How to Describe Seo Skills on Resume [+Samples]

Search engine optimization is getting increasingly sophisticated today. SEO won’t work without a particular skill set. That’s why many companies are actively looking for specialists who can bring their SEO to a brand-new level.

To become such a specialist, one needs to master specific skills over a pretty short time. In addition, you have to be ready to continue learning because SEO as a field changes rapidly.

If you are interested in mastering those SEO skills, this article is exactly what you need.

But before you go all-in what SEO skills are, the first step might be to read about jobs of the future 2025.

What Are SEO Skills?

SEO skills are a set of qualities that help a professional carry out SEO for various websites. Even though this definition hasn’t made it simpler, the fact is that those who master SEO know exactly how search engines work and can do their magic to increase organic traffic through free methods.

What does an SEO specialist do?

  • studies algorithms of search engines;
  • analyzes content performance and looks for ways to improve it;
  • uses tools and technologies to boost web performance.

Hard Skills for SEO Specialist

Even though SEO experts usually come from different fields, when it comes to hard skills, it’s recommended to know a bit of programming and be proficient in various analytical tools.

For example, an SEO programmer with a knowledge of Python or other languages combined with an understanding of Google Analytics can get more interviews than those who don’t know how to code and work with programs.

An SEO specialist resume will definitely benefit from a few hard skills that demonstrate their expertise in programming and the technical part.

Soft Skills for SEO Expert

Soft skills play an important role in an SEO job profile as well. A great professional should be able to research and keep abreast of new industry trends. Also, SEO development depends on communication. No expert can succeed if they don’t communicate proactively.

Flexibility and adaptability are the keys to success. If you can adjust and benefit from all challenges and opportunities, becoming an SEO manager is your path. Apart from that, of course, an SEO expert is a specialist with an analytical mindset and critical thinking.

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Top SEO Skills

Knowing what skills make a great SEO specialist can help you figure out what you need to advance to land this career. Of course, an SEO expert usually has a set of versatile skills that makes them an excellent fit for a particular position. Quite often, SEO managers come from different fields, but all of them know how to use tools that allow automating certain processes to work faster and easier.

Here are a few must-have SEO skills:

  • analysis;
  • research;
  • coding;
  • communication;
  • perseverance.


Analysis and critical thinking are crucial for every SEO professional. You must be able to analyze the information and approach it critically to make the right conclusions and act accordingly.

For example, you should look at the traffic reports and understand what the numbers mean. Also, you must be able to determine what strategies affect the growth or decline of certain determinants. The inability to analyze data makes it impossible to develop an SEO strategy.


One of the top SEO resume skills is research. It means that you always tend to look for the latest trends and tools to help boost organic traffic and promote the product. It also means that you can create a strategy based on a solid foundation.

A great specialist always employs research. It allows you to gradually become a quick learner. The faster you research, the more valued you are as a professional.


You don’t have to be an SEO programmer, but you have to know a bit about coding. Since SEO is mostly about working with search engines, algorithms, and websites, so you must be able to go into the matter. You don’t need to create new programs and plugins, but you must speak the same language as programmers.

Every SEO specialist is recommended to take a few lessons in several most popular programming languages.


SEO is all about communication. You need to communicate proactively to set SEO goals clearly and avoid the associated obstacles. That said, you must be able to explain complex concepts to your colleagues in simple ways so that the assigned tasks sound manageable to them.

A great SEO professional is a skillful communicator. They can produce content that works to increase organic traffic and helps readers find what they were looking for.


The best SEO soft skill that you should develop is persistence. SEO can get tricky from time to time. You’ll meet people who’d totally disagree with your ideas. You’ll see how your strategy falls apart. However, it shouldn’t stop you.

SEO is often a lottery. You can study the market and apply a 100% winning strategy, but it doesn’t work for your company. Or you can act bold, employ SEO strategies that seem to be a failure to others, but they bring success in the end.

How to Improve SEO Skills

Many people who dream of changing their careers and getting into SEO should consider improving their skills first. The field is getting pretty competitive, and without proper knowledge, they risk being filtered by ATS algorithms without even getting their resumes to the HR’s table.

There are a few ways you can boost your SEO skills. All of them require a student to be focused and determined: you can take a course, accomplish practical tasks, and prepare small projects. If you do succeed in studying, you will be rewarded at the end. Extra skills can indeed help you land a job.

Consider an Online Degree Program

The very first and the best way to learn SEO is by attending an online degree or certification program. It is usually a comprehensive course with all basic information included and listed consistently.

Don’t be overly confident – this is not all you need to get employed. However, such programs 

  • can systemize SEO for you so you can take the right direction while studying; 
  • will help you build your fundamental knowledge.

Follow SEO Experts

It’s also recommended to subscribe to bloggers and SEO experts who share their tips online. They are hard to find, but their techniques and tips are tested and work just fine.

For example, pay special attention to the following ones:

  • Neil Patel;
  • Ann Smarty;
  • Barry Schwartz;
  • Aleyda Solis;
  • Angie Schottmuller;
  • Moz;
  • Alex Moss;
  • Rand Fishkin;
  • John Mueller;
  • Danny Sullivan.

Build a Network

To build your skills fast and effectively, you’d better start growing your network. Any job gets more manageable if you advocate for collaboration. So, surround yourself with people who share the same passions and skills and bring something new to your professional life. Build your network to have people to get advice from.

SEO in the Workplace

An SEO specialist is likely to end up in a highly dynamic and demanding environment. They must maintain a conversation and express their ideas clearly because the success of a strategy depends on their communication and interpersonal skills. In the search engine optimization jobs description, the environment surrounding an SEO expert is always fast-paced and requires them to multitask.

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How to Showcase Your SEO Skills

If you wonder how to write an SEO specialist resume while highlighting all your SEO skills, there are a few tips for you to follow:

  • create the skills section and add a few skills common for most job descriptions;
  • incorporate specific skills into your work experience;
  • focus on your technical competencies.

SEO Skills for Resume

It’s essential to use as many skill keywords as possible to go through the applicant tracking process. First, mention your research and analytical skills. Add critical thinking and problem-solving abilities as well. 

Make sure you also list proof of each of your skills in the work experience section. Also, elaborate on your technical competencies and mention a few successful cases to impress a recruiter and have better chances to land an interview.

SEO Skills for the Job Interview

Throughout your job interview, do not try to please everyone with skills and abilities you do not have. Instead, focus on the proven experience and competencies that you can benefit from. For example, demonstrate that you are a communicator and a problem-solver.

Make sure your interpersonal skills get noticed by your interviewer. Speak of your achievements using analysis and critical thinking. The more concise and precise you are, the better impression you leave.

Sample SEO Resume Skills Section

An excellent SEO resume skills section has all the skills you find relevant and important to get a job. Analyze your accomplishments and think about what skills actually make you a professional everyone wants to hire.

SEO Skills in a Resume Skills Section

First, read a search engine optimization jobs description to analyze what skills they expect to see in a successful candidate. Then, make up the list of your skills that match the description to be accepted by resume-scanning software.

For example:

  • communication;
  • coding;
  • problem-solving;
  • data analysis;
  • attention to detail;
  • research and report writing;
  • analytical thinking.

SEO Skills in a Resume Work Experience Section

To excel in your SEO specialist job description section, add a bit of creativity to the process. For example, turn each of your employments into a success story for a recruiter. Here it goes:

SEO Center, New York, NY

SEO Specialist

  • Increased organic website traffic by 150% within a month by applying a successful off-page optimization strategy.
  • Created a keyword database for various company’s products to help grow customer engagement and convert more visitors into buyers.

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Key Takeaway

The SEO skills every successful job applicant should have are constantly changing. You need to update your resume regularly for it to meet selection criteria. What’s more, you must upgrade your skills regularly to be a great fit for newly emerging positions.

Being an SEO specialist requires you to be willing to change and learn constantly. If you are ready to try something new, grow, and develop every day, the job is yours. If you stick to the routine and don’t want to accept the risk, you’d better reconsider this career.

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