Flight Attendant Resume Sample

Are you a free spirit with dreams worth the whole set of Indiana Jones’ movies? Then the career of a flight attendant might be a great choice to satisfy your lust for wandering. After you land a dream job, you’ll be able to combine the work process of providing the best customer service as a flight attendant and exploring the world between the company’s flights. 

To win a job interview, you can always contact professional resume writers or ask the cover letter writing service for help. Meanwhile, check the article below for more advice on writing a resume for flight attendants.

  • Learn everything about the format of a resume for airlines; 
  • Check the structure and organization of sections in a free flight attendant resume sample; 
  • Get tips on creating an authentic flight attendant resume. 

Keep on learning how to format a resume for airline jobs in the paragraph below.

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How to Format a Flight Attendant Resume

There are a few resume formats to choose from for the layout of your job application. 

  • Chronological. A perfect flight attendant resume format for professionals with years of experience since the format focuses on your work experiences;
  • Functional. A great option to focus on your skills if you’ve never had a job interview before;
  • Combination. A mix of both formats.

‘Should I write my resume and get a consultation on resume formats from a professional article writer?’ Well, everything depends on your goals. Meanwhile, check the resume sample below.

Flight Attendant Resume [Sample]

If you search ‘resume flight attendant,’ you’ll find that all professionally written resumes follow a particular structure as a part of the resume writing requirements. 

Explore as many flight attendant resume examples as you can before exploring the industry of high-maintenance airplanes and clients. 

Check a flight attendant resume sample composed according to the standards of resume writing below. 

Name: Rosa Liendo

Senior Flight Attendant

Phone Number: +1-202-555-7822

Email: rosa.liendo@gmail.com 


Highly responsible and a people-oriented senior flight attendant with 8 years of professional experience in domestic and international flights. Due to superb organizational skills and safety knowledge guided an evacuation of 315 passengers in 2019. Meanwhile, maintained passenger satisfaction at 97% rate. Open for hire in Colorado state. 


Senior Flight Attendant

JetGrey Airlines


Key Responsibilities

  • Led pre- and post-flight briefings with the aircrew team;
  • Ensured safety by checking the aircraft equipment before the flight; 
  • Cooperated with the flight attendants team and managed conflicts between passengers and crew members;
  • Made announcements on safety, flight path conditions, and weather; 
  • Served and cross-sold food and drinks to 100-400 passengers; 
  • Evaluated the performance of the crew and assisted in their career.

Key Achievements

  • Maintained a customer satisfaction rate of 97%. 


Boston College of Arts and Communications


  • Bachelor of Arts and Communications; 
  • Completed internship at Aircraft Museum, Chicago (2012). 


(Pay special attention to this section if this is your resume for flight attendants


Hard Skills

  • Outstanding communication skills;
  • Teamwork; 
  • Strong knowledge of safety requirements; 
  • Leadership;
  • Conflict management;
  • Organizational skills.

Soft Skills

  • Friendliness;
  • Cultural awareness;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Attention to detail. 

Other Sections


(This is a great subsection to add to your sample flight attendant resume if you’re a part of international flights). 

  • Spanish;
  • English;
  • Portuguese.


  • Class 1 Medical License - FAA, 2012;
  • Basic First Aid (completed at American Red Cross Organization) - 2012.

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Making a flight attendant resume objective or a summary a part of your resume for airlines is a vital part of any resume. All because these sections provide necessary data on your professional success, skills, or the need for additional training. 

  • Objective. Shorter than a resume summary, this section includes your career goals and workplace needs that an employer should consider before hiring you;
  • Summary. Consists of 2-3 sentences and serves as a quick recital for your skills, work experience, and education in the job-hunting competition.

Resume Summary [Examples]

We assure you that a sample resume for flight attendants always contains a summary to distinguish you from other job seekers in the modern job market.


Please check my resume sample to familiarize yourself with my work experience and skills


A friendly and security-focused flight attendant with 4 years of industry experience in domestic flights. Due to outstanding knowledge of safety and security requirements, physical stamina, and stress resistance, I kept performing 110 hours on a monthly basis

Resume Objective [Examples]

Adding an interview-winning objective is a great option for an entry-level specialist to attract the recruiter’s attention. As a professional, you might also use an objective in your flight attendant resumes to apply for the role of a senior flight attendant. 

Check a resume example below.


To apply for a job as a flight attendant


To get a job in an international flight company with an average workload of 100 hours per month. Preference for flexible hours. Open for hire in Ohio state

Resume Examples [Experience]

When writing down your Experience section, make sure it corresponds to the flight attendant job description for resume or the job demands in the company’s job post. 

  • When composing your cabincrew resume, showcase that you’re experienced enough to deal with the job challenges. For instance, mention how you’ve managed a life-and-death situation or organized evacuation;
  • Mix your job duties with skills. The best flight attendant resume will tell the reader how your skills and knowledge helped you become an exemplary specialist; 
  • Provide a professional background. List all your job responsibilities and core accomplishments in Key Responsibilities and Key Achievements, respectively. 

Entry Level Flight Attendant Resume [Experience]

Once you google ‘resume for flight attendant no experience,’ you’ll be surprised by the number of empty entry-level resumes. All because a standard entry level flight attendant resume doesn’t contain an empty Experience section. 

Regardless of your experience, you always have achievements and job responsibilities to mention. Provide a reason for a hiring manager to recruit you. For instance, mention skills that are important for a flight attendant but which you’ve already developed in other job positions. 

Entry Level Flight Attendant [Sample]

A typical entry level flight attendant resume no experience will mention your career aspirations and help you get acceptance in your dream company. 


I haven’t got any experience as a flight attendant.


Chicken Kentucky

Restaurant Manager Assistant


Key Responsibilities

  • Assisting during employee performance values
  • Scheduling meetings and coordinating them
  • Organizing recruitment processes
  • Creating presentations on industry and company changes
  • Managing conflicts and communicating with customers
  • Designing strategies for product promotion
  • Key Achievements

  • Kept 95% customer satisfaction rate during the 2 years of work.

How to Put Education on a Flight Attendant Resume

An applicant might skip this section in a flight attendant duties resume. There are no specific requirements for college degrees or aircraft courses if you decide to start a career as a flight attendant. Your experience in working with a regional client of a particular airline company will matter more than a degree in the most expensive university. 

During the creation of an Education section for your resume for airline job, make sure to mention the name of the college, your degree, and the date of graduation.

Flight Attendant Resume Examples [Education]

Make sure your Education section corresponds to flight attendant resume description to ensure the future growth of your career. Prove to the recruiter that you’re a motivated learner. Check the example below.


I’ve recently graduated from the Denver University of Art and Technologies. I specialize in Arts and Communications


Denver University of Art and Technologies


Key Responsibilities

  • Bachelor in Arts and Communications, minor in Space Technologies
  • Completed internship at NASA
  • Completed a course on first-aid and conflict management

Skills on a Resume for a Flight Attendant

As you might have already understood, flight attendant resume skills are all about communication and safety knowledge. All because being a flight attendant is a people-oriented job position. At the same time, being physically fit and stress-resistant is a must since you’ll have to solve conflicts between crew members and passengers while working long hours. 

How do you put your flight attendant skills on the best flight attendant resume?

  • Start with your Hard Skills. These ones are technical skills required in your career field like communication, interpersonal skills, and safety knowledge; 
  • Proceed with the Soft Skills. These ones are non-technical (but required for achieving accomplishments anyway) and include teamwork, physical stamina, etc.;
  • Organization. Keep your Skills section well-structured, organized, and neat. 

Flight Attendant Resume Examples [Skills]

Among all occupations, a job position of a flight attendant will surely emphasize your ability to communicate and cooperate with other individuals in your flight attendant skills resume. Check the examples below.


I am great at communicating with others and solving conflicts



Hard Skills

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Superb interpersonal skills
  • Medical knowledge
  • Strong organization skills
  • Time management
  • Presentation skills
  • Conflict management
  • Soft Skills

  • Stress resistance
  • Physical stamina
  • Teamwork
  • Friendliness
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How to Stand Out Among Others 

When a hiring manager decides to interview or recruit you as a part of the company’s system, they commonly want to know more about you as a person, especially if your flight attendant job description for resume includes the demand for being friendly and the applicant’s love for teamwork.

How to persuade the recruiter that you’re a nice person who cares about your job a lot? By adding Other Sections as follows:

Flight Attendant Resume Examples [Other Sections]

If you scan professionally written flight attendant resume samples, you’ll find that all applicants have used an opportunity to present themselves in the best light. Check a well-written and badly constructed Other Sections extracted from flight attendant sample resumes below.


Other Sections


  • Playing computer games
  • Watching documentaries
  • Reading books


Other Sections


  • Reading books on aircraft and learning more techniques related to my work
  • Constructing model aircrafts
  • Responsible for teaching children safety tips and traffic rules as a part of a volunteering school workshop
  • Leading a blog on the aircraft industry (add the link to your blog here)

Flight Attendant Resume Keywords 

Why are professional keywords so important in today’s world of recruitment? To start a career in any industry, you have to enter it first. For this to happen, an ATS system will scan your resume, check it for the number of keywords, and decide whether you’re able to deal with the tasks.

  • Nouns. Use professional words like ‘aircraft,’ ‘flight attendant,’ ‘passengers,’ ‘cabin crew,’ etc. to showcase your knowledge of the industry; 
  • Verbs. Think of activities you’ll have as a part of the job. For instance, ‘presenting,’ ‘attending,’ ‘announcing,’ ‘leading, and others;
  • Names. Make sure to write down the names of the companies you’ve worked for.

To nail a job, you should persuade the recruiter to hire you first. Do it by adding professional keywords to your flight attendant resume. Focus on nouns, action words, and the names of the employers you’ve worked for. Write as many professional keywords as you can to beat the ATS system.

Final Thoughts

Congrats! Now you know how to write a sample resume for flight attendants! 

  • Pay attention to the structure and content organization in your flight attendant resume template;
  • Make sure to use the right flight attendant resume format that matches your skills and experiences; 
  • Use Other Sections to stand out among other candidates and impress the recruiter; 
  • Choose writing a Summary if you’re an industry professional and opt for an objective if you’re an entry-level specialist;
  • To achieve your goal, make sure your flight attendant job description resume matches the job post of a particular company;
  • Emphasize conflict management, safety knowledge, and customer service in your job Skills section.

We also advise you to have your cabincrew resume custom-written and ATS-friendly. To maximize your chances of getting your dream job, you can get resume help or contact a resume editing service and beat the ATS bots momentarily. If you’ve already used our Skillhub services, don’t hesitate to share on social media your opinion!

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