Customer Service Representative Resume Examples

If you love helping people and are not bad at using modern technology, a career as a customer support representative might be a good fit for you. Before you ask for a customer service representative resume and contact a resume service, make sure you learn more about the profession. All because being a customer service representative is highly associated with stressful situations. The good news is that as a future employee, you’re taught how to resolve complaints and manage conflicts as a part of your work process.

Meanwhile, before you reach out to a cover letter writing service to land a dream job, check the article below. 

  • Learn the basic principles of writing a customer service resume;
  • Find more about resume formats that win a job interview;
  • Get a free customer service representative resume sample.

Keep reading to learn more about resumes for customer service representative formats in the section below.

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How to Format a Customer Service Representative Resume

The layout or format of your job application should align with your skills, like tech support, while presenting your experiences in the best light.

  • Chronological. Lists your work experience by chronology. Perfect for industry professionals; 
  • Functional. A great resume sample for entry-level specialists or industry changers. This format focuses on your Skills section rather than Experience;
  • Combination. A mix of both formats. 

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Customer Service Representative Resume [Sample]

So, you’ve decided to compose a sample customer service resume and get back to the job-hunting game. Before you do that, check a customer service representative resume example below. Moreover, make sure your customer service resume matches the customer service representative resume description when it comes to the requirements of the job post you’re applying for.

In other words, check as many customer service resume examples as you can before you start writing a service resume. 

David Smith

Customer Support Representative

Phone Number: +1-102-555-6292



Highly energetic and organized customer support representative with 5+ years of experience in the tech industry. Passionate about improving customer engagement with services and products of modern companies. Due to tech proficiency and strong interpersonal skills, increased brand loyalty by 12% and reduced customer churn by 7%. Open for hire in Virginia (in-office positions). 



Customer Support Representative 


Key Responsibilities

  • Handled more than 100 calls and complaint letters on a daily basis;
  • Dealt with customer complaints and inquiries, increasing the customer satisfaction rate by 5%;
  • Improved the customer script and decreased the waiting time;
  • Coordinated the winter sales campaign; 
  • Performed weekly assessments of the customer complaints and developed strategies for maximizing the outcomes of the customer support department activities;
  • Presenting reports on customer inquiries to other company departments.

Key Achievements

  • Increased brand loyalty by 12%;
  • Reduced customer churn by 7%.


Colorado Tech University


  • Majored in Modern Technologies and Programming, minored in Media & Communications;
  • Completed internship at Google;
  • Completed a course on conflict management techniques.


Hard Skills

  • Superb knowledge of tech industry and IT trends;
  • Strong knowledge of tech support tools like Zendesk, Slack, Recurly, and others;
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills;
  • Verbal and written communication skills.

Soft Skills

  • Stress resistance;
  • Strong self-organization;
  • Patience.

Other Sections


  • English;
  • French;
  • Italian.

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Writing a customer service representative resume objective is a great way to tell the recruiter about your qualifications and plans for your future career. Meanwhile, composing a summary will allow you to tell the recruiter about the professional success you’ve already had.

  • Objective. Perfect for an entry-level position, it has 1-2 sentences. Mention your specific job requests here; 
  • Summary. Perfect for job positions that imply high requirements in terms of professional skills and experience. Commonly longer than a standard resume objective. 

Resume Summary [Examples]

Writing a customer service summary for resume won’t answer your ‘how to be a good customer service representative’ question. However, it will give you an insight into what is currently demanded in the job market.


    I’m a great specialist with 7 years of experience in dealing with customer complaints and inquiries


Highly responsible and self-organized customer representative with 5+ years of work experience. Due to such outstanding skills as multitasking, communication, and stress resistance was able to achieve a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

Resume Objective [Examples]

When composing a customer service representative resume objective in your csr resume, make sure to follow the sentence structure. Focus on details to make this section interview-winning. Check a badly and well-written resume example below. 


    A professional customer service representative is searching for a job


To find a job as a customer service representative in the tech industry. Preference for companies located in Ohio and ones that can send product information for further familiarization and decision-making.

Resume Examples [Experience]

Once you google ‘customer service representative duties resume,’ you’ll find that they all focus on perfect Experience sections. Why so? Your Experience section is proof of your skills and professionalism. Hence, write it properly.

  • List your duties. Mention the responsibilities you held as a customer support representative; 
  • Mention your achievements. For instance, write down your customer satisfaction rate or the number of inquiries you’ve processed on a weekly basis; 
  • Make a background story. In your resume for customer service representative, tell recruiters how your skills helped you deal with your job responsibilities;
  • Stay real. Don’t write about tools you’ve never worked with.

Entry Level Customer Service Representative Resume [Experience]

Never leave your Experience section empty. Regardless of one’s experience, an applicant always has achievements to mention. Think of skills. For instance, you had to use skills in your previous work that are related to the new job position you’re applying for. The same goes for job responsibilities. Mention projects that included similar job duties.

When it comes to your resume for customer service rep, give a reason to the recruiter to hire you as an entry-level specialist. 

Entry Level Customer Service Representative [Sample]

Present a customer service representative job description for a resume that matches the job description in the post. Make sure your skills match the demands. 


If you provide acceptance to your company as an employer, I’ll make sure I’m the best specialist in the field.





  • Managing schedules and deadlines of the projects
  • Creating presentations on the company’s customer data
  • Filing documents and other company’s papers
  • Creating assessment reviews and presenting them to the advertising department and the marketing team

How to Put Education on a Resume

There are no specific requirements for putting your college degree or courses certificate on your customer service representative job resume. In fact, a typical company will provide you with its own courses on customer service representation. 

Nonetheless, having a degree in Technology and Communications will surely be beneficial for the creation of job-winning resumes for customer service positions.

When writing down your education data, mention the name of the educational institution, the name of the degree, and the graduation date.

Customer Service Representative Resume Examples [Education]

Follow a specific structure when putting down your education information on a customer service experience resume. Most commonly, you’ll have to write the data in a column. Here, pay attention to fonts and margins. 


I graduated from the Ohio State University 2 years ago. I majored in Technology and minored in Communications.


Ohio State University


  • Majored in Technology, minored in Communication
  • Completed internship at Apple to ensure growth and a firm start in my career
  • Completed an online course on customer care software and sales strategies

Skills on a Resume for a Customer Service Representative

The biggest part of customer service representative skills is based on people skills like communication and conflict management. However, your tech proficiency also plays a role since to win in your career field you’ll have to showcase profound tech knowledge. Hence, it is advisable to mention your ability to work with digital tools. 

  • List your Hard and Soft skills in separate sections, respectively. Your hard skills or technical skills are compulsory for holding the job position, while your soft or non-technical skills are more about your personality traits like friendliness and stress resistance;
  • Plan ahead. If you want to get quickly promoted to a managerial role and show substantial accomplishments, mention skills in your customer service representative skills resume that can be required for this position too. 

Customer Service Representative Resume Examples [Skills]

When putting down your customer service representative skills for resume, make sure to follow a specific structure. Divide the section into 2 columns and be careful with the subheadings design. 


I’m great at working with individuals and providing quality customer support services. Meanwhile, the strongest trait that I’ve shown in different occupations is patience.



Hard Skills

  • Strong knowledge of technology tools
  • Strong knowledge of the tech industry
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Superb communication skill
  • Presentation skills
  • Soft Skills

  • Stress resistance
  • Self-discipline

How to Make Your Skills Shine

Other Sections are a place to solidify your skills and work experience while showcasing your amazing personality qualities. These resume sections are great for getting another chance to persuade the hiring manager to recruit you. 

The main rule is to mention job-related data. No need to mention that you’re a bird lover in your customer service rep resume and have to report on movements of the bird migration to the scientific community. Yeap, keep your data job-related to create a positive impact on your job search. 

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Customer Service Representative Resume Examples [Other Sections]

When writing a sample customer service representative resume, add Other Sections to let your personality shine. There is no professional customer service representative resume that doesn’t include Other Sections because the power of this part is huge if you know how to use it. Check the example below. 



Other Sections


  • I love to work with my hands. In my free time, I do carpentry and carve wood


Other Sections


  • Leading a ‘Modern Scan’ blog on tech novelties and changing trends in the industry
  • Teaching children how to work with technology as a part of a volunteering project (responsible for design tools).

Customer Service Representative Resume Keywords 

Adding keywords to your customer service representative resume is a great way to beat the ATS bots that so many companies use nowadays. Because, in reality, the ATS system is the first ‘digital’ recruiter that decides whether a company should hire you or not. Hence, use professional keywords. 

  • Start with nouns. Which are the phrases closely associated with your career? Think of words like ‘customer complaints,’ ‘inquiries,’ ‘assessments,’ ‘calls,’ etc.;
  • Continue with tools. Name tools that you used for dealing with tasks. These are the names of programs like ‘Zendesk’ or ‘Apple Business Chat’;
  • Finish with verbs. For instance, ‘calling, ‘messaging, ‘answering,’ etc.

As you see, using the right words can win you a job or avert the attention of recruiters from your service resume. Therefore, it is important to use as many professional terms as you can in all resume sections. Highlight the terms when adding them to keep track of the keywords. 

Final Thoughts

Congrats! Now you know how to write a customer service representative resume!

When composing a customer service professional resume, follow the next tips:

  • Experience. Achieve your goal of persuading the recruiter to give you the job by listing all your responsibilities and duties you once held as a customer support representative;
  • Format. Choose a proper resume format, whether Chronological, Functional or Combination;
  • Skills. List your customer service representative resume skills in a Skills section divided into 2 subsections;
  • Use Other Sections. By following this tip, you create a feeling of a well-rounded personality with job-related hobbies, knowledge of languages, etc.

Make sure your resume for customer service is ATS-friendly and custom-written. You can do it by reaching out to a resume editing service, or also you can get resume help from professional resume writers on freelance sites. If our Skillhub platform has already helped you get your dream job, please share your review on social media!

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