent knowledge of technology (smartboards, cameras, theater projectors, etc.)

Soft Skills

  • Superb written and verbal communication skills; 
  • Excellent organization skills; 
  • High level of empathy;
  • Excellent leadership skills.

How to Put Skills In a Work Experience Section

What skills does a teacher need? Definitely, the ones which can boost their career resources. Moreover, the Experience section is a place where you can use your skills to highlight the job experience.


Art History Teacher

Miami Arts Charter School Wynwood, Florida

March 2015 - April 2019

  • Instructed high school history classes in art while using a theater projector and video presentations; 
  • Organized additional curriculum activities that included watching films and documentaries for art students;
  • Incorporated lessons on gender in art to the main curriculum material; 
  • Maintained a 97% pass rate. 

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To Sum Up

Becoming a teacher is a long and challenging process. One must perfectly correspond to teacher requirements in the job description and present superb skills of a teacher. To get more interviews and persuade the recruiter to give you a job, you must write an ATS-beating resume first. 

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