The Best Preschool Teacher Resume Sample

Being a preschool teacher is much more than being an educator. You are helping children take the first steps towards developing their personalities. Your days are filled with love, laughter, and tons of curious questions. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average preschool teacher’s salary at $30,210 per year and $14.52 per hour.

However, this job also comes with a huge responsibility. Academic hiring managers and schools are becoming increasingly careful about whom they assign this task to. Thus, your sample resume for preschool teacher should stand out from those of other applicants. 

What you need is a compelling preschool teacher resume sample that will convince the recruiting team to select you.

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Choosing the Best Format for a Preschool Teacher Resume

If you thought that your qualifications alone would get you the job, you might be a bit wrong there. In the academic field, the competition is getting fiercer every year. 

On average, a recruiting manager spends around six seconds going through a resume sample for preschool teacher. This means that your application has to be clear and concise, communicating you as a perfect candidate even at first glance. 

You have to keep your application readable and easily perceived by the recruiter by choosing the right font, font size, and leaving just the right amount of white space. 

Remember, if the recruiter has to squint, your resume will almost certainly not get a second look. Therefore, your preschool teacher resume format has to have the right balance between white spaces and the content inside. 

Furthermore, it would be best to find out which format is most preferred by the hiring manager. If not specified, a PDF will be your best option. This will ensure that the page layout you have set will remain the same throughout the file. 

However, some ATS bots might read only DOC files. So, you will also have to send a Word file to make sure that your resume is noticed. 

How to Select the Right Preschool Teacher Resume Templates?

As we have mentioned earlier, your resume has six seconds to make or break your chances when reviewed by the hiring manager. Therefore, your chosen resume template for your preschool teacher position must align with the recruiter's expectations. 

Your best bet is to opt for a simple yet smart-looking preschool teacher resume. You do not want to overboard it with graphics. Remember - your audience is not kids here. Instead, make sure that you choose neutral colors. 

There should also be sufficient room to include your qualifications and skills. Ideally, you want to limit your resume to a maximum of two pages. 

How to Start: Preschool Resume Objective or Resume Summary

As any other formal text, a preschool resume should have a proper introduction. In this case, you can either start with an objective or a summary. 

At first glance, these elements might sound the same. However, a preschool teacher resume objective is about clearly stating what you hope to achieve by applying for this position. You are more likely to use this if you are seeking career advancement. 

That said, if you think you have an encouraging experience that will make you a great fit for the role, it is best to use a summary of your working years. This way, you will show hiring managers what you are bringing to the table as a valuable candidate. 

Examples of Preschool Teacher Resume Summaries

For better understanding, read our preschool teacher resume samples for summaries. 

❌ Wrong: 

"Hard-working preschool teacher with two years of experience. Responsible for handling teaching tasks at ABC preschool, including curriculum creation and maintaining student interaction."

Although this one gets the message across, the delivery of this summary lacks persuasiveness. 

✅ Right:

"Preschool teacher skilled at remaining calm under pressure while keeping the classroom setting playful and comfortable. Positive and cheerful with kids. A dedicated worker aiming to identify and address any behavioral or educational issues among students."

Now, this almost makes you sound like a superhero for kids, right? 

Examples of Preschool Teacher Resume Objectives 

You might not be so well-equipped with experience as a preschool teacher yet. That is where the preschool teacher resume objective will come in handy. 

❌ Wrong:

"Patient preschool teacher skilled in communication and problem-solving. Equipped to create lesson plans and physically fit to maintain order in the classroom."

Unfortunately, this one makes you look like a strict gym teacher rather than a friendly personality for preschool kids. 

✅ Right:

"Passionate preschool teacher with volunteer daycare experience. Friendly with kids, encouraging them to explore their creativity and bring out uniqueness. A warm personality and strong work ethic allow becoming the best friend for students."

Importance of a Job Description for a Preschool Teacher Resume

As you know, typically, every experience you list in the application should also be followed by a preschool teacher job description. After all, how else is the recruiter going to know what tasks you were responsible for and how well you handled them? 

If you are confused about what to write here, look for the hints in the job posting itself. A typical preschool teacher job description is likely to include the following responsibilities:

  • constructing weekly lesson plans based on the school curriculum;
  • organizing creative activities for students;
  • encouraging social interaction and engagement in the classroom; 
  • playing educational games with students;
  • communicating effectively with parents and guardians; 
  • creating a positive classroom atmosphere that is pleasant and conducive to learning;
  • ensuring the safety and well-being of students.

The requirements for your specific role will vary depending on the school you are applying for as well. Yet, your best chance of landing an interview lies in making sure that your preschool teacher resume indicates that you can handle the tasks you are assigned to.

Preschool Teacher Resume Examples for Experienced Candidates

If you have a long list of work experiences, it is not enough to merely list them as decorative pieces on your resume. Instead, you should make sure that your resume for a preschool teacher sample points out the skills you gained in each role that will get you the position you are looking for. 

Consider the following examples. 

❌ Wrong:

Preschool Teacher, 

ABC School, 

March 2017- November 2019

  • Headed the preschool department. 
  • Enhanced language skills program. 
  • Helped with meal prep. 

✅ Right:

Preschool Teacher, 

ABC School, 

March 2017- November 2019

  • Managed three classrooms. 
  • Developed a new enhanced language skills program and helped increase parent satisfaction scores by 20%. 

In this version of sample preschool teacher resume experience, you are quantifying your role, making it easier for the hiring manager to deduce the value of your contributions. 

What About a Preschool Teacher Resume With No Experience?

Do not have accolades to feature? Don't fret. We have some strategies designed to help you write a resume for preschool teacher with no experience. After applying these tips, you will not look like an inexperienced professional. 

It is a common case when you have the right experience for this job, but you do not know how to demonstrate it. Often, you should use a comprehensive approach to describing yourself as an appealing candidate.

If you are feeling stuck with an entry-level resume, read on to find out what you can do. 

Beginner Preschool Teacher Samples for Candidates With Little to No Experience

❌ Wrong:

Preschool teaching experience: tutoring. 

Other experiences: working as a waiter and receptionist.

✅ Right:

Relevant Teaching Experience


  • Interacted with students of different ages and aided in their learning process. 
  • Created an organization system to digitize records of customers. 
  • Received commendations from the employer for punctuality and adaptability in handling various tasks. 

As you can see, the second of the introduced preschool teacher resume examples is talking about a professional who has learned from their experiences. Similarly, you must have picked up some skills from every single job you have ever performed. You only need to change the perspective a little bit. 

How to Write About Your Education Effectively

In a majority of the resume formats, the experience section is prioritized. As such, your college degree might not be the most valuable asset you can offer to the prospective employer. 

On the other hand, if you are seeking an entry-level position, you have to keep an eye out for preschool teacher resume samples that will help you highlight your education instead. After all, that is the best skill you possess at the moment. 

Let us see what difference it makes if you focus on preschool teacher education in your resume. 

Preschool Teacher Resume Examples for Education Section


Generally, the education section would appear like this.

BA in Education, XYZ University

Year of Graduation: 2019

  • Completed with a 3.1 GPA 

This is good, given that you have a list of experiences that can further enhance the impression of your candidacy for the job. However, if you need a boost, look for the following structure when selecting preschool teacher resume samples. 

✅ Right:

BA in Education, XYZ University

Year of Graduation: 2019

  • Completed with a 3.1 GPA. 
  • Created a classroom management program as part of the coursework. 
  • Completed a thesis on the lesson plan creation for preschool children. 
  • Helped elementary school students through academic tutoring. 
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How to Write Skills on a Resume for a Preschool Teacher?

So, you are confident that you have all the right skills to handle the job. Unfortunately, unless you mention it specifically, the recruiter is not going to know that. 

There is a trick here, one that is particularly used in applicant tracking systems. For those who are unaware, these systems look for keywords describing skills in education and experience throughout your resume. 

If preschool teacher resume skills do not match the system’s requirements, your application might not even get to the first round. So, the first thing to do is to note down what skills are sought after by the employer. 

If you need help, we have extracted some of the most commonly indicated skills and keywords in preschool teacher resume samples: 

  • classroom management;
  • patience;
  • playfulness;
  • communication skills;
  • lesson plan;
  • creativity;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • adaptability;
  • physical fitness;
  • flexibility;
  • initiative;
  • child assessment;
  • interaction with parents.

A majority of these skills are soft and transferable from any job you have previously handled. 

When writing the skills, make sure you do not string together several keywords at random. Instead, use them organically in the resume. 

Preschool Teacher Resume Examples for Skills Section

Here we have two preschool teacher resume samples for you to handle this section successfully. 

❌ Wrong:

  • preschool teacher;
  • good attitude to children;
  • lesson planning;
  • classroom activities;
  • excellent communication skills.

Do not merely list the required skills. Rather, try to work them into the job description, like in the next professional preschool teacher resume examples. 

✅ Right:

  • Facilitated effective learning through classroom activities and circle time. 
  • Helped with meal preparation and maintenance of hygiene. 
  • Developed a classroom strategy using reflective practice, boosting assessment scores by 20%. 

Five Tips to Make Your Preschool Teacher Resume Stand Out 

  • Compose a bold summary/objective at the beginning of your preschool teacher resume. 
  • Define the preschool teacher resume sections, distinguishing between experience, education, and skills. 
  • Add other sections, such as certifications, awards, honors, relevant hobbies, or interests, to make your application unique. 
  • Include a preschool teacher cover letter along with your resume. Consider this as an opportunity to explain any gaps or changing directions in your career. 
  • Edit and proofread your resume before submission. If possible, ask a friend, colleague, or career advice expert to look at it. 

Preschool Teacher Resume Examples of Additional Sections 

As an individual, you are sure to have other skills and interests that make you unique. In a professional teacher resume, these could be valuable characteristics. If you are thinking about how you can present them effectively, take a look.

❌ Wrong:

Hobbies and Interests:

  • reading books;
  • listening to music.

✅ Right:

Additional Skills

  • Incorporating music into the learning environment to nurture creativity in students. 
  • Reading stories out loud to contribute to the development of imagination. 

You have never thought your boring skills would be so well-suited for your resume for preschool teacher jobs, right?


By now, all you have to do is to pick the right preschool teacher resume format that ticks off all the points we have mentioned. 

Now, you know how to write a preschool teacher resume that will certainly impress the recruiter, as well as the prospective employer but you can always ask for help professional resume writers on Skillhub. Most importantly, do not miss any aspect of your education or experience - they might indeed be more valuable than you think. 

Start by listing all the elements in a document and see how you can work them into your resume as attractive attributes. 

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