How to Become a Full Stack Developer and Earn a Lot of Money

If a person has full stack developer skills, they can land a job with amazing perspectives. Their work will bring them profound satisfaction, and they will be earning good money. From our affordable resume writers, you will learn about the benefits of becoming a full stack developer and the best ways to get an education. They will get to know how to craft a winning resume and which accomplishments to mention.

Who Is a Full Stack Developer?

This person is an engineer who builds software applications. They work both on the server-side and client-side. Try to find full stack developer sample template.Full stack developer technical skills boil down to translating user requirements into the overall architecture and implementing new systems. 

They make sure that the apps operate seamlessly: when the client does something in the front end, the back end immediately responds to that. One should constantly expand their experiences to get more interviews.

Technical Skills for a Full Stack Developer

Technical skills for full stack developer involve the following:

  • programming languages;
  • Web architecture;
  • HTTP;
  • REST;
  • basic design skills;
  • back end development;
  • front end development;
  • API; 
  • server;
  • database storage;
  • version controlling systems;
  • big data skills;
  • Git and GitHub.

Developers largely rely on automation. All the solutions they offer should consider the future. This is the reason why a professional needs to always enlarge and upgrade their full stack developer skill set.

Full Stack Developer Non-Technical Skills

Here is the list of primary full stack developer non technical skills.

  • An analytical set of mind. It helps the professionals make data-driven decisions.
  • Creative vision. This is essential for understanding a project’s objectives and meeting the demands of its target audience.
  • Excellent time management skills. Full stack developers should be able to meet tight deadlines.

Curiosity, attention to detail, strategic planning, problem-solving skills, and patience are vital as well.

Essential Tools

Top full stack developer skills involve a good command of the following tools:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Node.js
  5. SQL
  6. NoSQL

Most recruiters and recruiting firms expect their applicants to be familiar with these instruments. The set of skills needed to be a full stack developer might also include command of MERN Stack, Redis, Memcached, Nginx, Apache, and so on. Specialists should be ready to learn to use new tools regularly.

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This is the most fundamental component of the Internet. All the sites consist of linguistic building blocks made with the help of HTML. This language links sites to one another, annotates their contexts, and structures web pages. HTML forms are used to send data between the server and the client. The following everyday operations also engage HTML usage: signing up, logging in, sending customer feedback, buying products, and so on.


This one is crucial for automation. It enables developers to describe how HTML elements display on the screen. To be precise, it describes fonts, colors, layouts, and the overall visual formatting on top of the HTML structure. This language operates independently of HTML. CSS is responsible for the site’s ability to adapt to multiple devices and screens of different sizes. It is a powerful tool for enhancing the user experience.


Among all the full stack developer skills, JavaScript is considered one of the most basic ones. This scripting language introduces dynamic events onto websites. It enables the content to move, change, refresh, and respond to client input. 

One needs this language to create interactive forms, slideshows, and graphics, as well as add text autocorrecting. Besides, JavaScript comes in handy for building browser-based games, deploying mobile apps, and facilitating back-end development.


Node is a platform that can read from and write to different files. One might characterize it as an interpreter to JavaScript. With its help, developers can execute JavaScript code outside of the browser environment. When a client submits a request to the site, they get a comprehensive response thanks to Node. This tool defines all the behavior that takes place between user input and the result of the request.


SQL enables developers to communicate with the site database. It is the standard language for systems that store data in row-and-column tables. SQL is an instrument for working with large databases. It allows professionals to store and process information that comes from millions of data points.

NoSQL is a non-relational database mechanism for information that lacks clear structure. It enables developers to quickly retrieve data without resorting to row-and-column formatting.

How to Improve Full Stack Developer Skills

Be ready to invest time and effort into acquiring the skills needed to be a full stack developer. It can take from several months to a couple of years. After completing a basic course, never miss your chance to obtain more education, as this will help you get more interviews.

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Benefits of an Online Degree Program

One can get full stack developer education offline or online. In both cases, you will get enough knowledge to cope with your professional duties. You might prefer online because it might be more affordable. You will not need to leave your work since you can study in the evenings and on weekends. The data that you need to memorize will be structured very well, and you will enjoy your lessons.

Follow Influencers in the Field

Consider subscribing to the following media and influencers.

  • Smashing Magazine. It shares articles on apps, CSS, HTML, pattern libraries, and so on.
  • UpGrad blog. Here, you will find ratings of top solutions and comparisons of tools.
  • Alistapart. It features a selection of informative articles on code, design, content, project management, creativity, and so on.
  • Martin Fowler. This expert shares insightful articles on different aspects of working in IT.
  • Scott Hanselman. This blogger, YouTuber, and podcaster will keep you informed about the most important news, trends, and events of the industry.

On Twitter, you might want to follow 100 Days of Code, Code Newbie, and Brad Traversy’s blog. Plus, you should subscribe to Full-Stack Developer Jobs & Candidates and Remote Developer Jobs.

The Significance of Networking

It is not enough to have a full stack developer skills set. An ambitious professional should constantly stay in touch with their colleagues. They should visit profile offline events both as participants and speakers. They should build a network of online contacts that they can use to ask a question.

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Full Stack Developer in the Workplace

More and more full stack developer job requirements today mention online jobs. If someone prefers to work in a brick-and-mortar office, they should be able to find job offers effortlessly too. For specialists with little experience, it might be easier to join a small company rather than a tech giant.

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How to Showcase Your Skills

To showcase their full stack developer skills, applicants should

  • use bulleted or numbered lists;
  • avoid graphs/charts;
  • be concise.

If they know how to work with dozens of apps and programs, they should mention only the most popular ones. They should write the full and official names of these programs.

Skills for Resume 


To have high odds to land a job, a full stack developer should say something like, 

“I have been working with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript since 2020. Since 2021, I have been using jQuery, LESS, Angular, and ReactJS libraries as well.”


One should avoid vague and unconvincing phrases like, “I know all the basic front-end technologies and a few additional ones. I keep learning and honing my skills.”

Skills for the Job Interview

To impress the recruiter at an interview, you need to know how to showcase your skills. Do not just enumerate the skills needed to be a full stack developer that you possess. Instead, backup all your statements with facts, dates, and figures. 

For instance, “I used JavaScript for this and that project for ABC organization in 2018”. To make a company employ you, you should be positive-minded, proactive, and polite.

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Sample for Full Stack Developer Resume Skills Section

The examples below should help a candidate pass ATS bots and an applicant tracking system. The specialist will be able to prove that they meet full stack developer requirements fully.

Full Stack Developer Skills in a Resume Skills Section


  • Google Compute Engine
  • Programming languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS
  • App development (iOS and Android)
  • Databases: MongoDB, SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Content management systems (WordPress)

Soft Skills and Management Skills

  • Analytical abilities
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Decision-making abilities
  • Project management abilities
  • Presentation abilities
  • Attention to detail
  • Accountability
  • Creativity

Work Experience Section in the Resume of a Full Stack Developer

55GG company, August 2019 - present

  • Developed 5 full-stack web applications to carry out data analysis for clients
  • Optimized the company’s complaint handling process

The work experience section is usually located above the list of skills for full stack developer that the candidate has. Check career resources for more resume examples.

More about resume examples, look over here!

To Sum Up

Hopefully, this article was helpful, and now you know the answer to the question “What do full stack developers do?”. If you want to get into this profession, focus on honing your full stack developer skills, and we can write a top-notch bot-beating resume for you. We know everything about full stack developer qualifications, and we have helped hundreds of professionals to kickstart their careers. Feel free to contact us!

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