The Best Job Search Apps On the Web

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We are a team of technical recruiters sharing knowledge about the best job hunting platforms and applications. Our goal is to help our readers find their next career opportunity. In this article, we’re going to find out:

  • What is a job app?
  • Why do you need job search apps?
  • Best job apps
  • Tips on how to use hiring/recruiting apps

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What Is A Job App?

Firstly, let’s grasp the concept of what a job app is. Apps for jobs help both job-seekers and employers to find an ideal work opportunity by browsing through job postings online. This streamlines their hunting process thanks to the job app’s optimized efficiency and gets them in touch with the right people.

Why Do You Need Job Search Apps?

Apps that help professionals find careers are necessary because as stated before, they streamline the job hunting process thanks to the apps’ built-in efficiency to land a seeker their next best gig and profession. Apps to find jobs achieve this by freely providing job-seekers all the tools they need to land an opening. 

Job sites app usually contains postings from all around the world, profiles from different professionals across various industries, live job postings, relevant posts, customizable search engines, learning tools, and the list goes on. Before trying to find a job; however, candidates should know the fundamentals, like having a good resume, and a presentable resume profile. These are the basics that need to be polished.

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Best job apps

Below, we’ve listed down the best job hunting apps on the internet. We’re going to examine how to use them, the success rate of finding a job on the platform itself, and we’re going to show our readers the apps’ basic appearances and interface. 


Cost: Free or $29 for premium features

LinkedIn is by far the most popular and one of the best job apps online. It’s a great platform to be present in if you’re looking for opportunity, experience, or the dream job. It’s easy to use, and looks like any other social media profile, except it’s for job hunting. The user can make

a profile, craft it, use the right keywords to attract potential employers, and so on. 

According to online statistics, LinkedIn is the best platform to use for job-seekers who want to find a profession as fast as they can. This is because most recruiters are already on the platform. 

Roughly, there are about 740 million users on LinkedIn, and this is just the estimate from 2021, so there are possibly even more users by now. From those 740 million users, all executives from Fortune 500 companies are present on LinkedIn. Users belong to one of the 200 different countries that are present on LinkedIn.


Cost: Free

ZipRecruiter is a more popular choice in the best job apps market in the U.S. Job-seekers and employers can make separate accounts. There’s the basic job-seeker profile and an employer profile. For applicants, ZipRecruiter has a straightforward and easy-to-use search engine that can connect them to a job posting that matches their search filters and keywords. 

ZipRecruiter isn’t free but it can be quite effective, while there are no solid statistics on the success rate of landing a job using the app, it has around 25 million active monthly users, and there are around 9 million job postings on the platform at any given time.

However, ZipRecruiter might be a more ideal platform for employers than it is for job-seekers. For example, recruiters’ postings are usually broadcast to many other job boards that are affiliated with ZipRecruiter, which makes the recruiting process much easier for employers. 

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Cost: Free

Job applicants can use CareerBuilder by simply visiting their platform. CareerBuilder, just like its competitors, has an easy-to-use and straightforward interface which makes it one of the best job hunting apps. Users can type in what they’re looking for with the relevant keywords, and customize their search filters with location filters, and so on. 

This app has around 45 million active users, with about 150 million job applicants. As of 2021, more than 30 million jobs have been posted on the platform. It’s a pretty decent roundup. However, CareerBuilder can get pretty expensive for employers compared to cheaper and even free alternatives. 

On a brighter note, it’s free-to-use for job-seekers and is a decent alternative and extra option to consider while job-hunting. It’s the better option when trying to find positions that need a degree, and when trying to find very particular and niche positions. This is because it is affiliated with niche networks such as international job boards, EnergyJobSearch, eRecruit, and so on.


Cost: Free

GlassDoor stands out as one of the best apps to look for jobs because of its employee review feature. This is especially useful for job-hunting, and can potentially make the process better for the majority of candidates. This employment app and platform lets candidates read reviews, ratings, and information about salaries before they consider applying for a company and its openings. 

It has around 67 million unique monthly visitors and it’s also accessed frequently through its mobile app, with around half the visits coming from a phone device. 83 percent of its users are active and are searching for new opportunities. So, that’s a lot of activity. 

It has a clean and simple interface, streamlined to let job-seekers find job positions, read reviews, and check out salary information easily. Moreover, GlassDoor is partnered with Indeed, and typically the job postings on Indeed will also be readily available on GlassDoor. This is beneficial for both employers and applicants since they’re exposed to a bigger source pool. 


Cost: Free

Indeed is another great addition to the good job apps list that any professional can use to find employment. Job-seekers can make an account for free, sign up for free job notifications, look for opportunities using the search engine, and so on. Indeed features separate features and tools for employers and employees. Users can save jobs to review for later, and typically salaries are posted for open positions, so it’s quite transparent. 

Indeed has a relevant user population, with about 100 million resumes in its database, and 9 to 10 jobs being posted every second on the platform. Applicants can check out reviews and there are about 10 million company reviews already present on the platform. 

Users can also participate in Indeed’s discussion forums, and generally, it has one of the best interfaces out there. When searching for a job, applicants can typically already see the company’s rating, their salary information, the location, if the company is urgently hiring or not. It’s very practical, concise, and efficient.

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Cost: Free

This one is an iPhone application intended to help seekers find professions by leveraging their social networks, providing tools and resources, and matching the employer and employee through required skills and other factors. 

The app uses Indeed’s platform and LinkedIn connections to heighten its job search potential. It’s among the selection of apps like Indeed. JobAware enables its users to have access to educational content when pursuing their next big opportunity. It’s free to use and can be used using the user’s GPS or by specifying their locations. It can be used in more than 200,000 cities. 

It is a good alternative, but not the best. Ultimately, it can be pretty useful and applicants don’t lose anything by having the app ready and downloaded on their phone, and since it’s tied with Indeed, it complements that alternative well. Moreover, it has a pretty decent interface and is easy to the eyes. 


Cost: Free

SnagAJob is one of the most straightforward job finder apps. Job-hunting applications only need to create a personal profile, polish it by filling it up with all of the relevant information required to be an attractive candidate, and then comes the hunting process. Like its competitors, users can search for a posting through their engine by using keywords.

This platform is one of the largest apps for hourly work, so it’s perfect to use if the candidate is looking for these. There are plenty of openings for restaurant work, retail, and hospitality positions. It has more than 100 million users, with career opportunities at 470,000 locations across Canada and the U.S. 

Its interface is pretty clean and simple. Another nice additional feature SnagAJob has is the education links and content it provides. When a job-seeker is applying for a certain position, the platform provides educational links such as resume samples, interview tips and tricks, and so on.


Cost: Free

Upwork is one of the best apps for professionals who are seeking remote or freelance jobs. It’s becoming increasingly popular, as remote work is becoming the new norm for many of us. 

Of course, it’s easy to use and has a remarkably clean and well-structured interface. It’s simple and elegant in a way, with its green theme color. At the moment, Upwork has about 145,000 core active clients from over 180 countries. Over 30 percent of Fortune 100 companies used Upwork in recent years to hire freelancers online. 

It is especially an attractive place for content writers since some of them can earn up to $80 an hour for a project on the website. To get started, users can sign up with their emails, and fill out their profiles like many job search apps, once they’re ready they can search for postings. Job postings are updated very regularly. 


Cost: Free

Dice is one of the top job search apps for applicants who want to work in the tech industry or have employment experience working in the tech industry. It’s a job portal designed specifically for tech professionals looking for a desired position in the tech sector. A unique feature it has is its ‘tech job report’, which is a report derived from analyzing numerous tech job postings.

While the report is designed to help employers and recruiters, it can be used by job-seekers to come to a more informed decision as well. 

Dice has around 2.7 million resumes, 11 million tech profiles, and about 1.5 million active monthly users. It has a clean and concise interface for both employees and employers, but it is on the expensive side of things. On the plus side, it's free to use for applicants, it’s only expensive for recruiters who might need to pay around 300 dollars and more for a job post. 

screenshot of dice site

Tips On How To Use Hiring/Recruiting Apps

Now that we’ve gone through most of what job-seekers need to know about the best job search apps, let’s go through a few handy and valuable tips that employers can put to use while trying to find the right candidate(s across the industries. 

  • Use an ATS: Applicant tracking systems are an efficient and relatively modern tool that enables recruiters to streamline the process of finding candidates.
  • Employee Referrals: Recruiters should consider improving their employee referral program/system.
  • Internal Recruits: Looking for internal recruits from within your company can help boost morale in the organization. 
  • Better Job Descriptions: A basic that must not be overlooked is for recruiters to make sure that their job descriptions are good. Our tip here is to be transparent and concise. This will not waste anybody’s time, and everyone knows what is expected of them. 

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Key Takeaways 

  • LinkedIn is the best overall job portal. The user population as of 2021 was 740 million.
  • GlassDoor is great for applicants since it has an employee review system, where applicants can find reviews about a certain company and what it’s like to work there. 
  • Indeed is efficient, well-structured, and has a very detailed interface. 
  • SnagAJob has the most hourly work postings than any other platform. There are many job postings in restaurant work and hospitality. 
  • Upwork is one of the best platforms for freelancers looking for remote work. 
  • Dice is optimal for tech professionals. 

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We hope this article will help our readers understand the world of the best job finding apps. As a quick reminder, before deciding which one is the best job app for search, applicants must present themselves as attractive candidates online. The best way to do that is to have a masterful resume that has all the details a recruiter is looking for, and that’s why we advise job-seekers to take advantage of our resume writing services to land their dream opportunities.