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nine important technical skills
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Earlier, we’ve shared with you the top soft skills that hiring managers are looking for in candidates. In this article, you will learn:

  • What are technical skills;
  • Why these skills are important;
  • Top tech skills recruiters are looking for;
  • Thow to put hard skills on a resume;
  • How to improve your skills.

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What Are Technical Skills?

Later, we’ll tell you about the top technical skills for various workers. But, first, we have to define what are technical skills?

According to the general technical skills definition, this term refers to specialized expertise and knowledge required for completing complex, job-related tasks, processes, and actions. The reason why such skills are called technical is that they are often related to technology - physical, computational, etc.

One more thing to know about technical skills is that the abilities required for different industries can vary significantly. For example, computer programmers need to know programming languages and tools, whereas teachers need different expertise.

Why Are Technical Skills Important?

The reason why technical skills matter for most career fields is that these abilities are required for performing complex procedures and using various tools, which are often meant for automating and streamlining the work process. According to the job search apps statistic, technical skills are highly in demand nowadays.One can benefit from having them by becoming more efficient at the workplace and meeting the expectations of employers better, thus, becoming a more valuable asset for the organization.

Unlike soft skills like communication or time management, hard skills require special education or training. Typically, such skills are much harder to develop. Moreover, employers often seek seizable proof of the technical qualifications of their employees.

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List of Technical Skills

When it comes to writing a resume and applying for jobs, the skills you put on your applications matter no less than your education, work experience, or professional accomplishments.

Okay, but what skills does your prospective boss expect to see on your resume? Unfortunately, there is no one-fits-all technical skills list. There are certain expectations for different roles and industries. 

Nevertheless, there is a list of technical skills that are the most common and universal, which is why every applicant needs to have them. In this part of our guide, we are going to share some of them with you!

List of Technical Skills for Resume

If you are looking for the right technical skills to put on resume to overcome ATS and get hired, your best bet is a job description. That’s where you can find what work experience, qualifications, and skills a particular employer wants to see in you. This way, you can land an interview faster and easier. Thus, descriptions play a crucial role in the job searching process.

Yet, if you are looking for a starting point, we are here to help. Below, you can find the technical skills list that covers different sectors, from arts to technical accounting skills. 


  • Design
  • Knowledge of perspective
  • Knowledge of proportions
  • Photoshop
  • Color theory


  • Coding
  • Web development
  • Machine learning
  • Data structures
  • Debugging


  • Design
  • Troubleshooting
  • CAD
  • Testing
  • STEM skills


  • Mental arithmetic
  • Research
  • Data analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Mathematical reasoning


  • Cost accounting
  • Data analytical systems
  • Big data
  • ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems
  • Financial software applications

Technical Skills in Resume for Freshers

While it’s pretty easy to outdo ATS bots, impress a hiring manager, and land an interview when you already have plenty of experience and resume skills, things get much trickier when you are an entry-level specialist.

Nevertheless, even if you didn’t yet have time to develop all the technical skills needed for the job of your choice, there is still a chance to make your applications look good to a recruiter.

Here are some of the best technical skills in resume for freshers:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Google Suite
  • Research
  • Social media
  • Writing
  • Data analysis
  • Phone skills
  • Math
  • Email
  • Data visualization
  • Project management

6 In-Demand Technical Skills to Put on Resume in 2022

Every year there are certain technical skills that companies are hunting for the most. Typically, you can find out more about such trending skills from a simple Internet search.

But, to help you get on the right track, we have gathered the six top-ranking technical skills to put on resume in 2022:

Programming and Coding

Programming and coding are the most in-demand tech skills that can get you employed, even if you apply for jobs other than “programmer” or “coder.”

Project Management

Another key tech skill is project management. It involves being a good leader, knowing how and when to delegate a task to a colleague, and being able to monitor the progress and measure accomplishments.

Data Analysis

In a world where data is the biggest asset, no wonder there’s high demand for data analysis skills. These skills are vital for many different roles across pretty much all industries.

Content and SEO

When it comes to marketing, content is king there. Thus, the two more tech skills that recruiting firms are hunting for are content and SEO.

Information Security

With the further development of technology and the Internet, information security has become one of the top priorities for every business. So, it is one more skill to put on a resume in 2022.


Finally, the last trending skill that looks good to every recruiter is design. Employers are willing to hire humans who know the basics of design, even when it comes to roles that don’t directly involve design.

How to List Technical Skills on Resume

Now that you know what technical skills to put on resume, here are the top tips on how to list technical skills on resume effectively:

  1. Use the Job Description

Read the job description to learn more about the specific department, role, and employer’s requirements. Then, shortlist the key technical skills for resume.

  1. Create a Separate Section

To highlight your professional skills, list them in bullet points in a dedicated technical skills section. But, be sure not to include too many skills. Only list up to 10 strongest skills.

  1. Confirm Your Skills in the Work Experience Section

Apart from listing your skills in a separate section, you can ensure even better outcomes if you stress some of your strongest abilities in bullets in your work experience section.

  1. Put Them in Your Resume Introduction

Put your technical skills on a resume’s summary or objective. This way, you can put your best skills front and center and stand out from the crowd.

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Examples of Technical Skills

Looking for examples of technical skills? Here is a real-life sample with the right keywords to get through the applicant tracking process and the right structure to drive the recruiter’s attention:

Technical Skills

  • Coding and Programming: Python; HTML; C; C++; Javascript; CSS;
  • Design: UI/UX; Photoshop; Branding;
  • Project Management: Proficiency in Agile and Scrum; Kanban; Technical Reporting; Data Analytics; Work Scheduling Software;

That’s how your technical skills section should look on a resume. The only difference is that the list of your list of technical skills for resume will vary depending on the department you are planning to get into.

How to Improve Your Technical Skills

So, from previous sections of our guide, you already know what kind of professional qualification you may want to specify on your resume and how to do it right.

Now, let’s look closer at some practical tips on how to improve technical skills to make companies want to employ you.

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5 Powerful Ways How to Improve Your Technical Skills

Even knowing about the demands for a chosen position, you may not have everything needed to make your job application great.

Here are some handy tips on how to improve technical skills before applying for a job:

  1. Training - take additional courses, read relevant literature, and watch tutorials.
  2. Job - if you are wondering how to improve technical skills at work, just get a job, and you will be using them to the point of improvement.
  3. Practice - get as many hours of practice as possible before making an inquiry.
  4. Tools - learn various tools and software to boost your efficiency.
  5. Network - follow influencers, hang out with geeks, and learn from experts.

Follow Influencers in the Field

For everyone wondering how to improve technical skills, learning from experts is the most powerful way.

Here are some authoritative influencers and resources to follow:

  1. Elon Musk - popular, successful, and influential tech expert;
  2. GeekWire - a famous blog that covers plenty of topics;
  3. Marques Brownlee - one of the most popular YouTube tech influencers;
  4. The Verge - one of the oldest and most authoritative tech blogs;
  5. Allie K. Miller - a fun-to-follow influencer covering AI and machine learning;

Here are a couple smaller business IT blogs worth noting:

  1. Laurie McCabe’s Blog
  2. Digitalist Magazine by SAP
  3. ipSpace
  4. The QuickBooks Blog
  5. Techaisle Blog

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Key Takeaway

Was the question “what are technical skills?” baffling for you? Now you know why they matter and how to put them on a resume.

Let’s look at the key takeaways:

  • Technical skills are specialized expertise required for completing complex tasks;
  • They are vital not only in the job searching process but also to do your work efficiently;
  • To identify the right technical skills list for a resume, one must conduct company research and carefully read the job description;
  • Technical skills can be placed in a separate skills section, work experience section, and introduction of a resume.

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