Web Developer Skills

A web developer is a relatively new profession that is getting increasingly popular these days. Because it is a profession in progress, web developer skills constantly change. Hence, becoming a web developer requires more than a simple analytical mindset. 

For instance, you should craft a winning resume to mark your professional accomplishments. How do you reach these goals? How much time and effort one needs to become a web developer? Check the answers from our experts below and get tips on crucial web developer skills.

Who Is a Web Developer?

A web developer is an individual who creates sites and web pages. The essence of a web developer job description is simple. You engage in providing the best user-friendly experiences. But what do web developers do? In detail, web developers use their HTML and CSS skills to create responsive designs and make sites work. 

A professional web developer knows how to test and debug the web page they created. Yo can find a relevant web developer resume sample. To get more interviews, you might want to learn some SEO skills as well. A well-rounded web developer education will broaden the horizon of possibilities.

Web Developer Technical Skills

Among all skills for web developer, technical ones are the hardest (pun intended).

  • HTML and JavaScript. HTML is the heart of a website’s life. As a language, HTML is used to create all sites one can imagine. Meanwhile, JavaScript adds to the automation of a website’s functions. Both languages are a reason users navigate a site freely.
  • CSS. Cascading Style Sheets is a language used by web developers during the design stage. CSS allows the developers to create the future layout of web pages and code the elements of web design.

Web Developer Non-Technical Skills

Being a web developer requires more than knowing coding languages and creating responsive designs. Web developer non technical skills include the following.

  • Communication skills. It’s a must of all soft skills for freelance developers. Want to satisfy the client’s needs? Learn how to talk to people and understand them. 
  • Analytical skills. Sometimes, your clients do not know what they want. You must be able to advise them efficiently. But first, you must analyze what is good for your client and communicate the message in the friendliest manner.
  • SEO skills. Certainly, you don’t need to write SEO skills texts. But you must understand how SEO engines work.

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The Most Important Web Developer Skills to Consider

Yes, one should know many things to become a web developer. However, there are a few ones to focus on.

  • HTML. The old and familiar language. It is amazing how HTML is still in high demand. Yet, all recruiters look for strong HTML knowledge in the applicants.
  • CSS. A significant tool to know among all top web developer skills. CSS helps you understand the responsive design better. 
  • Git and GitHub. Being a part of your local computer system, Git keeps all the operations you have done while coding. 
  • DevTools. Not all recruiting firms will ask for your DevTools knowledge. However, DevTools allow you to test CSS and change HTML elements. 
  • FileOptimizer and ImageOptim. Both make working with files faster and more efficient.


The cornerstone of web development, HTML, is the most basic skill to have when entering the web development industry. In fact, HTML is the main skill to make a bot-beating resume. The best thing about HTML is that it is the easiest coding language to learn. Definitely, it’s the first thing to pay attention to in your web development education. 


Among all skills required for web developer, CSS stands along with HTML. Like the latter, CSS is the cornerstone of web design. In general, this style sheet language is not as tech-savvy as others, which makes it great for beginners. 

CSS knowledge allows you to be the most original developer. Play with the fonts, styles, and layers you like. However, do not forget about the client’s wishes and needs. 

Git and GitHub

Git allows you to save all operations on your local computer. It’s an especially important tool to employ if you work on high-profile projects. Working with Git is among web developer skills that will surely come in handy. It is easy to download, learn, and use it. No Internet access is required. 

Meanwhile, GitHub is a cloud-based repository. This means you can keep all your process-related information out of the local computer system. 


The knowledge of DevTools will demonstrate you as a professional web developer. DevTools are great for the stages when you check if everything works. The tool allows you to check and edit HTML elements. You can test the CSS decisions and examine which elements load quicker. Additionally, DevTools shows you all JavaScript functions of the web page. 


Working with one of these programs is a winning skill to have. Both are perfect tools for adjusting images. You can easily download them on the computer. They save space on your PC by compressing images and are as easy to learn as CSS.

If you prefer working on Mac devices, you may opt for ImageOptim. Unlike FileOptimizer, it does not directly compress the objects but puts them in a compressed folder.

How to Improve Web Developer Skills

Learning new skills takes time and patience. Like all millenials, you want to get it all at once. Sure, some courses will give you a web developer degree quickly. However, be prepared that time and money are necessary things to invest in your career. Take things slowly and enjoy the studying process. 

Get Online Education in Web Development

You can acquire the skills needed to be a web developer online. There are plenty of educational platforms ready to teach you web development. It also could be useful for Most of them offer courses for lower than average prices. You will learn how to manage data and get familiar with your professional duties as a web developer. At the end of the chosen course, you will get a diploma as evidence you have mastered the necessary skills.

Follow Influencers in the Field

The best way to learn web development is by following the industry masters. Check below the five blogs and five Twitter experts you can follow and consult.

  • Smashing Magazine. Get the latest updates in website design and UX. 
  • CSS-Tricks. It’s the best web developer blog about CSS gimmicks. Learn everything from Redux to building accessibility features. 
  • A List Apart. These guys know their job. The blog covers tons of development-related topics. It’s the most diverse knowledge platform. 
  • DWB. It’s the blog created by David Walsh. He writes articles on PHP, JavaScript, and other development-related topics. 
  • SpeckyBoy. Learn everything about UI. 
  • Denise Jacobs. A Twitter influencer who writes on CSS design. 
  • Sarah Drasner. A CSS-tricks writer, Dranser consults in animation. 
  • Bruce Lawson. A great Twitter influencer who writes about HTML5 with fun and wit.
  • Ethan Marcotte. He coined the “responsive web design” term. No comments are needed. 
  • Sarah Parmenter. A British influencer who specializes in iOS interfaces. 

Create a Network

Developing skills may sound lonely if you don’t know what to start from. Finding like-minded people can help. You can search for local communities of web developers at various levels. Commonly, senior web developers will gladly share their professional knowledge. Often, such communities have effective learning materials. And the last one thing don't forget to upload resume to linkedin it would be the last step to your dream job.

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Web Developer in the Workplace

Your work environment will differ depending on where you are employed. But all web developer job requirements will stay the same. You can be a freelance specialist or work for corporations. Or you can work for small companies. 

You can have a separate room or a coworking space. The thing which does not change is equipment. The companies will provide you with devices and programs you need for high-class web development. 

How to Showcase Your Skills

When arranging your web developer skills, think of hard skills first and soft skills later. Any recruiter wants to see your technical competence for the job. In the hard skills section, start with the most basic skills and continue with the complex ones. Later, think of the additional skills you are good at. 

If you need help to make it stand out in your resume, turn it to professional resume services that will highlight it in the right resume section.

Skills for Resume [Example]

Be specific when mentioning your skills in the web developer resume. Use the most appropriate format and check the spelling of tools and programs. Also, you are welcome to use lists when organizing this section. See a good and bad resume example below. 


“Have all web developer skills. Know CSS. Proficient in HTML. Can listen to anyone’s wishes and critique. Good at working with clients and listening to their opinion.” 


  • “Proficient knowledge of HTML;
  • Advanced knowledge of CSS (still attending the course); 
  • Great interpersonal skills;
  • Good at solving conflicts and analyzing the client’s needs.”

Skills for the Job Interview

During a job interview, a recruiter defines which applicant is the best for the job. For an HR manager to employ you, write a great resume. An effective resume will showcase that you have all the skills needed to be a web developer. 

  • Entry-level. Focus on the skills you have and your ability to learn fast. The skills you have acquired will easily compensate for the lack of experience.
  • Medium. In the middle of your career, focus both on your skills and accomplishments. 
  • Senior. Everyone understands you have amazing skills. Focus on accomplishments. 

Sample for Web Developer Resume Skills Section

A skills section is a place to show your best sides. This part must correspond to the web developer requirements in the job description. Think of what you can offer to the recruiter. 

Web Developer Skills in a Resume Skills Section

Check the example on how you can organize the web developer skills section.

  • Proficient knowledge of JavaScript and C++;
  • Strong knowledge of HTML;
  • Good at working with deadlines; 
  • Goal-oriented;
  • Strong analytical thinking;
  • Great at solving team conflicts.

Web Developer Skills in a Resume Work Experience Section

It is perfect when your top skills for web developer match your job experience. Boost your career resources by combining top skills and experience. For instance, 

Web Developer

Design and Business

2017 to present

  • Developed sites from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript;
  • Improved the site traffic by 12%;
  • Created a web page for the company’s products.”

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To Sum Up

To become a professional web developer, one must invest time and finances. Most of all, you should understand that acquiring web developer skills requires patience. Find an online course, join a network to learn new skills or improve them, and you are ready to write an award-winning resume! 

However, if you hesitate to write a resume by yourself, turn to our professionals, and they will gladly help you. Our writers are the best resume experts. They know how much you want to get the job of your dreams. They also know how to make your skills and experience shine and beat ATS bots.

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