Front End Developer Skills

Have you ever wondered how your favorite websites work? How are they structured? And how is it possible to click the button and move to another webpage? Probably, the idea to create your own website came to your mind at least once. Well, you can answer all these questions if you’ll get a closer look at the front-end development. 

Front-end developers deal with the visible site features. In case you are willing to start your career in web development, the position of a junior front-end developer is what you need. We are going to discuss what key skills the front-end development market is searching for. Also, our experts will share some working tips on how to present your skills set in the resume.

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What is Front End Development? 

The front-end developer is responsible mainly for the functional and aesthetic website design. However, among the duties, aesthetic design is not the only work responsibility. Front-end developers are also in charge of the optimization of the web design for smartphones.

What it means to be a front end developer

To understand what is a front-end developer position, imagine that you should maintain the balance between the structure and design of the web page in this case try to find a front end developer resume samples as references. To be a front-end developer means to be responsible for users’ interaction with all website features.

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Front End Developer Skills: Technical

The first thing to pay attention to is the technical skills required for this position. While looking through several job listings, you will see that the front-end developer position involves a clear skill set the employers are looking for. Here we discuss the key technical skills that are necessary to get this job.


HTML and CSS are among the top-rated skills for starting a career as a front-end developer. Without knowledge and skills in web coding in your front end developer portfolio, you’ll not get more interviews. 

Before starting a career path in this sphere, be ready to master coding with CSS and HTML. You can join an online or offline course and start to obtain the required knowledge and skills to build basic websites. After this, the hiring manager will review your candidature to employ in the position of a junior front-end developer. Still, without these basic skills, all doors are closed for you.


The next skill necessary to get a front end developer job is JavaScript. This skill helps you add various functionality to the website to make it more interactive and easy to use. For instance, JavaScript controls whether the page is uploading or not. Without this tool, your website will upload every time, even if it’s not necessary. 

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are often enough to create basic web applications with rich design and comfortable functionality. In most cases, JavaScript is used to create and control different features, such as interactive films or online games. So, it is the basic skill set required to apply for the position of a junior front-end developer.


Simply, jQuery is a storage of extensions and plugins that make JavaScrip work easier and faster. It is among the front end developer skills that help to customize any feature or apply ready-made elements to the projects. 

Together with basic skills, jQuery makes you a skillful front-end developer able to work fast and effectively. Also, you will know how to provide the necessary solutions to customize the web pages. Remember also that you need this skill to craft a bot-beating resume. If you have this skill in your portfolio, be sure that you are on the top list of the candidates. 

JavaScript Frameworks

AngularJS, Backbone, Ember, and ReactJS are the JavaScript frameworks helpful in providing ready-made structures to the basic code. It is possible to apply them for different purposes. But the main advantage of having these skills is the fast and easy creation and development of the codes. You will minimize the monotonous work and increase the effectiveness. 

Among the java front end developer skills, JavaScript frameworks enrich your portfolio and show that you have various skills and abilities in this field. Also, they help to move to the top of the candidate’s lists. Of course, the hiring managers are searching for the best of the best. Hence, the more competencies you obtain, the higher chances you have. 

Front End Frameworks

The front-end frameworks for the CSS mean the same that the JavaScript frameworks for the JS. The most popular front-end framework is Bootstrap. These skills are crucial for making coding faster and more effective. As CSS often starts with the basic elements, it’s better to apply ready-made structures to gain time.

Some companies include this skill in the required list even for the entry level front end developer position, not only the junior or senior ones. So, you should be ready to get new knowledge and skills in this field if you want to increase your chances of succeeding. In any case, recruiters are focused on searching for a candidate with a rich portfolio.

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Experience with CSS Preprocessors

Among the skill set of the front-end developer, CSS Preprocessor is one more tool useful for boosting effectiveness. This skill can also help to speed up the coding, as it turns the code to the well-formatted and friendly to the browser before publishing it on the website. In the majority of job listings, LESS and SASS are among the most frequent preprocessors.

To introduce this skill in your resume, remember that you should show how you can use it in practice. Together with other skills, the experience with CSS Preprocessors can help persuade the employer that you are the right person they need.  

Experience with RESTful Services and APIs

In simple words, Representational State Transfer (REST) is the architecture aimed to simplify network communication. Also, this tool is important to make the website more effective and reliable. After obtaining this skill, it will be easier for you to modify and move different features on the website. 

The knowledge of the Application Programme Interface (API) is also among the wanted skills. RESTful and APIs services are interrelated, and both of them are necessary to simplify the functionality of your web page. In any case, you will need this experience in your front end developer resume to correspond to the requirements of the recruiter.


Testing is very important to find bugs and start searching for the best solution for debugging. The unit testing should be among the front end developer skills, as it is vital for the effective work of the future website. This possess refers to the testing of the individual blocks of the source code. There are also other types of testing aimed at detecting various bugs.

As you can see, testing skills and knowledge are among the basic skill sets for the front-end developer. So, you will definitely need them to get this position. If you don’t have them, you will lack the required skills in your portfolio.

Web performance/building and automation tools

Web performance skills are useful to ensure that your website is efficient enough to use it. To make sure that everything works well. Some automation and building tools, like Grunt and gulp, can help you to automate image optimization and other features. 

The web performance is among the front end developer skills 2021, making them the top-rated for the hiring managers. If you have the knowledge and experience in web performance, you can be sure that you will get more interviews. Still, we recommend joining a course to obtain this skill if you lack experience or necessary background in this field.

Soft skills you need to have as a front end developer 

If you suppose that technical skills are enough to succeed in this sphere, you are wrong. Soft skills are the same important for the candidate in any sphere as hard skills. To become a wanted candidate, you should persuade the recruiter that you have enough interpersonal skills to perform well in this position. 

If you want to know how to become a front end developer, the answer is to keep a balance between hard and soft skills. Below, you will find top interpersonal skills that do matter for the front-end developer. Check this list to know what to include in your resume. 


Maybe you are wondering why this skill is the first on our list. Creativity is not only required for the artists. It is crucial for any profession, especially for web development. You need this skill to be able to find creative solutions in different working processes. 

We can ensure that employers value the creativity of their workers because they often have a non-standard vision of the situation. So, add creativity to the soft skills for front end developer resume. Still, remember that you should be able to show how you can apply your creativity in the working process. The best strategy is to mention creativity while describing your responsibilities at the previous position. 

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Communication skills

Of course, knowing several programming languages is good. But it isn’t enough for cooperation within the company. Communication is a vital skill to increase the productivity inside the devs team, as well as ensure effective collaboration. That’s why the hiring managers highlight this ability as the most wanted. 

Communication (both verbal and written) is among the skills needed to be a front end developer and perform the responsibilities effectively. This skill is highly valued because front-end developers work in a team. Very often, they should cooperate with the back-end developers. So, you should have perfect communication skills to find a common language with your colleagues. 


Finally, teamwork skills show that you can be an effective team player. Your work won’t be efficient if you can’t cooperate with other members of the dev’s team. To ensure productivity, everyone should understand his/her responsibility in terms of teamwork. Also, you are required to understand the values of the company and maintain a common strategy. 

Teamwork is among the skills needed for front end developer, both for junior and senior specialists. Remember that you are not only a professional with various technical competencies but also a part of the company you are working at. So, your aim is to show that you can work effectively both individually and in a group.

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To sum Up | What do you need as a Front end developer?

Now you know all the necessary skills you need to become a top-rated front-end developer. Do not forget that the more competencies you have, the better specialist you are. 

Here is a list of front end developer required skills to enrich your portfolio:

  • a variety of technical skills can make your website work efficient: (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS Preprocessors, testing, REST, and API);
  • JavaScript, HTML/CSS are the basic skill set to start working as a front-end developer;
  • To minimize the time and maximize the effectiveness, you need JavaScript and Front-End frameworks;
  • Testing is vital to detect bugs;
  • Soft skills (creativity, teamwork, and communication) are also important, the same as hard skills. 

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