Research Assistant Resume Sample

In many ways, creating a research assistant resume repeats the steps of composing any other resume. Sure, the work process is different for a project manager and research assistant, but what these job positions have in common is the need to create a job-winning resume with a very similar structure. 

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What do resumes for research assistant look like, and how to write one that will win you a job? Let’s talk about it in the article below. 

Here, you’ll find:

  • Tips on using a format for your research assistant resume;
  • A free research assistant resume sample;
  • The difference between Summary and Objective.
  • Tips on how to present your research assistant skills, experience, and education in a resume; 
  • What Other sections are and why do they matter.

Let’s start with formats. 

How to Format Research Assistant Resume

There are 3 formats to choose from for your job application. 

  • Functional. Emphasizes your skills; wins a job interview for beginners and industry changers;
  • Chronological. Unlike other formats, introduces your Experience section in the resume layout to the reader first; perfect for pros with decades of experience; 
  • Mixed. Ironically, combining features of other formats makes it the least efficient of all.

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Research Assistant Resume [Sample]

For a recruiter to hire you as a promising professional, they must see that your research assistant resume follows all requirements. Check a resume sample for research assistant written according to the standard resume writing rules below.

Job Position: Engineering Research Assistant

Name: Maria Sanchez

Phone Number: +1(216)-728-9927


Social Media: LinkedIn (optional)


A goal-oriented engineering research assistant with 5 years of experience. Due to outstanding critical thinking and tech skills, assisted companies in the development of 7 products that generated $1 million in revenue each. 




Engineering Research Assistant 

Key Responsibilities

  • Created blueprints and designs for tech products; 
  • Performed comparative analysis of Futech’s products versus the products of its competitors; 
  • Tested product development materials; 
  • Collected the reviews for products, analyzed them, and offered solutions to the team based on the statistics-driven from the analysis;
  • Communicated with the project sponsors for daily updates on the project development;
  • Created presentations for the team.

Key Achievements

  • Assisted in the development of tech products that resulted in around $7 million in total;
  • Introduced the team to new tools like MATLAB & Simulink.


Hard Skills

  • Strong knowledge of research techniques, data analysis, and data collection; 
  • Tech knowledge of engineering tools (welders, grinders, milling, and drilling machines, etc.); 
  • Strong knowledge of Ansys - 16.2, SolidWorks, AutoCAD; 
  • Critical thinking;
  • Data management;
  • Presentation skills.

Soft Skills

  • Attention to detail;
  • Communication;
  • Planning and management. 


Virginia University


  • Bachelor in Engineering (minor in Computer Sciences).



  • Four-month internship at Veith Engineering & Business Solutions.

Other Sections


  • Curating a blog on tech novelties (add a link);
  • Writing articles on engineering for the local newspaper (add the organization's name). 


  • Spanish;
  • Portuguese;
  • English.


  • Teaching computer technologies to junior students at the local school on Saturday (extracurricular activities).
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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

A research assistant job resume must include a Summary or an Objective that summarizes your resume to the reader. Often, a recruiter would read this section before the job interview if they have no time to read the entire resume.

  • Summary. Unlike a research assistant resume objective, a summary is longer and lists your top skills, the number of years spent at the position, and key achievements;
  • Objective. Commonly, it contains 1-2 sentences about your career goal and the need for training.

Resume Summary [Examples]

Research assistant resume samples come in a wide variety, but job seekers should know what a good summary looks like to differentiate a good resume sample from the bad one.


A talented research assistant that has been on the job market for 2 years is searching for work.


A lab research assistant with 5+ years of experience in biology studies. Due to strong data collection and analysis skills helped LabsCure design protein-containing products for customers with lactose intolerance.

Resume Objective [Examples]

A research assistant resume objective is short and conveys a message straight to the point, just like the resume example below.


Economics research assistant looking for a job at a company whose activities are related to economics.


Economics research assistant looking for a part-time job at a fintech company in San Francisco. Need special training in fintech software to deliver top financial analysis—preference for job positions with flexible working hours.

Resume Examples [Experience] 

A sample research assistant resume includes a well-written Experience section. It becomes even more important if you choose a Chronological format. The latter focuses on your job experience, telling the reader you’re a pro. 

  • Length. Adding 2-3 workplaces is enough;
  • Structure. Put your data into Key Responsibilities and Key Achievements sections;
  • Content. In Key Responsibilities, tell the reader about your duties. In Key Achievements, tell the reader how the business you worked for benefitted from you being a part of their team;
  • Details. Don’t forget to mention the years you’ve worked for the company, the name of your job position, and the company's name in your research assistant sample.

Entry Level Research Assistant Resume [Experience] 

First and foremost - there is no such thing as a resume for a research assistant with no experience. Everyone has got something to boast about, whether it’s a college project that won awards or knowledge of the rarest tech automation tools used for research assistance activities. 

Yeap, there is no reason to leave this section empty. Instead of doing that, mention the following things here:

  • Job responsibilities at other positions related to research;
  • College projects;
  • Research volunteering, etc.

Entry Level Research Assistant  [Sample] 

Most research assistant resume examples will contain a well-written entry-level experience section, but some won’t - just as in the resume example below. 


I don’t have experience, but if I get acceptance at your company, I’ll show I’m worth the job position.


Microbiomes in the Mediterranean Aqualife

Arizona University

College Project

2016 - 2017

  • Conducted research on microbiomes using lab equipment;
  • Showcased effective data collection and analysis techniques;
  • Published the article in a scientific journal and won a (name) award for the research.

Composing an Education Section for Research Assistant 

An Education section on your research assistant resume is a collection of courses, internships, degrees, seminars, and workshops you’ve acquired as a part of your education and career journey. 

During the creation of this section, follow the requirements:

  • Mention your college degree, the years of studying, and the name of the university; 
  • Sometimes, you might want to present your research assistant education in more detail. In this case, list the courses you’ve taken at university; 
  • Internships matter. List them, primarily if you’ve worked for a famous company in your field. 

Research Assistant Resume Examples [Education]

Most well-composed research assistant resume samples will contain a well-structured Education section that follows all research assistant requirements and showcases you as a candidate with vast knowledge gained due to proper education. 


I studied at Arizona University for 4 years to ensure stable growth in my career. Later, I completed an internship at (name) company.


University of Arizona


  • Bachelor in Engineering with a minor in Computer Sciences.


  • Completed a one-year internship program at Tesla in 2022.

Skills on a Resume for a Research Assistant 

We advise you to rummage through as many research assistant resume samples as possible. Pay special attention to how research assistant resume skills are presented. Most of them will be the same regardless of the career field you choose to assist in (engineering, economics, lab research, etc.). All in all, the core research assistance skills are the same, differing only in the tech knowledge required for the specific field. 

  • Structure. Divide your Skills section into Hard and Soft skills. Your hard skills are the ones related to the job directly, while your soft skills are more about your personality;
  • Be specific. When composing your Skills section, ask yourself, ‘How to be a good research assistant?’ If you need attention to detail and tech knowledge, put these skills into the section.

Research Assistant  Resume Examples [Skills] 

Look for research assistant resume samples that have structured Skills sections. Depending on occupations, your Hard Skills section might slightly differ. 


Tech knowledge, attention to detail, strong collaboration skills, good knowledge of data analysis techniques, etc.

Here is a professional research assistant resume example that follows the rules like structure and cohesiveness.


Hard Skills

  • Strong tech knowledge;
  • Superb analytical skills;
  • Robust data analysis and management techniques;
  • Critical thinking.

Soft Skills

  • Strong communication skills with individuals (project managers, other research assistants);
  • Teamwork;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Time management;
  • Constant learning.

How to Let Your Skills Shine 

Do you want to stand out among other candidates? The good news is that you can do it by using Other Sections. These are effective research assistant resume sections that can emphasize your interests and personality, persuading the hiring manager to give you that cherished job interview and later recruit you. 

These resume sections commonly include secondary details that are job-related but don’t go to other sections (pun intended) in your resume for research assistant. 

  • Other Projects;
  • Volunteering;
  • Hobbies;
  • Languages, etc.

Research Assistant Resume Examples [Other Sections]  

A professional research assistant  resume might disregard Other Sections. You can do it, obviously, but only if you scan sections like Experience and Skills and become hundred percent sure that they can win you a job. Otherwise, do some work in Other Sections to increase your chances for your resume for research assistant jobs to get an interview.


Other Sections


  • Playing the guitar;
  • Watching movies;
  • Cooking.


Other Sections


  • Spanish;
  • French;
  • English.

Other Projects

  • Writing for the local magazine (name) about technology;
  • Reviewing new engineering products for my blog (add a link).

Research Assistant Resume Keywords  

Why do keywords matter to an applicant? Well, because resumes for research assistant go through applicant tracking systems or ATS bots designed to determine which candidates have skills. Yes, this all is done based purely on the number of professional words your Research Assistant Resume has.

  • Action verbs. To persuade the recruiter to hire you, use verbs like ‘research,’ ‘analyze,’ ‘explore,’ ‘conclude,’ ‘conduct’; 
  • Nouns. ‘Research,’ ‘technique,’ ‘strategy,’ ‘tool,’ ‘analytics,’ etc. Also, add nouns that are related to the field you’re applying for and the career you want to pursue, like ‘fintech,’ ‘engineering,’ ‘biology,’ etc.;
  • Name of the tools. List the tools and programs you’re using for the job.

Read more resumes for research assistants and write down the words used most often. Commonly, those would be professional words to use.

Adding keywords doesn’t fall into the easiest tasks. However, with proper analysis and experience, you’ll do it. 

Final Thoughts 

Congrats! Now you know how to write a research assistant resume and have the secrets of ensuring any recruiter considers reading your resume. Let’s go through the main points again:

  • Choose a proper Summary or research assistant resume Objective;
  • Choose a format that puts your career in the best light (Functional or Chronological);
  • Proceed with the Experience or Skills section depending on the format you chose;
  • Add Education and Other Sections. 

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