Sales Resume Sample

Sales jobs are rewarding and give the sales representatives a chance to develop new relationships every day. They also have a high earning potential since you get paid commission and other bonuses and don't have to rely on a set salary. If you love negotiating, enjoy reaching out to potential customers, and feel a sense of accomplishment once you close a deal, then sales may be a good fit for you.

Sales have limitless opportunities and allow you to work in various fields and roles. People often need a resume sales sample to write an excellent resume not cv writing but you can read a lot of interesting information at cv writing service websites. Whether you are just starting your career or are an experienced professional, a sample resume for a sales position will save you time and effort when applying for dream jobs. 

Here are some tips that you can use to write your own sales resume sample that will help you bypass applicant tracking systems and impress recruiters.

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How To Write a Sales Resume

Sales jobs vary and exist in pretty much every industry, but you need to know how to do a sales resume writing if you want to get the desired position. You should think about the sales skills to put on your resume or use a resume sample for sales. There are also a few elements that should be present in your sales resume to stand out. You can find these elements in various examples of sales resumes. They include the following.

  • Work experience

Mention all the relevant work experience that shows the potential employer you are fit for the sales position.

  • Contact information

This is essential information on your resume for sales because if it is incorrect or omitted, then the recruiter will not reach you even if you are qualified for the job.

  • Skills

You want to include the key skills you possess that are necessary for every salesperson's resume.

  • Education

Some jobs require a specific educational background, so be sure to include any relevant details that will make your resume compelling. Don't forget to upload resume to linkedin!

Other sections, such as awards and certifications, languages, interests, and hobbies are optional but may be necessary if they are relevant to the sales position you are interested in.

Sample Sales Representative Resume Template

A sales representative job is one of the most common roles in sales. A sales representative acts as a mediator between a business or organization and its potential customers. They also help identify and educate prospective clients on everything related to their products or services. If you want to land an interview or, even better, a job, you need to ensure your sales resume sample is written in the proper format. You can refer to a sample sales representative resume template or use the tips below.

  • Choose the reverse-chronological format.
  • Always bold the subheadings to make it easier for the hiring manager to see them.
  • Use a font that is easy to read.
  • The font size for regular text should be 11pt or 12pt, and 2-4pts larger for the headings.
  • Leave a 1" margin on all sides of your sales representative resume.
  • The body text of your resume should have single line spacing, as seen in most sample sales resumes.
  • Ensure that you leave enough white space on your resume to make it easy to read.

sales resume example experience and contact info
Sales Resume Summary or Resume Objective

A sales resume summary highlights the most valuable skills and experience in a professional's resume in two to three sentences. It helps the hiring manager learn what the salesperson can offer the company quickly. It is essential to know what to put for a summary on resume for sales. 

If you don't know how to compose it, you should go through some resume summary examples for sales before writing one. The salesperson's resume objective or summary should relate to the field to capture the recruiter's attention.

Here is an example of a sales resume objective:

"Self-motivated and results-driven sales and marketing executive with more than 15 years of experience in technology. Excellent at motivating team members and possessing exceptional communication and time management skills. Regularly engaging consumers to increase overall sales and having a proven track record of exceeding quotas."

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Resume for Sales Job With No Experience

Being inexperienced is an issue for job candidates in any industry. Writing a compelling resume for sales job with no experience can be challenging, but it is not impossible. All you have to do is apply for the right positions and tailor your resume to the desired role. Before you write your entry-level sales resume, you want to identify the most relevant sales resume skills you may have acquired from school or extracurricular activities.

A good idea is to look through entry-level sales job descriptions if you don't know what is relevant in the first place. Experience making phone calls, coordinating events, conducting any form of research, persistence, and adaptability are some of the highly transferable skills. 

You should also think about past responsibilities in terms of goals and achievements and quantify that experience. It is important to show the potential employer your ability to deliver because it's all that matters.

Put Your Education on Resume for Sales Positions

The education section in a sales resume is essential because it shows the recruiter that you are assiduous and dedicated. Whether you are applying for an entry-level sales position or a managerial position, you should always include this section in your resume. Most jobs require minimum education levels, as in some sample resume high school student can find on the Internet.

Writing a resume education section for a sales position is simple. You need to get all the information, including completed courses, dates, and the name of the school or university you attended. You don't have to mention your high school background, but if it's the only education you have, then you should include it. 

You can use a resume for a high school student sample to create a resume that will get you a job. If you are still working on your degree, this should be stated on your resume with an anticipated graduation date. Add any seminars and webinars attended here as it shows the employer your willingness to learn new tricks and tools.

Put Sales Skills on a Resume

Most companies hire salespeople based on skills and personality, even though not all of them meet education requirements. Recruiters are primarily interested in sales skills when checking one’s resume for sales positions because they determine how you connect with new clients, retain the customers, and close a sale. Putting your sales skills on your resume gives you a better chance of landing an interview with a potential employer.

There are hard skills and soft skills. The former are developed through training or education and are industry-specific, while the latter influence how well you work independently and with other people. You need to include both on your resume to increase your chances of getting an interview.

If you want your sales resume skills to get past the ATS system, you should use specific resume keywords to describe your skills. They include time management, strategic skills, cold calling, growth mindset, product knowledge, and customer retention, to mention a few.

Add Contact Info To Your Resume

Your contact information is vital because one incorrect digit could lead to the loss of a fantastic opportunity. Some of the contact details you should add to your sales resume include

  • your full name;
  • title aligned it to the job description;
  • phone number checked and verified multiple times before sending the resume;
  • email address that should be professional. If you don't have a professional address, create one. Most employers look for the slightest reason to eliminate a candidate, and your old inappropriate email could be the reason you get disqualified;
  • location (this is optional, but it helps exclude the unsuitable jobs if you are unwilling to relocate).

Add Other Sections To Your Resume

Employers take a short time to look through your resume, so express your capabilities clearly for them to know who you are. Your sales resume needs to stand out because of the high demand for jobs in this area of work. 

One way to succeed is to include interests that show your passion for the job. Here are examples of additional sections for your resume for sales positions.

  • Writing

Such an interest represents your written skills necessary for any sales job and could help you land an interview.

  • Yoga

Practicing yoga shows a deep mastery and understanding of one's emotions. It also demonstrates an ability to maintain control and remain calm in all situations, which is crucial when dealing with demanding customers.

  • Blogging

A blog is an excellent addition to your interests. It demonstrates your ability to share thoughts in a well-structured, concise manner that attracts the intended audience.

Use Key Action Verbs

An effective resume is not just about including the relevant skills, experience, and education. The way you present this information is not any less important. If you want to impress your prospective employer and avoid being sorted out by the ATS system, you should use appropriate resume keywords.

It is better to use strong action verbs as they make your achievements more significant. The overall resume becomes more convincing and depicts you as an attractive candidate. So, here are the examples of action verbs that look good in resumes for sales positions:

  • boosted;
  • accelerated;
  • delivered;
  • enhanced;
  • improved;
  • maximized;
  • stimulated;
  • sustained;
  • resolved. 

Extra Tips To Consider

  • Stick to a single-page chronological format. Having a long resume can be a turn-off for some employers, so ensure your resume is precise but has all the essential information. Tailor the resume salesperson to fit the job you are applying for and start with the most relevant experience. Yet, this format may not work for experienced salespeople.
  • Always proofread your resume. It doesn't hurt to check your resume multiple times and edit resume or use professional resume editing service before sending it to the recruiter to avoid errors. You can give it to a career advice expert, a family member, or a friend to have a look in case you missed something.
  • Organize your resume in sections. Entry level sales resumes should be arranged in logical sections that are easy to read and identify. Recruiters who are busy need to quickly scan through your resume and get all the required information. Doing this also allows you to highlight your achievements. You can do it by yourself or use a help from sales resume writing service for getting best results.
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