Substitute Teacher Resume Sample

Think about it. You have received the training, developed the necessary skills, and are highly motivated to do the job. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average substitute teacher’s salary at $30,100 per year and $14,47 per hour.

So, what is stopping you from getting that job you want? 

The reason might be that the current substitute teacher resume and cv samples you use might not be projecting you as an ideal candidate. 

Don’t worry! This guide will show you everything you need. Our executive resume writing service will tell you how you can pick the best resume writing format, how to showcase your skills, how to highlight your achievements, and how to describe your experience on the resume.

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How to Select the Best Format for a Substitute Teacher Resume?

Your resume for a substitute teacher is an opportunity to get a permanent position as well. Therefore, you have to look at it from different angles. 

A poorly formatted application will give you no chance to even impress the hiring committee with your accomplishments. At a glance, they will decide that you are not the person they are looking for. 

On the contrary, the right substitute teacher resume format is like a key to you landing the interview like those on LinkedIn. It should be eye-pleasing and encourage the reader to pursue further. 

In other terms, it should be clear, legible, and readable. 

Once you have selected a format that works for you, here is how you can outline the content.

  • Add a resume summary or an objective at the top of your resume. 
  • List your experience in the reverse-chronological order. 
  • Make sure that you highlight your teaching skills and the responsibilities that you have handled in the previous roles. 
  • Tie this together in your cover letter along with your resume. 

As you can see, this resume sample substitute teacher covers all the basic information and makes sure that you are presented in a well-organized manner. 

Why Should You Choose the Right Substitute Teacher Resume Template?

It is no surprise that almost everyone scours the Internet today for inspiration. The good thing is you can find the most suitable resume template for substitute teacher today. However, the trick is to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

As you know, your substitute teacher resume should exude professionalism in every section. Therefore, make sure that it is clear and has a format that prioritizes your work experience, education, and skills in the respective order. 

If you do not have sufficient experience, we will tell you how you can tackle this in the later sections. 

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Substitute Teacher Resume Objective or Resume Summary

The first thing that a hiring manager reads in your substitute teacher resume is your introduction. Typically, these are devised as an objective or a summary of your accomplishments. 

If you have worked as a substitute teacher in other places or have an established education, you could use a summary that will highlight your accomplishments. 

However, if you are new to the market with limited exposure to the teaching field, it will be best to stick to a resume objective. In plain words, this gives the recruiter an idea of what you intend to do with your career. 

Examples of Substitute Teacher Resume Summary 

Take a look at these substitute teacher resume samples:

❌ Wrong: 

"Substitute teacher for K12. Teaches different subjects including maths, English, science, and history."

✅ Right: 

"Substitute teacher experienced and licensed to manage classes for K-12. Seeking a position at the ABC High School. Proven skills in student engagement, grading, and specialized learning techniques."

The second version, in almost every way, has a better ring to it. You are not only saying what you do but presenting it in a manner that is more appealing to the reader - in this case, the recruiter. 

Examples of Substitute Teacher Resume Objectives 

For substitute teachers who do not have too many prior jobs to mention, you can adjust the summary to be presented as a substitute teacher resume objective. 

❌ Wrong:

"Substitute teacher recently graduated. Looking for opportunities to work with K-6 students."

This objective truly displays what you hope to achieve. But no hiring manager wants to see that. They want to see your value on the paper. 

✅ Right:

"Passionate and licensed substitute teacher seeking to further educational distinction at ABC High School. Have excellent classroom management skills and experience working as a teacher's assistant."

How to Use a Substitute Teacher Job Description for a Resume?

The specific roles you will have as a substitute teacher will vary from one school to another - perhaps, even from one subject to another. Therefore, you must go through the job description thoroughly and know what is expected of you. 

Before you think to yourself that you can handle it once you get the role, that is not the only reason we stress on this. 

These days, it is common for recruiters to use an applicant tracking system to weed out candidates. As such, you need your substitute teacher resume to match the description to put you on top of the pile. 

Additionally, it is always best to know what you will be handling so you can prepare for the role accordingly. Here is how a typical substitute teacher job description looks like.

  • Assume responsibility for instructing classes during a teacher's absence. 
  • Assume responsibility for other tasks that the absent teacher is in charge of. 
  • Maintain confidentiality of students’ personal information. 
  • Implement lesson plans based on the current structure. 
  • Comply with and supports the rules and regulations set by the school. 

Understanding this section will help you write your own job descriptions of the previous teaching positions you have worked in. 

Substitute Teacher Resume Examples to Describe Your Experience

Are you hoping to transition from a substitute teacher to a full-time employee? If so, your work experience resume should point out that you are fully equipped to take on the responsibility. 

Hence, you cannot simply list the tasks. Look at this substitute teacher sample resume:

Substitute Teacher

ABC High School 



  • instructed K-12 on subjects including algebra, English, and physics; 
  • graded 100% of quizzes and assignments set by long-term teachers; 
  • worked with teachers to develop lesson plans. 

These give the recruiter an impression that you have been extremely valuable in your previous position. 

A Sample Resume For Substitute Teacher With No Experience

So, what about those applicants who are only starting their teaching careers? There are many ways you can convert a resume for substitute teacher with no experience into a resume for a candidate with excellent skills. 

The chances are, during your academic years, you have contributed in some way in a teacher's capacity. You just have to shed light on these experiences. When paired with a willingness to learn and a strong educational qualification, there is no reason why your resume won't get serious consideration. 

Sample Resume For Entry Level Substitute Teacher With No Experience

If you are not confident about your experience, you might have to get a bit creative with how you present your previous jobs. 

Consider the following substitute teacher resume examples.

❌ Wrong:

  • Worked as an office assistant. 
  • Tutored students in high school. 

✅ Right: 

  • Gained organizational and interpersonal skills while working as an office assistant. 
  • Assisted K-12 students in improving their science scores by 40%. 
  • Became an active member of the local community group in planning monthly projects. 

The second example highlights your skills, shifting the focus from the lack of experience.

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How to Write Your Education Section

Your substitute teacher education is highly significant in any teaching position. If you have built a track record of experience, your education might not be strictly relevant to your job application. 

However, it would depend entirely on the recruiter, as well as the hiring committee of the school. In simple words, there is no room to overlook the importance of a well-presented list of academic accomplishments in your substitute teacher resume. 

Below, we have two examples of how you can handle this section in a creative way. 

Substitute Teacher Resume Example for Education Section

As a general standard in the industry, this is how your educational qualification would look like.


XYZ College

Year of Graduation 

However, you might notice that our substitute teacher resume samples are nothing but ordinary. We recommend that you take a slightly different approach that will get your resume a guaranteed second glance. 


XYZ College

Year of Graduation 

  • Completed degree with a 3.2 GPA. 
  • Took classes in Spanish and French. 
  • Worked as a teaching assistant and helped with assignment grading. 

See, you are already a model student in the eyes of the reader. 

What Skills Should You List on a Resume for a Substitute Teacher?

When you look through dozens of substitute teacher resume samples, you might notice that most of them have used a set of common words and phrases. 

In the recruiting industry, these are called keywords. Put simply, these can get you through the first barrier of the applicant tracking system. The ATS bots look through your resume to see whether you possess the skills they seek in their ideal candidate. 

Your goal is to include these substitute teacher resume skills in the best way so that the bot and the recruiter will pick them up during scanning. After all, the chances are you already have them anyway. 

Take a note of the most commonly required skills for substitute teachers:

  • classroom management;
  • lesson planning;
  • teaching assistance;
  • classroom instruction; 
  • language proficiency;
  • organizational skills;
  • interpersonal skills; 
  • special education;
  • grading. 

Even at first glance, you know you are equipped to do all this. However, not writing it in your resume could cost you a job.

Substitute Teacher Resume Examples for Skills Section

To demonstrate it vividly, we have created a professional substitute teacher resume example here.

Consider that these are the keywords used in the job description: 

  • lesson planning;
  • classroom management;
  • technology;
  • grading. 

This is how you can incorporate them into your skills section.

  • Served as a short-term substitute teacher for multiple vacancies, handling subjects including English and history. 
  • Was commended for designing and grading assignments. 
  • Worked with a long-term teacher to introduce new technology for classroom management for online lessons. 
  • Assisted in lesson planning and curriculum development. 

As you can see, we have not only focused on the demanded skill set but have also included other points. This way, your substitute teacher resume will not look crowded with key skills. 

Four Tips to Make Your Substitute Teacher Resume Stand Out 

  1. A cover letter can add more depth to your job application. It can help you explain why you became a teacher, what inspires your passion, and why you made a career switch if applicable. 
  2. As teaching is a public service, do not think twice about adding any voluntary work you have ever done, resume edit this part carefully. These substitute teacher resume sections will secure you bonus points. 
  3. Recommendations can always make your resume stand out. Add testimonials from your colleagues to spruce up your application. 
  4. There is no room for a resume riddled with errors on any application shortlist. Always set aside some time to read through the file and make sure there are no mistakes. 

Substitute Teacher Resume Examples for Additional Sections

As the last point, we will give you examples of other substitute teacher resume sections you can add to give your resume even more flair. 

❌ Wrong:

  • Extracurricular activities: tutoring, community work, online courses.
  • Volunteering: took part in educating children from foster homes.

✅ Right : 

Extracurricular Activities & Volunteering, 2020-2021

  • While tutoring students in English, math, and history, helped them improve academic performance by 30%.
  • Took Harvard online course “Introduction to Family Engagement in Education” to ensure a wholesome learning experience for students. 
  • As part of the community volunteer program, tutored children from foster homes in history and English to provide free but necessary educational support. The experience helped me develop unique approaches to working with underprivileged students. 

Look into your school and college days. In all probability, there are some gems of additional skills within your substitute teacher certification that could open up more opportunities. 

Substitute Teacher Resume Sample and Tips - Summary 

To refresh, this is how to write a substitute teacher resume:

  • start with a compelling substitute teacher resume summary or objective; 
  • follow with a section on experience, using the relevant keywords in the job description; 
  • include the key takeaways from your educational qualifications; 
  • list any other skills that might be relevant to the substitute teacher position. 

Besides, experts at SkillHub are always at your disposal to offer you more guidance on substitute teacher resume samples and career tips.

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