Retail Manager Resume Example

The Internet is full of various resume examples. However, not all of them are created following all the rules and standards of contemporary resume writing. Many examples are written having no applicant tracking system in mind. Unfortunately, the majority of them will end up filtered out by software and not even reaching a hiring manager.

To create a great sample resume for retail manager, one should look specifically for an ATS-friendly retail manager resume example. It’s hard to find but possible. Only such a sample will provide you with a better understanding of what should be included in the resume and how.

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Start With the Best Format for a Retail Manager Resume

If you want your retail manager resume sample to land a job for you, you should take its writing very seriously. First of all, decide what format you’d like to have.

Usually, there are three options to choose from:

  • chronological;
  • functional;
  • combination.

To be honest, the choice of a retail manager resume format depends entirely on your experience and skills. If you want to provide a detailed description of your accomplishments in each workplace, choose a chronological format. It also fits those specialists who can brag of consistent careers with no gaps.

A functional format fits those retail managers who have several employments with similar duties to mention in their resume. In this case, they can put this information ahead of the work history section where all dates are listed.

When it comes to a combination format, it will fit those individuals who want to list their employment chronologically while highlighting certain achievements. It works best for professionals who managed to grow sales or significantly increased revenue over a specified period.

Analyze your experience and choose what format fits your resume the best. Be creative in showing your strengths and do your best to cover all your skills and competencies.

What Retail Manager Resume Templates To Choose

Picking up a great resume template for your retail manager occupation is also important. It must showcase your skills in an appealing manner. An ideal template should be easy to scan, neat, and inviting to the eye.

Do not rush to choose fancy retail manager resume templates if your goal is to land an interview. Such resumes are extremely difficult to scan because the information often gets distorted or compromised. Instead, give your preference to a simpler black-and-white template with no chats, infographics, tables, boxes, and so on. Quite often, the less pompous the template is, the better it works.

Retail Manager Resume Objective or Resume Summary: Is It Required?

Resumes 20 years ago and resumes today are received and assessed in different ways. The rules concerning when you writing a resume have changed dramatically over the years.

That is why it’s wrong to believe that there is no need to adjust your resume to new standards and that recruiters will read whatever you send them. On the contrary, they get only ATS-friendly samples and usually spend 8 seconds to understand if they want to proceed with the files.

Most of this time they spend reading a retail manager resume objective or summary. So, you’d better be good at writing those things to increase your chances of getting more interviews.

Samples of Retail Manager Resume Summaries

A resume summary is a paragraph consisting of 2-3 sentences describing a candidate (their skills, achievements, and career goals). To help you succeed with your retail manager resume summary, we offer a couple of retail manager resume samples to your attention:

✅ Right

  • A target-oriented and self-motivated retail manager with years of experience driving the company’s sales volumes and ensuring stable revenue growth. Skilled in marketing and promotion to generate sales leads for retail goods. Knowledgeable in various software, including Salesforce.

❌ Wrong

  • A talented retail sales manager experienced in selling products and growing income. Looking for a position in Retail Sales.

How to Write Retail Manager Resume Objectives

You should be aware that the retail manager resume objective is a rare thing now. Most specialists choose to write their summaries. However, for you not to make a mistake in retail manager resume objective writing, we decided to provide samples of a successful and an unsuccessful one.

✅ Right

  • The objective is to land a position as a Retail Manager within a large merchandise corporation to grow its sales and revenue. Preferably, the company should respect employee rights and provide room for professional development.

❌ Wrong

  • Looking for a position as a Retail Manager within a big company. The expected salary is $100k annually.
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How To Put a Retail Manager Job Description for a Resume

Job experience is a special section in a retail manager resume. It says what you already did and how well you used your skills for that. Therefore, be cautious when you write a job description for retail manager position.

  • Do not write well-known stuff such as
  • coordinated retail sales activities and managed sales teams;
  • reported on sales growth to senior management.
  • Do not use passive voice and weak verbs:
  • sales activities were completed;
  • revenue was increased;
  • responsibility was assumed.
  • Do not write with no numerical information involved. Add some figures to make your achievements more obvious and measurable.
  • Use bullet points but never add more than 6 to one employment.

Examples of a Retail Manager Resume Experience Sections

Here we’ll show you how a great retail manager sample resume should look like and what things you should consider before creating your bot-beating resume.

✅ Right

  • Initiated migration from one database system to another to collect and analyze more data on retail sales and sales leads.
  • Achieved an 85% increase in retail sales on a Y-t-Y basis, implementing new creative marketing and promotion campaigns.
  • Averted crisis in retail sales caused by the pandemic by launching an online store.

❌ Wrong

  • Was responsible for retail sales management.
  • Led a team of 5 sales specialists and 2 marketers.

To create a great sample retail manager resume experience section, let others think of you as an achiever rather than a doer.

How To Write a Resume for a Retail Manager With No Experience?

Every successful retail manager once started their career and had no experience. This should not be a problem if you do want to land a job and have all the skills needed to succeed.

To create a resume for retail manager with no experience, think of all your qualities and career goals. Try to combine them into real actions that you think will contribute to the objectives of your prospective employer.

Focus on your degree, educational goals, and achievements. If you have other unrelated work experiences, do add them to your resume. It’s better to have some experience than none of it.

Samples of Entry-Level Retail Manager

Let’s review a few retail manager resume examples where authors successfully avoided the experience problem.

✅ Right

  • As an art gallery manager, I contributed to turning the venue into the most popular place in the city by using influencer marketing and digital campaigns.
  • As a website designer, I learned Salesforce and other CRM software to help clients of the online store and adjust the website as per their needs.
  • Gained professional exposure to retail sales management while being an intern at Procter & Gamble.

❌ Wrong

  • Have no experience in the field.
  • Looking to start my career with little to no background knowledge.

Education Section: How It Should Look Like

The education section in a retail manager resume is usually put below the experience section. It’s done to highlight that experience prevails over education. However, it does not mean that retail manager education does not matter.

As a professional, you should put all your academic background on your resume. However, make sure it stays relevant. This section can include

  • degrees;
  • professional courses;
  • software training;
  • achievements and awards;
  • industry study experiences;
  • study abroad programs.

At the same time, do not add things like yoga courses, bike riding training, cooking masterclasses, or reading classes because they are irrelevant to the industry of retail sales and management.

Retail Manager Resume Examples of Education Sections

For you to get a better idea of the education section on a resume, we offer several real retail manager resume samples.

✅ Right

Salesforce and Other CRMs Training - 2021

Google Analytics Certification - 2021 

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing - 2020

University of North Carolina

  • GPA 3.9
  • Dean’s List
  • Magna Cum Laude 

Associate’s Degree in Computer Science - 2015

University of North Carolina

❌ Wrong

Bachelor of Arts in History - 2010

University of North Carolina

  • Completed

English Literature Training - 2012

Interior Design Certification - 2015

Associate’s Degree in Computer Science - 1998

University of North Carolina 

Skills To Put on a Resume for a Retail Manager

The skills section is usually placed at the bottom of the page. It is a summary of the information about the candidate that helps recruiters conclude on their profile. However, retail manager resume skills are a lot more than just a few words said at the bottom.

Your skills serve as keywords in your resume. For it to rank higher in the ATS, you have to analyze your career carefully, study a job advertisement you intend to apply for, and use only those words and word combinations that match. Do not ignore this part.

If you analyze several successful retail manager resume samples, you’ll most definitely find there some of the skills mentioned below:

  • sales and marketing;
  • revenue growth;
  • lead generation;
  • analytical skills;
  • communication;
  • project management;
  • product management;
  • promotion;
  • delivery and logistics;
  • customer relationship management;
  • computer literacy;
  • customer service;
  • staff management.

However, if you don’t find certain relevant skills in the list, you can add them at your discretion.

Retail Manager Resume Examples of the Skills Section

Here are several professional retail manager resume examples that would help you figure out what skills you should add and how.

✅ Right

  • Professional skills: sales and marketing, digital marketing, influencer marketing, lead generation, process improvement, revenue growth, reporting.
  • Soft skills: communication, teamwork, analytical skills, critical thinking, task delegation, team building.
  • Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Portuguese.
  • Software: Salesforce, Office 365, Zoom.

Wrongfully presented skills on retail manager resume samples look as follows:

  • Sales/marketing, retail sales, customer relationship management, revenue growth, English, Spanish, Portuguese, teamwork, staff management, Zoom, analytical thinking, Office 365, communication, Salesforce, creativity, SQL, quick learning, computer literacy.

What To Add To Make Your Resume Stand Out

However, there are other sections that can enrich your resume and make it stronger. After all, a great resume is supposed to describe you as a professional and an individual.

To build a stronger profile, you can add the following retail manager resume sections:

  • volunteer service;
  • community involvement;
  • professional affiliations;
  • publications;
  • special achievements;
  • awards and honors;
  • references;
  • military service;
  • research projects;
  • custom projects;
  • hobbies and interests.

However, do not forget that they should still look relevant to the position in question. Additional sections in your resume should help you build an image of a successful professional.

Examples of Other Sections in Retail Manager Resume Sample

To get a better understanding of what sections one can include in a professional retail manager resume, we offer a couple of examples for you to review alsso you can find information at linkedin resume sample page .

✅ Right

  • Community involvement: promoted church gatherings using the set of digital and social marketing tricks, which resulted in congregation growth.
  • Volunteer service: encouraged community to give out their used electronics to help those in need while working for Volunteers For Peace organization.

❌ Wrong

  • Hobbies: play tennis and basketball every Sunday, running every morning.
  • Interests: sewing and knitting for children.

When including other sections into your resume for retail manager jobs, think about what value they add to your image.

Wrapping It Up

We hope that this material helped you get a clearer understanding of how to write a retail manager resume. To sum it all up, we also want to emphasize the following:

  • leave the blank space on the resume to your achievements rather than ordinary retail manager duties;
  • Re-read and let resume editing service before sending it.
  • Look for some examples at cv writing service.
  • impress recruiters with measured results of your professional activity;
  • list key skills and use some of them as your main keywords.
  • recheck your resume summary or objective to ensure it reads perfectly and transmits the intended message.

We encourage you to approach the writing process seriously because a great retail manager resume can get you employed or promoted.

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