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To get employed, you need a killer resume that shows your qualifications and goes in line with a job description.

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Jump-Start Your Career With the Help of Sample Job Descriptions

A jobs description is an overview of the position provided by employers to help recruiters find suitable candidates.

It typically consists of four basic blocks:

  • Job Title

  • Job Brief

  • Responsibilities

  • Requirements

It also comes in handy in the job search. These descriptions explain the core job duties and skills one needs to have to land a job, but they also give you all the information you need to ensure that your resume drives the recruiter’s attention and helps you get more interviews.

Tailoring your resume to a job description is a sure way to showcase your biggest accomplishments, go past the applicant tracking process and make the hiring manager notice you.

At our service, you can get professional help with it! Our experts have vast experience in the writing business and can tailor your resume for any job. And, here, we share great job description examples to help you succeed!


Accounting & Finance Job Description

In an accounting or finance resume, an applicant should make the biggest focus on key skills and education. To help you create a killer resume, we’ve prepared for you samples of an accounting job description and a finance job description.


Administration & Office Support Job Description

Applications for secretary and office jobs should also be tailored to the relevant administration/office support job description. This way, you will be able to get past the applicant tracking process. Find some Office Support & Administration job description examples below.


Business & Management Job Descriptions

When you apply for such jobs, all vital details to include in a resume are hidden in a business development job description, including the skills and proficiencies employers want to see. Find a free Business/Management job description sample here.


Construction & Maintenance Job Description

Want to occupy a job in the maintenance or construction field? Below we have gathered some maintenance job description and construction job description samples to help you get on the right track and impress recruiting firms with a perfectly tailored resume.


Creative & Cultural Field

Creating a bot-beating resume for a creative job can be hard given the wide variety of skills it requires. But reading job descriptions can help you get on the right track. Find a handy job description sample for your success.


Customer Service & Retail Job Description

Every employee in the retail or service field relies a lot on various skills. To help define what skills to include in your resume, check out the retail job description and custom service job description samples we have prepared for you.


Education & Human Services Job Description

Not sure how to craft a winning resume? When it comes to education and human services jobs, a good resume should highlight your professional experience and level of qualification. To craft one, check out our sample human services job description.


Emergency Job Description

A thing to remember - every emergency service job description already has everything job seekers need to land an interview. They only need to use it wisely. Check out some samples to find inspiration and learn how to ace your resume.


Engineering Job Description

Every engineer needs a resume that can go through the applicant tracking process (ATS), and you need to know what specific skills to put on it to create one. Use our free sample engineering job description to beat the competition.


Food Service Job Description

Food service jobs require applicants to possess a wide range of various skills, proficiencies, and experiences. If you feel stuck, our sample food service job description will hint you at the right skills and experiences to put on your resume.


Healthcare & Wellbeing

Writing a job application for healthcare jobs can be rather tricky, especially given the large number of different duties and skills such jobs can span. But we can help! Our job description examples will get you on the right track.


Information Technology (IT) Job Description

To impress a recruiter with a flawless IT resume, you need to tailor it to a relevant information technology job description, and you should also make it detailed, well-structured, and dynamic. To get started, see our IT job description samples.


Life Situation & Student Jobs

It can be hard to make companies want to employ you, especially when you are in an unusual situation. But tailoring a resume to a job description works even then. For this, check our student jobs & life situation description samples.


Marketing & Sales Job Description

For marketing and sales jobs, employers hire humans with strong skills, work experience, and certain accomplishments in the field. Market yourself to a recruiter effectively by using well-organized sales job description and marketing job description samples from our professional resume writers.


Personal & Child Care Job Description

It is hard to engage someone who is hiring for such positions and prove your trustworthiness. But, if you can leverage a child care job description or descriptions of personal assistant jobs to your benefit, you’ll win! See some examples below.


Spa & Salon Job Description

Are you wondering how to create a professional resume for salon and spa jobs? With the help of our free samples of a spa and salon job description, you will craft a winning resume that perfectly matches the employers’ needs.


Transportation & Logistics Job Description

Want a job in transportation/logistics? See professionally-looking logistics job description and transportation job description samples to learn how to put your skills, accomplishments, and work experience on a resume the right way so that you get noticed and stand out.

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