Cashier Resume Sample

Having a bot-beating resume for a cashier is as critical as it is for any other specialist. Today recruiters look for successful candidates online. The only way to make oneself noticed is to create a killing cashier resume sample with all key skills and accomplishments put in order.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average cashier’s salary at $27,260 per year and $13,11 per hour.

This task is not as easy as it seems. Crafting a winning resume has already become a form of art. You have to think about the style, template, and language in advance to make sure that the final version is not only inviting to the eye but also has informative content.

Should you have any concerns about how a great sample resume for a cashier position should look like, we invite you to read the following information.

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Best Format for a Cashier Resume: How to Choose?

Unfortunately, very few authors pay attention to the format of their resumes. They choose the one which is most popular regardless of their personal experience. However, the format can also contribute to success in building a candidate’s image.

The most suitable cashier resume format is chosen based on the experience and skills that you have. In general, we have three resume formats to choose from:

  • chronological;
  • functional;
  • combination.

If your career history does not have any gaps, or if your cashier duties were quite different from one position to another, a chronological format is something you should pay attention to. If your duties were always the same, and you need to shift the attention from dates to functions in your resume sample cashier, you should pay attention to a functional resume.

A combination is a great fit for those cashiers who have achieved outstanding results at work and wish these accomplishments to be highlighted. In this case, you keep both chronology and function by adding a section called Key Highlights.

Think thoroughly about what format fits your cashier resume the best. It’s always better to start writing in the right format than to change it in the middle of the way.

If you are still not sure which format fit best for your resume, read on top best resume formats to have a clear mind on it.

How to Choose Cashier Resume Templates?

Many people still wonder what the best resume template for your cashier job is. A vast majority chooses fancy and complex templates instead of their simpler alternatives. However, when it comes to the applicant tracking system, those who opted for black-and-white templates usually win.


Any ATS system requires scanning. Simple templates guarantee that your information remains correct and does not get corrupted or distorted. Infographics, charts, tables, and even pictures are not scanned properly. Therefore, if you choose your template, give your preference to simpler ATS-friendly options. Such resumes always look neat and orderly, and you won’t be having any trouble with scanning them.

Is Cashier Resume Objective and Resume Summary Needed?

You’ve probably heard that there is an attention span in which recruiters assess your resume and decide if they want to proceed with you. It usually takes 8 seconds. Most of this time recruiters spend on reading a resume objective or resume summary.

Thus, a cashier resume objective or summary is an integral part of your resume. The first one simply states your intention to act in a certain role. The latter describes your key skills and abilities and how you can contribute to an organization. It lists your accomplishments to prove that you can do even more in a new role.

Learn more on professional resume objectives on Skillhub.

Compare and Contrast Cashier Resume Summaries

Any cashier resume needs to have either an objective or a summary. In this section, we’ll talk about a resume summary as the best way to describe an individual’s skills and abilities, as well as explain why they are a perfect fit for a job. Here are the examples.


  • An experienced cashier who’s been in retail sales for over 20 years. Skilled in handling transactions of various complexity and resolving customer issues. Great at teamwork and communication, believing that collaboration and interaction between staff are critical for creating a safe and productive environment.


  • A cashier with 20 years of experience looking for a new job.

Examples of Cashier Resume Objectives

When it comes to an objective, be it a cashier or hairdresser resume objective, the key idea is to make it clear what position is targeted and what is expected. It’s a bit old-fashioned to write a cashier resume objective today. However, one can still see them on a few resumes.

That’s why let’s learn to distinguish correct objectives from those that undersell a candidate.


  • The objective is to get a cashier position with a reputable company involved in retail sales or direct sales. Preferably, this company should appreciate staff contribution and efforts, offering professional growth and employee benefits.


  • Looking to land a job and secure a position as a restaurant cashier.
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How to Write a Job Description for a Cashier Resume

Undoubtedly, a great cashier resume lists all duties and responsibilities you performed at the place of your employment. As we all know, a cashier is the one who

  • bills customers and provides them the information on how they can make a payment;
  • handles cash and credit card transactions and informs payers of any related issues;
  • provides excellent customer service and helps clients if needed;
  • operates cash registers, identifies issues, and provides basic maintenance.

However, given limited space, we encourage you to take the cashier job description seriously. Do not list duties that are obvious or skills that are the most common for all cashiers regardless of their place of work. Instead, focus on the achievements.

For example, you may have achieved a 95% customer satisfaction rate while serving clients and resolving their issues. This sounds a lot stronger compared to the standard job duty description and proves that you are willing to go the extra mile for an employer.

You can find more on job descriptions examples follow the link.

Job Experience Cashier Resume Examples

A cashier resume sample should be a reflection of your professionalism and uniqueness. If you feel that you are an outstanding candidate, make your resume outstanding too. To make our recommendation concerning cashier experience clearer, let’s review several examples of how to list cashier experience on resume.


  • Provided excellent customer service while billing customers and processing transactions for them, reaching over 95% satisfaction rate.
  • Suggested the implementation of the automated accounting system to track billed payments.


  • Billed customers and ensured their transactions successfully went through.
  • Consulted clients on the payment methods available.
  • Operated cash registers and maintained the cash desk in order.

What if You Need a Resume for a Cashier With No Experience?

Every successful cashier once didn’t have any experience. They, however, still managed to find a job. Today, it’s also possible to land a job as a cashier having no experience at all.

Before we dive deep into the topic, you might want to learn more on how to write a resume with no experience.

A resume for cashier with no experience will focus primarily on skills, abilities, and career goals. Also, such specialists could add other experiences they had. However, it makes sense to write job descriptions for these occupations while having in mind that it’s a cashier position that is being targeted.

In other words, duties proving advanced communication skills, numerical abilities, or critical and analytical thinking deserve to be placed in a cashier resume with no experience.

To empower your resume with no experience, add a cover letter. Follow the links to find out more:

What is a cover letter

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How to Write the Best Beginner Resume Sample for a Cashier?

We can discuss theory all day long, but it works best if we compare and contrast successful and unsuccessful beginner cashier resume examples. Remember that it’s experience sections that interest us the most.


Waiter, NICE AND EASY, New York, NY

2011 – 2012

  • Greeted customers and helped them with the menu selection, suggesting the best dishes after analyzing their preferences (customer service).
  • Handled transactions for clients, making no mistake with the final amounts (payment processing).


Waiter, NICE AND EASY, New York, NY

2011 – 2012

  • Served tables and brought the food, ensuring all guests are satisfied.
  • Assisted in maintaining the floor clean and orderly. 

Education Section: What Can You Add?

It’s really hard to make a mistake with a cashier education section. Of course, having a degree in Finance, Business, or Accounting would be a plus. However, whatever your education is, we recommend adding it to your cashier resume.

Apart from formal degrees and diplomas, you can consider adding

  • certifications;
  • professional courses;
  • software training;
  • educational achievements;
  • relevant coursework.

It’s hard to define what education fits a cashier position the best. However, it’s definitely better to have the education section in your resume. Even if you studied something unrelated to calculations and finances, certifications and degrees prove that you are diligent and responsible in your duties.

Learn more about education section on resume.

Education on Cashier Resume Examples

Again, to understand what education you can include in your resume, you’d better have a look at different cashier resume samples.


Bachelor of Arts in Accounting 2011 – 2015

The University of Florida, Miami, FL

  • GPA 3.6
  • Money and Finance Certification

Count with Confidence Short Program 2010


Bachelor of Arts in English Literature 2011 – 2015

The University of Florida, Miami, FL

  • GPA 3.6
  • Best Reader Certification 

Count with Confidence Short Program 2010


Sew and Knit Vocational Courses 2010

Plumbing and Carpentry for Beginners 2011

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting 2011 – 2015

The University of Florida, Miami, FL

  • Attended, no degree

How to Add Skills on a Resume for a Cashier

Adding cashier skills is essential for making your resume ATS-friendly. They often serve as keywords that help cashier resume samples rank higher in the system. Therefore, before you get to writing, analyze a job posting you have and highlight skills that you find applicable to you as a professional.

Cashier resume skills shouldn’t be placed in a special section only. It’s also about inserting them across the entire document. You should both grab recruiters’ attention and prove that those skills are indeed your strengths.

Of course, it’s not only your math skills that make you a great cashier. You can add soft skills like communication, interpersonal skills, customer service, and others to build an image of a people person who enjoys doing what they do.

Therefore, analyze your skill set and define what makes you a real professional. Put yourself in the position of recruiting firms and guess what it is that they look for in a successful candidate.

Learn more about resume action words to stand out among other candidates.

Skills on Cashier Resume Examples

Professional cashier resume examples can help you understand what skills you should add to your resume that will help make resume that get more interviews. Here are several of the most explicit cashier resume samples for you:


  • Professional skills: numerical skills, math, accounting, analytical thinking, problem-solving, computer literacy, customer service.
  • Soft skills: communication, active listening, quick learning, flexibility, adaptability, time management.
  • Languages spoken: English, Spanish.
  • Computer skills: QuickBooks, Microsoft Office (Excel), Skype, Zoom.


  • Plumbing, carpentry, sewing, knitting, coaching, teamwork, training, leadership, analytical thinking, problem-solving, computer literacy, customer service communication, active listening, quick learning, flexibility, adaptability, time management, speaker of English and Spanish.

How to Craft a Winning Resume for a Cashier?

The next step in crafting a professional resume is to add other sections that would show what kind of person you are. After all, you are not only a great employee. There must be other achievements and accomplishments that you’d want to share.

There is no need to keep them strictly professional. For example, being a priest at a local church is not related to your profession. However, it does say a lot about you as a person. This is why the idea is that these cashier resume sections should strengthen your image in the eyes of a prospective employer.

Here is what you can add:

  • honors and awards;
  • volunteer service;
  • community involvement;
  • references;
  • hobbies and interests;
  • military service;
  • professional affiliations;
  • publications.

Other Sections on Cashier Resume Examples

To help you fight your hesitations, we decided to provide a few professional cashier resume samples. They will show how their authors used the space effectively and ineffectively and how these sections impact their resume for cashier jobs.


  • Community involvement: acted as a treasurer for a local church, calculating and accounting for fundraised money.
  • Volunteer service: worked for an immigration support center and interacted with people of different ages and backgrounds.
  • Affiliations: being affiliated with, helped campaign leaders process incoming transactions and figure out how the platform works.


  • Hobbies and interests: reading, running, plumbing, carpentry, beekeeping, sewing, knitting.
  • Publications: “How to Ride a Bicycle” for MC magazine.

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Final Thoughts

We sincerely hope that our article gives you a clear understanding of how to write a cashier resume. The information provided above is the most comprehensive one as related to resume writing for cashier jobs.

Thus, summing it up:

  • A great check cashier resume sample should be full of relevant information. However, if you do believe that some irrelevant details make you a stronger candidate, do not hesitate to add them too.
  • A cashier job description for a resume needs to be written using action verbs. If you can, put your accomplishments in numbers. Recruiters love it.
  • Do not be afraid to add other sections if they can strengthen your profile.
  • You can find a lot of useful information at such a source like linkedin learning, cv writing service, resume editing service.

And don't forget of LinkedIn resume! You have to make it look professional before applying for a job. And remember you can rely on a Linkedin resume service 24/7.

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