X Good Linkedin Summary Examples for Any Level to Get Employed

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A LinkedIn summary is the about section that is shown right under your name and job title on a website. For some reason, many people underestimate its power. Whether one leaves a blank space or something with a one-liner – this is not a good idea, especially for a potential employer looking at your profile.  Whether you are looking for a job, trying to make your business notices, or building a personal brand – the LinkedIn summary is a perfect tool for that.  There are 2,000 characters to tell your story, highlight experiences and achievements, and stand out from colleagues and competitors. In this article, you’ll find perfect LinkedIn summary examples.

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Importance of the LinkedIn Summary

Before we get into summary examples on LinkedIn and optimizing your page, let’s name the main reasons why you should care about the summary:

  • It adds personality to your page. LinkedIn summary ideas help to show who you are and what drives you. This is essential both for a personal and professional brand.
  • You can control the narrative of your career story. The summary allows explaining any gaps or major changes in the way you want it to be heard.
  • It helps to rank higher in the searches, which is especially good for job seekers.
  • It shows you as a passionate and motivated professional.
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How to write linkedin summary

So what does a good LinkedIn summary look like? What's the difference to a professional resume summary? It truly depends on the case; there is no one ultimate answer. But there are common things that any well-written LinkedIn summary statement has, namely:

  • Strong introductory sentence. Do not start with “Hello, my name is”. Use something to grab attention right away like “One day my teacher told me”
  • Your passion. Your profile has to show what makes you tick in your job or field. What do you love about your job, what are you looking for?
  • Education, training, and present role in the way they shaped your skills and experiences;
  • Key accomplishments with metrics if possible.
  • A bit of personality, something about your spare time or hobbies.

It has to illustrate your past, present, and future in terms of work experience and passion.

LinkedIn summary examples for students

Are there LinkedIn summary examples student can use? – You may ask. Students do not have as much work experience yet they need to attract employers and recruiting firms. The summary is even more important for students as it helps to show their professionalism, readiness to work, and motivation to grow.
Here are some amazing examples especially for students to land an interview of their dreams.

LinkedIn summary examples for business students

We’ve divided our LinkedIn summary examples college student can use into majors. As a Business student, one needs to be very specific and showcase what skills learned are applicable in the industry. Business is a wide subject; learn to focus on particular details, courses, and professional progression. Here is an example:

Linkedin summary examples for business students

It is good as it is personal and tells a story. Yet, there are not enough keywords and specifics.

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Linkedin summary examples for engineering students

Looking for LinkedIn summary examples engineer student? Search no more! Remember to specify the exact fields and industries you are interested in or the training opportunities you had. Show the value of engineering for you but also mention any certifications, specific hard skills, and technologies you know or worked with as an intern. Look at this sample:

Linkedin summary examples for engineering students

It is great because it is specific and shows the passion for the profession. But it can be better with a CTA in the end.

LinkedIn summary examples for finance students

LinkedIn summary examples entry-level Finance job seekers should also be precise as it is a wide field. The industry is very competitive, so do not forget to showcase your accomplishments, personal experiences, internships, or volunteering.

LinkedIn summary examples for finance students

This sample is good because it is particular, it shows focus, passion, and goal – to find internships. Yet, it could be longer and more personal.

Best linkedin summary for job seekers

What is a good summary for LinkedIn if you are looking for jobs? It needs to include all mentioned above, but also CTA that encourages hiring managers to contact you. It has to have keywords related to the position, like technologies, hard skills, and specific terms. It should also be a concise narrative to show a cultural fit for a company.
Here are two examples:

Best linkedin summary for job seekers
Best linkedin summary example for job seekers

The first one is not correct as it is in the third person, which can throw people off. It is also very formal, abstract and doesn’t say anything that cannot be found in other profile parts. The second one is good because it grabs attention, shows personality, uses keywords, and has CTA.

LinkedIn summary examples for sales

We know exactly how to write good LinkedIn summary examples for sales. As a competitive field, it requires to state not only career goals but also achievements. Look at popular job descriptions for such positions and take keywords from there. Here is an example:

LinkedIn summary examples for sales

LinkedIn Summary Template

Here is another sample of LinkedIn summary that grabs attention right away. No recruiters and hiring managers will go past this. Why? It has all the best features:

  • It has a unique style and bold language;
  • It is funny yet professional and rich with keywords;
  • It shows skills, achievements, and present responsibilities.
LinkedIn summary template

Small Tips for Perfect LinkedIn Summaries

If you are still wondering “what should I write in my LinkedIn summary?” here are several quick tips for a high career trajectory:

  • What is your passion, what can motivate you;
  • Goals and desire to grow as a professional;
  • Work principles, ethics, responsibilities;
  • Key achievements and how your experiences align with the industry;
  • CTA – contact me for hiring, management advice, or professional collaboration.

Always start with catchy first sentences and use industry-related keywords.

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Bottom Line

A LinkedIn summary is not just another profile field to fill in. It is a powerful opportunity to showcase your personality, professional accomplishments, and motivation. Prospective employers always read summaries to see whether they have the necessary skills and competencies as well as whether they are fit for the role.
Hopefully, these LinkedIn summary examples have inspired you to work on your summary. Add metrics, tell a story, be funny, stay true to yourself, and do not forget about keywords. Use these marvelous LinkedIn summary ideas as a template to work from.

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