How to write an Objective for Resume to be Noticed + Resume Objective Examples

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To land a job, whatever it is, you need to craft a winning resume first.

But what can be so hard about writing a resume? All you need is to put together your work experience, skills, and contact details and you are all set and ready to apply for a job. 

That’s what most think.

But, here is a thing, most recruiters only quickly scan applications and read fully only those resumes that got them interested. Thus, before you can impress recruiters or potential employers with your key skills, experiences, and accomplishments you need to grab their attention first. If you don’t use a hook to drive the recruiter’s attention, you risk remaining unnoticed.

Generally, there are two ways to start a resume and attract attention. If you’ve got plenty of experience, a resume summary will do the job best. But, if you are a recent grad or an entry-level specialist, a resume objective will be your best bet. Which means, you came to the right place!

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What an objective is, what to include in it, and what it is meant for
  • Where and how to use it on a resume
  • How to write a resume objective
  • Plus a bonus – 20+ great sample resume objectives for different jobs

Career Objective Examples

Before we move on to a more explicit overview of a resume objective, its purpose, and steps for writing, let us give you a general idea of how to state your career objective on resume.

Here are some well-written samples of a career objective statement:

  1. Looking to fill the position of receptionist at Novant Health to leverage proven communication and customer service skills for excellent performance at the front desk.
  2. Result-oriented sales manager seeking to join the Capital One team to drive more sales and increase revenue.
  3. Dedicated marketing specialist aiming to leverage proven SEO and content marketing skills at Intuit to help increase brand awareness and make the company’s website rank higher in search engines.
  4. Recent college graduate with a BA in Communications, eager to expand my skills set and grow professionally at ABC Corp.
  5. Hoping to leverage in-depth cloud management knowledge and strong tech skills as a junior IT specialist at Apple.
  6. Project manager with 2 years of experience, seeking to leverage proven organizational, planning, and management skills at Amazon to streamline project lifecycles and ensure timely delivery.
  7. Customer-centered and enthusiastic waiter hoping to leverage skills to boost customer satisfaction level at The Palm Atlantic City.

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What Is a Resume Objective and What Is It Used For?

If you need a killer resume that can help you land an interview but don’t have relevant experience, a resume objective will make the right impression on recruiting firms and put your strong points forward.

We’ll tell you how to write an objective. But, first, let’s focus on the basics.

What Is an Objective for a Resume?

So, what is an objective for a resume, you may ask? Unlike such basic elements of a resume as the contact info, education, experience, or skills section, a resume objective is an optional part. It is a sort of an introduction to a resume that serves the only purpose - to engage recruiters and make them want to read your resume to the end.

In a nutshell, a resume objective statement is a very compressed statement of your goals. Ideally, it should be limited to 2-3 sentences. Apart from stating your career goals, a resume objective should also outline your biggest strengths that make you stand out among other job seekers.

Unlike another type of resume introduction - a resume summary, an objective can be used when an applicant has little to no relevant experience. It deemphasizes the lack of professional experience and drives focus to your skills and accomplishments.

What to Put in the Objective for a Resume?

In order to make your resume memorable and get more interviews, you should write a resume objective that includes the following elements:

  1. One of your strongest traits (e.g. detail-oriented, creative, self-motivated, etc.)
  2. Job title
  3. 2-3 of your strongest skills
  4. Your career goal and position you are seeking to occupy
  5. A short explanation of what you can do for the potential employer

All these elements shape a solid resume objective.

Not sure how to put them together? Then keep on reading and find dozens of great resume objective examples written by pros with many years of experience in the resume writing business!

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How to Write a Strong Resume Objective

If you are wondering how to include strong objectives on a resume, here are some of the most effective tips that will help you make your resume shine:

  1. Be specific

To be considered for the position of your interest, you must be as specific as possible. Thus, you should be very specific when stating your goals, experiences, and skills, as well as when specifying the job you are applying for. The more specific, the higher are the chances for success.

  1. Match the Job

The main key to writing a brilliant resume objective is to tailor it to each particular job you are applying for. With this in mind, we strongly recommend you do not use a single resume objective in all your applications. Make them more personalized and you will get noticed!

Pro Tip: Also, be sure to highlight your interest in a particular job and company. Even if you dream about changing your career soon, do not mention this. Instead, emphasize how you want to grow and advance within the company to which you apply.
  1. Add Relevant Keywords

Keywords can help you get noticed because many recruiters use resume scanning software to weed out applicants who don’t match their needs. A resume objective is just one more place where you can use keywords, so don’t miss this opportunity.

  1. Tell How You Can Add Value

Finally, to make your resume objective truly flawless, you should tell potential employers how you can add value to their company. Many job seekers focus only on stating their own career goals. And this is a big mistake!

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Great Resume Objective [When to Include]

So, we’ve already answered the question What is a good objective on a resume? and shared a step-by-step guide on how to create one. But, when exactly is it appropriate to start a resume with an objective?

As was mentioned earlier, objectives for resumes are used by job seekers with little or zero work experience in the industry.

Namely, this applies to the following cases:

  • When you are a young specialist entering the labor market for the first time.
  • When you decide to switch career vectors.
  • When you are returning to the workforce, changing industries, or need to explain an unclear career path.

As you can see based on these cases, an objective for resume can suit inexperienced specialists and career changers. Also, it can be used by current students who haven’t finished their degrees.

But, what if you have relevant experience? If that’s the case, a resume summary will offer you more benefits. Unlike a resume objective, a summary focuses on the goals and needs of potential employers (not yours) and gives you plenty of space to add value to your job application by showcasing your broad experience, highlighting key skills, and listing your biggest professional accomplishments.

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General Resume Objective Examples

Below, you will find general resume objective tips for five types of job seekers with different needs.

Objective in resume with no experience:

  1. Start by stating your strong traits
  2. Emphasize your skills
  3. Specify the position title and the company you are applying for
  4. Add any additional skills, experiences, and accomplishments that will add value to your resume

Career objective resume for college graduates:

  1. Start with a strong trait
  2. Mention your degree and specialization, and explain how it will help you perform well at the workplace
  3. Mention any academic or extracurricular achievements that can add value
  4. Specify the position title and the company you are applying for
  5. Explain what you can do for the company

Objective on a resume for college students:

  1. Emphasize your education
  2. State 3-4 most relevant skills
  3. Specify the name of the company you want to work for
  4. Add extras to stand out

Objective statement for resume for high school students:

  1. Open your objective with a strong trait
  2. Specify what job you are applying for
  3. List anything that can highlight your skills and add value for the company (e.g. high GPA, team sports, participation in student government, etc.)

Objective statement on resumes of career changers:

  1. Start with your strong trait
  2. Specify your past or current job title
  3. Tell about past experiences and key skills
  4. Specify the position title and company
  5. Explain how your skills can help you perform well at the new job

Examples of a Career Objective for a Resume

Let’s break down a sample career objective for a resume to help you grasp the idea better:

Diligent and result-oriented (2 strong traits to drive attention) college graduate with a BA degree in Sales (instead of the job title, you can mention that you are a graduate or a current student) and solid problem-solving and business communication skills (2 key skills). Seeking to expand my skills set and knowledge (your goals) as a Sales Associate at Amazon (the position you want to get and company name) to help drive more sales (how you want to help). Worked at Goodwill as a cashier and received glowing recommendations for great customer service (accomplishment).

Resume Objective Sample

Here is one more example of a good objective for resume:

Skilled and creative (traits) digital illustrator (job title) with excellent proficiency in Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDraw (skills). Seeking to leverage my creativity and proven skills (goal) at a digital illustrator position at KiwiCo (position and company) to create fascinating projects according to the company’s needs and wishes (how you can help). Have successfully completed 100+ illustrations as a freelance worker and received 100% positive feedback from customers (achievements).

Want to see more resume objectives? In the next section of this guide, you can find catchy objective resume examples for different job titles.

Resume Objective Examples [by Job Title]

To create a good resume objective example, follow these rules:

  1. Read a job description first
  2. Highlight your best traits
  3. State your job title
  4. Include years of experience in relevant positions (if any) or emphasize volunteering experience, education, or non-professional achievements
  5. Use relevant keywords
  6. State your career goals

Now, let’s look at specific examples!

Account manager resume objective

Result-oriented account manager with 1.5 years of experience in a customer representative role. Aiming to leverage proven customer service and sales skills to boost customer satisfaction at [company name]. At the previous workplace, increased customer retention by 25%.

Administrative assistant resume objective examples

Find two great administrative assistant resume objective examples below:

BA in English with strong communication and email management skills, hoping to leverage experience at [company name] to support internal and external communication.
Enthusiastic administrative assistant with proven research, travel planning, and organizational skills and BA in Communications. Seeking to expand my skill set with [company name].

Bank teller resume objective

Proactive student currently in the last year of BA program with a major in Finance seeking to land a bank teller job at [company name]. Passed a Bank Teller Certification Exam with the highest (100% score) and possess 2 years of experience at a retail store.

Banking resume objective

Here is a good banking resume objective example:

Detail-oriented recent college graduate with a BA in Finance and a 3.9 GPA. Possess strong mathematics, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Looking to fill the entry-level banking position at [company name].

Bartender resume objective examples

Here is a bartender resume objective example:

Friendly bartender with 1 year of experience and solid knowledge of mixology aiming to secure a job at [company name].
Outgoing and enthusiastic individual with strong interpersonal skills and an alcoholic beverage server certificate seeking to work as a bartender at [company name].

Business development manager resume objective

Success-driven BA program graduate with a specialization in Business Development. Looking to get an entry-level position in the business development field at [company name] to leverage an extensive understanding of business processes and strong problem-solving skills to boost company sales.

Call center resume objective

Proactive and friendly college graduate looking to help [company name] deliver customer satisfaction through leveraging proven customer service, conflict resolution, and communication skills. At the previous workplace, as a waiter, provided in-person customer service and maintained a 95% customer satisfaction rate.

Caregiver resume objective

Here is a good caregiver resume objective example:

Certified caregiver with 100% clean driving record and solid skills in cooking, supplementing therapy, homemaking, and transportation looking to provide top-level care at [company name]. Provided care for two in-home disabled patients and received excellent recommendations for outstanding patience and problem-solving skills.

Cashier resume objective

Here is a good cashier resume objective example:

Personable and friendly recent grad with 1.5 years of experience as a waitstaff assistant and bus person at a local restaurant looking to land a retail cashier job at [company name]. Was recognized as the employee of the month 7 times for excellent skills and attention to detail.

Child care resume objective

Compassionate and attentive to detail preschool teacher with 1+ years of experience in supervising children, creating a positive environment, and organizing engaging activities. Looking to apply my love for children and strong caregiving skills as a child caregiver at [company name].

Clerical resume objective

Hardworking and diligent college graduate looking to start a clerical career at [company name] to expand my skill set and grow within the company. Possess excellent filing, data entry, and planning skills. Proficient in conflict resolution and VOIP phone systems.

Construction resume objective

Dependable entry-level construction worker aiming to deliver timely, high-quality work and advance my skills at [company name]. Gained relevant experience as a parking lot construction assistant and have been numerously commended by management for endurance, dedication, and strong work ethics.

Cook resume objective

Organized and experienced prep cook with an eye for detail and passion for cooking. Possess over 5 years of experience as a volunteer cook and cook assistant at the school canteen. Aiming to leverage excellent cutting and cooking skills at [company name].

Cosmetologist resume objective

Passionate and dedicated young cosmetologist with a specialization in skin care and facial treatments and Florida State Cosmetology License. Aiming to leverage a good understanding of skin care basics and solid customer service and upselling skills at [company name] to ensure customer satisfaction and enhance revenue.

Criminal justice resume objective

Hardworking law school graduate specialized in criminal justice with an overall GPA of 3.8 points. Seeking to fill the entry-level position at [company name] to advance my career and leverage strong interpersonal, teamwork, and investigative skills to help with cases.

Customer service manager resume objective

Organized and accountable college graduate with 3+ years of experience as a public relations officer in the student council. Hoping to help [company name] ensure the optimal functioning of the customer service team and consistent compliance with customer service standards.

Customer service resume objective

Bilingual student currently acquiring a BA in Spanish. Possess a 3.9 GPA and strong communication, customer service, and conflict-resolution skills. Eager to leverage excellent English and Spanish language proficiency at [company name] to ensure high-level customer service and boost satisfaction.
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Data entry resume objective

Committed and quality-driven data entry specialist with 2 years of experience and 15,000 KPH 10-key typing speed looking to streamline data entry for [company name]. Highly proficient in Google Sheets and MS Excel. Completed 100+ freelance projects and received a total 5.0-star rating.

Dental assistant resume objective

Self-motivated dental assistant with an associate degree in Dental Assisting. Acquired 3+ years of experience at three different dental practices as a volunteer assistant. Received glowing recommendations for maintaining 99% positive customer satisfaction scores. Aiming to advance my career at [company name].

Electrical engineer resume objective

Skilled recent graduate with a BA degree in Electrical Engineering. Acquired the EIT certification. Possess proficiency in troubleshooting activities and knowledge of Revit, AutoCAD, and Microstation. Looking to leverage technical knowledge and skills to help [company name] with upcoming projects.

Electrician resume objective

Here is one more electrical engineer resume objective:

Technical-minded and detail-oriented graduate with BA in Electrical Engineering. Possess a thorough understanding of electrical equipment and strong tech skills. Seeking to leverage my skills and knowledge as an electrician at [company name].

Elementary teacher resume objective

Skilled individual with 3+ years of experience in the child care sector. Worked with toddlers and children of preschool age and ensured 100% parents satisfaction. Looking to advance my career in the role of elementary teacher at [school name].

Executive assistant resume objective

Skilled college graduate with a high EQ level and strong organizational, time management, and problem-solving skills. Held an online job as an executive assistant for 3+ years and received excellent recommendations from the previous employer. Looking to land an executive assistant position at [company name].

Finance resume objective

Here is one more finance resume objective:

Hardworking BA in Finance & Accounting with 3.8 GPA seeking to land a job in the finance sector with [company name] to expand my skills and knowledge. Possess solid critical thinking, math, problem-solving, and analytical skills. Proficient in financial modeling.

Flight attendant resume objective

Safety-oriented and accountable flight attendant with 2 years of experience as a member of cabin crew for domestic flights. Aiming to secure a position of flight attendant at [company name] to leverage proven skills and experience for ensuring passenger satisfaction.

Flight attendant resume objective no experience

Responsible and friendly individual with 5+ years of experience in a guest relations manager role at a large restaurant chain. Maintained customer loyalty and increased customer satisfaction rate by 34%. Aiming to make a career shift and become a flight attendant at [company name].

Food service resume objective

Outgoing and accountable college student majoring in Food Science with 3+ years of experience in serving at a school and college canteens. Possess strong communication, serving, and organizational skills. Looking to expand my skills and advance my career at [company name].

General labor resume objective

Hardworking and self-motivated laborer with 3+ years of experience in the general labor sector. Skilled, physically fit, with proven expertise in manufacturing and production. Aiming to secure a position at [company name] that gives room for professional and personal advancement.

Graduate school resume objective

Organized and self-motivated graduate with a BA in Psychology and 2+ years of experience. Seeking admission into [school name] MA program with a specialization in Counseling Psychology to bridge the gap as a student before applying obtained knowledge in the workplace.

Graphic designer resume objective

Skilled and enthusiastic graphic designer with excellent proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDraw looking to excel professionally with [company name]. Completed 200+ graphic design projects and maintained a consistently high 5-star rating. Received numerous commendations for creativity, collaboration, and ability to take criticism.

Housekeeping resume objective

Diligent and hard-working individual looking to fill the housekeeping position at [company name] to leverage 10+ years of experience as a homemaker and solid cleaning and organizational skills to help create a welcoming environment and maintain an orderly and well-groomed home.

HR resume objective

Detail-oriented college graduate with BA in Human Resource Management with 2 years of experience in hiring and training new members of a student board. Reduced recruitment time by 15% and increased retention by 45%. Looking to occupy an entry-level hiring manager position at [company name].

Information technology resume objective

Quality-driven information technology specialist with 2+ years of experience as an independent, remote service provider. Proficient in cloud management. Acquired the highest in-class grades (100%) in cloud computing. Looking to expand my skills and advance my career as an IT specialist at [company name].

Law enforcement resume objective

Committed police academy graduate with excellent physical and academic performance. Mentally tough and proficient in public interactions and weapons training. Seeking a career as a law enforcement officer. Received numerous commendations from academy professors for exceptional leadership, self-defense, and conflict-solving skills.

Leadership resume objective

Self-motivated graduate with 3+ years of experience in a student council president role seeking to fill a team leader position at [company name]. Supervised the work of 20 student body officers, spearheaded the process of recruit, and cut the operational cost by 30%.

LPN resume objective

Qualified and result-oriented LPN with a BA degree in Nursing and proven patient care skills. Acquired a GPA of 2.9 points and 70+ class hours on courses. Seeking to join [company name] to enhance skills and deliver top-level patient care.

Maintenance resume objective

Hard-working general maintenance specialist with a BA degree and 2 years of experience as a volunteer and part-time worker. Proficient in repairs, general upkeep, and problem-solving. Looking to leverage strong skills and experience at [company name] to provide high-level maintenance service.

Manager resume objective

Result-oriented graduate specialized in Sales Management looking to land an assistant manager job at [company name]. Possess strong leadership and organizational skills. Acquired relevant managerial experience as a volunteer recruiter at the local nonprofit organization and enhanced recruitment by 25%.

Medical resume objective

CCMA-certified graduate with 3+ years of volunteering experience in the medical field. Proficient in delivering excellent patient care and ensuring a positive environment for patients. Numerously received commendations from patients. Looking for an entry-level medical assistant job at [company name].

Military resume objective

Committed and diligent individual with a genuine desire to serve the country seeking to join the armed forces. Loyal, honest, and dedicated. Possess extraordinary critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. Have strong leadership qualities and ability to work under pressure.

Network engineer resume objective

Graduate with an MA degree and strong IT, communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills looking to land an entry-level network engineer position at [company name]. During a summer internship, I expanded my knowledge of NX-OS and gained hands-on experience in configuring switches.

New graduate resume objective

Fresh college graduate with a BA degree in Computer Science and specialization in data science. Possess 80+ hours of industry-related classroom hours and a total of 3.9 GPA. Looking to work at [company name] to leverage the obtained knowledge.

Office manager resume objective

Hard-working and committed office manager looking to work at [company name] to help improve KPIs. Possess 2+ years of experience as a wait staff supervisor, during which trained and supervised 25+ employees, and helped the company save 20% on supplies.

Paralegal resume objective

Certified paralegal specialized in family law. Was invited to a paralegal internship at a local law firm where I gained valuable legal research and customer service skills, and experience in assisting foreclosure trials. Looking to leverage obtained skills at [company name].

Pharmacy technician resume objective

Ambitious graduate specialized in Pharmacy Technology. Scored high on the ExCPT exam and participated in Penn Foster's Certified Pharmacy Tech Training. Possess 3+ years of relevant volunteering experience. Looking to gain further experience as a pharmacy tech at  [company name].

Phlebotomist resume objective

Phlebotomist with proven interpersonal and customer service skills. Have completed a total of over 100 blood draws as a volunteer. Seeking to deliver excellent patient care at [company name] to expand my skills and grow within a successful healthcare company.

Preschool teacher resume objective

Multilingual graduate of the BA program in Teaching and Education seeking a preschool teacher position at [school name]. Eager to leverage language skills, passion for working with children, and proven student-teaching and childcare experience to help students prepare for kindergarten.

Professor resume objective

Result-oriented high-school teacher with a PGCE qualification and 3+ years of experience. Received regular commendations from parents and students. Increased students’ performance by 35% in 16 months. Looking for a career change to the professor role at [school name].

Project manager resume objective

Recent college graduate with a BA degree in Marketing. As a student, I lead multiple college projects. Possess proven leadership, planning, communication, and organizational skills. Hoping to join [company name] to contribute to the company’s projects and grow as a professional.

Receptionist resume objective

Committed and result-oriented college graduate eager to work as a receptionist at [company name] to expand my skill set and ensure excellent performance at the company’s front line. Outgoing and capable of following instructions. Possess strong technical, organizational, and problem-solving skills.

Restaurant resume objective

Energetic waiter with 2+ of experience in positions at festival food service, catering, and fast-food restaurants. Physically strong and enduring. Possess excellent customer service and communication skills. Received regular commendation for excellent work ethic. Looking to work at [restaurant name].

Sales manager resume objective

Enthusiastic college graduate with MA in Business Management and specialization in marketing management and sales. Was recognized with the top sales award in the course of the internship. Looking to pursue a career as a sales manager at [company name].

Secretary resume objective

Organized and reliable graduate with BA in Communications. Obtained hands-on experience in project management over the course of my degree. Possess solid communication, computer operations, and administrative skills. Looking to get employed as an entry-level secretary at [company name].

Security guard resume objective

Accountable security guard with 1,5 years of experience, physical strength, and problem-solving skills. Able to follow instructions and remain calm under pressure. Seeking to work at [company name] to take care of security and ensure  consistent compliance with safety regulations.

Software engineer resume objective

College graduate with BA in Software Engineering and proven skills in Agile methodology looking to work as a software engineer at [company name] to ensure timely completion of projects. Possess hands-on experience in working on multiple open-source and personal projects.

Substitute teacher resume objective

Self-motivated graduate with a degree in Teaching and Education and 2 years of experience as a kindergarten teacher. Looking to work as a substitute teacher at [school name] to boost students’ knowledge and create a positive and productive learning environment.

Supervisor resume objective

Result-oriented supervisor with 2+ years of experience in monitoring the work and performance of teams in an organization. Seeking to leverage vast expertise and proven skills as a supervisor at [company name] to boost productivity and help achieve company goals.

Teacher assistant resume objective

Patient and dedicated teaching assistant with 2 years of experience and love for children. Acquired an AA in Child Development and earned 6 credits of professional development coursework. Eager to leverage strong skills as a teacher assistant at [school name].

Teacher resume objective

Skilled, organized, and dedicated college graduate with MA in English Literature and a passion for teaching. Earned 199 score points on the Praxis test. Looking to leverage proven ability to establish a connection with students to teach at [school name].

Truck driver resume objective

CDL-A truck driver with an eye for detail and a 100% clean driving record. Seeking to leverage proven vehicle maintenance skills, excellent endurance, and perseverance at a truck driver position at [company name] to ensure safety and timeliness of deliveries.

Warehouse resume objective

Diligent college graduate looking to land a position of warehouse associate at [company name] to leverage physical stamina, strength, problem-solving, and organizational skills to help streamline daily operations. Possess strong sorting and packing skills, and an ability to learn quickly.

Welder resume objective

Hardworking and self-motivated welder with BA in Welding Technology seeking to occupy a position at [company name] to obtain further hands-on experience and knowledge. Proficient in GMAW, FCAW, and SMAW welding. Completed multiple projects at college with speed and accuracy.

Key Takeaway

We hope that this article and tips provided here will come in handy to all of you who are looking to take your job search to the next level.

Now, let’s take a moment to recap what you’ve learned:

  • An objective statement resume is a short statement (2-3 sentences long) that drives recruiters’ attention and introduces you.
  • It should be used if you are entering the workforce, changing your career, or have little or no experience due to another reason.
  • A good objective for a resume should include the following elements:
  • Your strongest trait(s)
  • Current job title or information about your education
  • 2-3 skills that match the job description
  • Statement of goals
  • Position and company name
  • An offer (statement of what you could do to help the organization if they employ you)

Do you have questions on how to write an objective for resume? What do you think of well-written resume objective examples?

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