Software Developer Skills

The digital job market has been growing faster than ever. With the huge development of the IT segment, the demand for software specialists is high. To become a professional software developer, one needs strong software developer skills. It is easier for senior software developers. Just craft a winning resume with breathtaking accomplishments, and the job is yours. 

Becoming a software developer will require investments like time, money, and effort. Especially for the entry-level specialists. Which skills? How much time? Our experts will tell you this and more. 

What is Software Developer? 

So, what do software developers do? A software developer is a person who creates computer games, programs, and applications. Sometimes, software developer technical skills include creating systems that empower programs and applications. The developers allow users to engage in amazing virtual experiences. 

To get more interviews, you must have big data skills. Which you will eventually learn.

Software Developer Technical Skills

What skills does a software developer need? This question is significant. Code testingand writing are not the only requirements in the main skills for software developer. Depending on what you develop, your tools will differ. Hence, the reason for different skills.

What skills does a software developer need? This question is significant. Code testing and writing are not the only requirements in the main skills for software developer. Depending on what you develop, your tools will differ. Hence, the reason for different skills.

  • Writing and editing code. Understanding how IntelliJ and Eclipse work is a must. 
  • Testing. As the last-and-future step, test driving the code is necessary. 
  • Deploying the software. Such automation servers like Hudson and Jenkins check the deployment and the package of the software. A good reason to learn them perfectly.

Software Developer Non-Technical Skills

Obviously, soft skills are not among the top skills for software developer. However, creating a product is a team effort. Yet having a friendly and compromising personality is a must. 

  • Teamwork. As an entry-level or middle-level specialist, you will communicate with the senior developers. Hence, learning to solve conflicts and persuade others are great skills to have. 
  • Attention to detail. A top talent in the software developer non technical skills that shows how much you care about the work.

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Skills to Make You the Greatest

Both hard and soft skills make the bulk of the top software developer skills. The main skills the recruiting firms look for in software specialists are: 

  • Mathematical problem-solving. Writing code is like solving an algorithm. 
  • Development tools. Obviously, the recruiters search for candidates that know how to do their job well. 
  • Time management. A software developer must be attentive and do their job in time. 
  • An effective team player. In the company, the developers collaborate with each other. 
  • Future-oriented. Trends change. Yet, an ability to follow up the new trends is a must. 

Mathematical Problem Solving

Developing a software product requires strong mathematical skills. Yet working with numbers and problem-solving must be your priority while studying. The knowledge of set theory, lambda calculus, and combinatorics will let your code lack loops, bad targeting, and mutation. 

Meanwhile, video gaming and structural engineering require graphics. Hence, the knowledge of linear algebra. 

Add the knowledge of statistics, and you have created a bot-beating resume. 

Knowledge of Development Tools

As a software developer, you should know which tools to use depending on the product. Knowledge of coding languages is a must. You should also learn programs and applications for software development. For instance, Buddy, Atom, Bootstrap, and HTML5 Builder.

Any career advice expert would tell you: the more languages and tools you know, the higher your chances to land an interview are. 

Time Management

Punctuality and attention to detail are priceless software developer skills. Each project has a deadline to follow. And because the product is a result of team collaboration, there is codependency. If you don’t finish your job in time, other members suffer. Hence, following deadlines is a must, as well as following the senior’s instructions.

To complete everything in time, you can use digital planners like Good Notes or My Daily Planners.

Team Playing

Amazing collaborative skills are among the most wanted soft skills in the developer’s resume. Software developers work with each other and brainstorm together when it comes to new ideas. There is also a hierarchy. For instance, you should follow the senior developer’s instructions. Therefore, developing (pun intended) friendly relationships is as important as developing top-class products. 

Believe us, an ability to make friends in a new working environment is always beneficial. Your new coworkers will readily teach you new things when you’re nice.


No, curiosity did not kill the cat in this case. In fact, your employees expect you to learn new things. The trends change in the software development industry constantly. As a result, your clients want the most effective modern solutions. 

Regardless of your level, your skills will always be a project to upgrade. 

One can easily improve their aptitude and learn new things through attending meetings. Or showing their code to professionals and listening to podcasts. 

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How to Improve Software Developer Skills

So, you have decided to learn software development. Before trotting the path of unexpected discoveries, remember a few things. Firstly, you need time to get skills needed to be a software developer. Secondly, your education will cost money. Be prepared to make efforts since IT education is full of demands.

So, you have decided to learn software development. Before trotting the path of unexpected discoveries, remember a few things. Firstly, you need time to get skills needed to be a software developer. Secondly, your education will cost money. Be prepared to make efforts since IT education is full of demands. 

Benefits of Online Education

Studying online is a new trend. Blame it on coronavirus or technology development, more students relocate to the digital realm. There are plenty of courses, platforms, and IT schools on the Internet. The above-mentioned options are an amazing alternative to traditional education. They will teach you how to process data, use the development software, and work on projects. In the end, you will know your duties and responsibilities well.

Follow Influencers in the Field

Learning online means following your favorites too. Check the best blogs and Twitter influencers we have prepared for you below. 

  • CodeBetter. The developers view the best tools and cover newly emerging industry changes. 
  • Coding Horror. A software developer blog with the most intriguing and spooky name. The blog’s founder posts humorous posts about what being a software developer really means. 
  • Geeks for Geeks. The most amazing place to learn job interview gimmicks from real-life developers.
  • SixRevisions. The harbor of software development home tasks and guidelines. A perfect source for students. 
  • David Walsh’s Blog. Read the best advice on CSS, JavaScript, and much more.
  • Vanessa Hurst. The co-founder of Girl Develop It, Hurst, empowers women to reach their dreams.
  • Jason Fried. This funny guy has created Ta-Da List, Basecamp, and many other famous applications. 
  • Jennifer Dewalt. The creator of 180 days in 6 months, Dewalt is a true inspiration. 
  • Mike Hay. Learn  to build lasting applications with this guy.
  • Una Kravets. Listen to her podcast and learn design.

Make Your Own Team

As a rule of thumb, it is always fun to study with friends who share your dreams. Which is a great idea. Create your own network by finding people who share your passion for software development. Or find an online community to join. As a matter of fact, such communities are great sources for tons of materials to improve your skills.

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Software Developer in the Workplace

You can work both for corporations or small companies. Or be a freelancer. Like any other office worker, you will have your cubicle and all the necessary equipment to develop high-quality software. As a developer, you will have to strictly follow all software developer requirements. You will also cooperate with other developers during your work hours.

How to Showcase Your Skills

Don’t get upset if you have no experience. Focus on the skills you have mastered instead. In the Skills section, be sure to mention all hard skills first and the soft skills later. List your software developer skills in a bullet point format. If your hard skills are not the most impressive, add a few soft skills for compensation.

Skills for Resume [Example]


I have been studying IntelliJ and Eclipse for a year. Have not used them yet. The knowledge of C++. I am not the most talkative person. I have been dreaming of becoming a software developer since adolescence.


  • Advanced knowledge of IntelliJ and Eclipse; 
  • Proficient knowledge of C++; 
  • Disciplined and attentive to detail; 
  • Strong organization and time management skills.

Skills for the Job Interview

During the job interview, you should let your best skills and experience shine. Talk to the recruiter about how your skills allowed the company to improve productivity and attract more customers. 

Recruiters are ready to employ entry-level developers too. Tell the recruiter how you learned skills needed to be a software developer online or at college. You can tell about the projects you worked on for your studies.

Sample For Software Developer Resume Section

Recruiters use a special applicant tracking system to define whether your resume is good. To write a resume that beats the ATS bots, think of software developer requirements. Make sure your resume highlights your best qualities. 

Software Developer Skills in a Resume Skills Section

Use the right organization rules when writing down your software developer skills. Choose a bullet point structure like in the example below. 


  • Proficientknowledge of JavaScript and C++;
  • Advanced knowledge of Eclipse;
  • Great teamwork skills;
  • Great time management.

    How to Combine Skills and Work Experience

    Add your top skills for software developer to the Experience section. In this way, you can increase your career resources. 

    Middle Software Developer

    TechWorld and Robots

    2015 to present 

    • Developed applications for tracking the website’s traffic;
    • Developed business software products; 
    • Effectively used management tools to collaborate with my colleagues. 

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    To Sum Up 

    We hope our article helped you understand the basic software developer requirements. Resume writing is a craft that must be mastered. If you feel unconfident and need help with writing a resume, let us help you. Our experts will gladly craft a bot-winning resume to nail your dream job. We will follow the deadline and provide the highest quality. Contact us!

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