Housekeeping Resume Sample

Imagine this. You spent hours working on a resume hoping to impress the HR manager. Yet, when they open your file, they don't find anything special. After all, they have seen and read hundreds of such resumes for housekeeper positions that tell the same story - “experienced, professional, and skillful.” 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average housekeeping salary at $28.780 per year and $13,84 per hour.

The chances are your file will be set aside, forgotten together with the pile of others. So, what can you do to make sure that your resume makes the hiring manager think, "yes, this is the person I want to interview."

You need a proven housekeeping resume sample that elevates you from the average to the best.

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What Is the Best Format for a Housekeeping Resume?

A housekeeping resume format gives a hint to your personality, skill set, and ambition. In other words, you want it to reflect that you are neat, precise, and meticulous. 

A misspelled word or a misplaced comma is going to send the impression to your potential employer that you are sloppy in your work as well. 

If you want to land a job, you cannot afford to choose a housekeeping resume format at random. You need to find the best housekeeper resume sample that will allow you to highlight your work experience well and put you forth as an attractive candidate. 

Are you confused about which one to pick? Don't worry, you are just at the right place. 

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There is no need to pick a fancy one with graphics that will not pass through the applicant tracking system. Instead, what you need is a bot-beating resume that is clear and legible. 

As other formats can get scrambled in transfer, make sure you save the file in PDF format. However, if the hiring manager uses an ATS system, it will be best to go for a word processor file. 

How to Pick the Right Housekeeping Resume Template?

A resume template for your housekeeping job should demonstrate a concise yet balanced combination of your top skills. 

The goal of the housekeeping cv is to provide a snapshot of who you are as a professional and a person. As such, it will be best to go for a reverse-chronological resume format. According to this structure, you should make a list of places where you worked most recently and describe what your duties were on each job. This will offer insight into how you have evolved in your profession and what skills you have acquired over time. 

Housekeeping Resume Objective or Resume Summary

Both the objective and summary serve as introductory statements to your housekeeping resume. However, it is common for applicants to get confused regarding the purpose of each of these. 

A housekeeping resume objective is intended to communicate your career goals. For instance, which type of industry you want to work in - do you want it to be in a household or a hotel?

On the other hand, a housekeeping resume summary should describe your qualifications and why you would be an ideal fit for the role. It shifts the focus from the job seeker to the position you are applying for, describing how you can meet the requirements of the employer.

Example of Housekeeping Resume Summary 

To give you a better idea of how to write a summary for a housekeeper resume, we have included the wrong and right examples of this section below.

❌ Wrong:

"Experienced housekeeper. Responsible for cleaning and making beds in hotels. Seeking a job as a housekeeping supervisor with Marriott Hotel."

As you can see, this resume summary fails to make a strong impression. 

Instead, our experts recommend the following way of writing a resume summary that will instantly attract attention. 

✅ Right:

"Experienced housekeeping supervisor, responsible for directing five housekeeping staff members and organizing daily cleaning processes, seeking a job with Marriott International. Due to proven skills in cleaning and management, positive customer reviews were increased by 42% in the previous job."

This approach focuses on the results and the value you bring to the organization. 

Example of Housekeeping Resume Objective 

In comparison to the summary, a housekeeping resume objective is more suited for those who don't have considerable experience in the field. 

❌ Wrong:

"Housekeeper actively seeking a job with Hyatt hotels. I am confident that I am a fast learner who can make up for my lack of experience. "

This is indeed simple and gets the message across. However, this will not suffice in the current job market landscape. 

✅ Right:

"Highly energetic housekeeper, skilled in daily cleaning, organization, and responding to customer needs. Worked as a team member in Burger King, facilitating regular cleaning. Received 90% positive feedback from management for punctuality, flexibility, and efficiency."

This version makes up for your lack of experience by quantifying the feedback. This certainly puts you in a better light. 

How to Read a Housekeeper Job Description For a Resume?

When you are applying for a position, reading the housekeeping job description correctly is the key to you landing an interview. Typically, this position often entails the following responsibilities:

  • dusting and polishing furniture; 
  • cleaning and sanitizing toilets, bathtubs, shower area, sinks, and countertops; 
  • washing windows;
  • vacuuming and cleaning carpets and floors; 
  • making beds and regularly changing the linens. 

The requirements may vary from one job to another. For instance, if you are looking for a housekeeping position in a household, this might also include cleaning the kitchen and other common spaces. 

Therefore, you must read the description attentively to know what is expected of you. 

When you are writing your housekeeping resume, make sure that you match the skills mentioned in the job description. Tailoring your application this way can help you score more marks in the application process. 

Housekeeping Resume Examples to Describe Your Experience 

If you are a housekeeper with relevant experience, you are already ahead in the competition. However, you also need a brilliant resume that emphasizes it. 

Take a look at this housekeeping sample resume to know how you can make this work. 

Sample housekeeping resume experience:

  • Performed daily sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming as a housekeeping staff in Hyatt hotel. Helped save 30% in maintenance costs by pointing out recurring problems with toilet sink faucets. 
  • Worked as a housekeeper in a commercial building. Executed regular cleaning of common areas and performed deep cleaning of restrooms. Responded promptly to customer requests. 

In this example, you are not only listing the places of your employment but also highlighting how much you contributed to each job. 

What About a Resume for Housekeeper With No Experience?

Remember that everyone starts somewhere. If you are behind in terms of experience, all you need is a top-notch resume to put you back in the competition. 

In other words, you will need to tweak your previous positions a little bit. For example, find out what tasks you did in your last role that might be relevant to the position of a housekeeper. 

Did you help organize the place, take out the trash, or did any occasional cleaning?

Combine these, and there you have a resume for housekeeping with no experience turned into a perfectly good application. Consider the following example when you write your resume. 

Beginner Housekeeping Samples for Candidates With Little to No Experience

❌ Wrong:

  • Waiting tables in a restaurant;
  • Groundskeeper in a community center;
  • Odd jobs. 

✅ Right: 

  • Handled daily cleaning, sweeping, and vacuuming as a waiter at a local restaurant. Commended by management for taking the initiative in organizing the stock and fresh produce. 
  • As a groundskeeper in the local community center, kept the premises clean, swept common areas, and regularly removed the trash. 
  • Maintained small odd businesses, helped with cleaning and organization. Responded swiftly to client requests.

You can distinctly see the difference between the two housekeeping resume examples and conclude which one reflects your strengths the best. 

How to Highlight Your Education 

Housekeeping positions do not require college graduates. However, that does not mean this section is irrelevant. There are ways that even your school education can make you look like an appealing candidate for your prospective employers. 

For instance, getting a bilingual housekeeping education can make you more valuable in the market. And if you have a degree, you could be looking at management positions within the housekeeping department. 

Let us look into how your housekeeping resume can leverage your education. 

Housekeeping Resume Examples for Education Section

Typically, you will find housekeeping resume samples that merely add an education section for the sake of it. 

❌ Wrong: 

  • Name of the school;
  • Graduating year;
  • Valid degree or major;

✅ Right:

[School Name]

[Graduating Year]

  • excelled in English and French;
  • received A+ grade in home economics;
  • Became a member of the yearbook committee.

There could be many similar qualifications and skills you acquired as a part of your education. You will only have to put in a little thought to make sure that you can match it to the job description well. After all, these point out that you are talented and responsible.

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How to Describe Skills on a Resume for a Housekeeper?

The skills section is, perhaps, the most important part of your housekeeping resume. The main reason is that today, the lion's share of recruiting firms rely on applicant tracking systems to pick the most suitable candidates. 

To do this, the ATS matches the keywords in the job description to those indicated in your resume. Therefore, as we mentioned earlier, your housekeeper resume skills must correspond to those in the job posting. 

To clear the mist, here is a list of the common keywords that appear in most of the housekeeping job descriptions:

  • cleaning rooms;
  • deep cleaning;
  • daily cleaning;
  • window cleaning;
  • cleaning bathrooms;
  • laundry;
  • public area cleaning;
  • reporting safety issues;
  • multitasking;
  • supply management;
  • stock management;
  • service mindset;
  • flexibility;
  • self-motivation.

A majority of these keywords will be relevant to all housekeeping resume samples, whether you are seeking a position in a hotel, commercial spaces, households, or hospitals. 

Learn more about resume action words to stand out among other candidates.

Housekeeping Resume Examples for Skills Section

We have compiled a couple of housekeeping resume samples for your consideration.

Example 1

  • Performed all housekeeping duties, including cleaning rooms, cleaning bathrooms, and changing linens.
  • Handled supply and stock management for linens and toiletries.
  • Helped improve the customer ratings of the property by 47% and received a commendation for cleanliness from both customers and management

Example 2 

  • Was responsible for managing the day-to-day cleaning of 20 rooms in a business hotel. 
  • Took the initiative to perform deep cleaning once every month for the office spaces. 
  • Found and returned misplaced jewelry of a guest. Received commendation on honesty and a bonus by management. 

Thus, take inspiration from these housekeeper resume examples and adjust them to your particular case. 

Five Tips to Make Your Housekeeper Resume Stand Out 

  • Make sure that you add a cover letter with your resume. About 40% of recruiters still consider that a cover letter is one of the essential resume sections of the application. It will offer you an opportunity to explain your circumstances better. 
  • Do not hesitate to add hobbies or interests such as cooking or baking - these might be relevant to your employer. 
  • Any volunteer work you have done before could also make you appear as a service-minded and competent candidate. 
  • References are highly important when it comes to the housekeeping industry. However, there is no need to mention them in the resume unless specifically asked. 
  • Always remember to proofread your resume. No recruiter or employer wants to go through a resume that is written with errors. 

Housekeeping Resume Examples of Additional Sections 

To demonstrate how to strengthen your application, we have compiled a few professional housekeeping resume samples of other sections here. 

❌ Wrong: 

Hobbies and Interests 

  • love listening to music;
  • love to read;
  • like cooking.

✅ Right:

Hobbies and Interests 

  • attending baking lessons; 
  • being a member of a book club; 
  • volunteering at a local homeless shelter.

Even when you might think you do not have any interesting aspects to put in your resume for housekeeping jobs, the chances are you will find many. You only need to dig deep and readjust them to match your prospective employer's expectations. 

After all, you will never know when your baking skills will come in handy in a household. 

Wrapping Up 

If you have read through this article by now, you should have a clear idea of how to project yourself as an attractive housekeeping candidate. 

When thinking about how to write a resume for housekeeping job, consider our tips and tricks and don't forget to re-read and edit your resume. They will allow you to dust off any relevant skills you have and portray them uniquely. Most importantly, do not forget to include the keywords and ensure that you craft a winning resume that can pass through the applicant tracking system. 

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