Project Manager Job Description

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After reading this article, you’ll learn

  • what is a PM;
  • what responsibilities it implies;
  • what are the core requirements an applicant should meet;
  • what is the average budget for this lead role;
  • how to use a project manager job description to pass ATS scanning and drive the recruiter’s attention.

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Project Manager Job Description Example

A job description is one of the vital resources for job seekers. It tells you about the project manager job duties, skills, and requirements and, thus, can serve as a solid base for your job application.

Below is a project manager job description resume sample to help you get on the right track.

Job Overview

XYZ, a leader in the field of IT, is hiring for a Project Manager role.


  • Project planning
  • Define project scope and goals
  • Lead a team to set project goals
  • Identify the needed resources and tools
  • Develop and curate a project schedule
  • Set a budget and track costs
  • Monitor the process
  • Measure results


  • BA in business, computer science, or related areas
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience
  • A PMP certification preferred
  • Creativity
  • Proficiency in PM tools, methodologies, and practices
  • Strong interpersonal skills

What Does a Project Manager Do?

Project managers can work across a variety of industries, including engineering, IT, marketing, etc. Some of the most popular jobs are offered by Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

They work closely with team members and upper management, controlling the work process and ensuring goals’ achievement.

The core project manager responsibilities include defining project needs and monitoring their accomplishment. Other responsibilities include budget planning, spreading tasks within a team, resolving conflicts, etc.

Project Manager Average Salary

These managers play a huge role in business. Their prioritization is high, which reflects on their hourly salary.

US average hourly pay for project manager duties: $63.

Range: $56-$77.

Project Manager Job Description

According to the general project manager definition, a PM is someone who manages key customer projects. The core responsibilities typically stated in every project manager description include planning, scheduling, coordination, and completion of projects within the stated timeframe and budget.

Typically, PMs work directly with clients and report to the upper management.

A PM is among higher paying jobs in a team. Thus, the range of required key skills and specializations is broad. The job may require a BA degree, at least a few years of work experience, and excellent knowledge of the field’s concepts, methodologies, and best practices.

Why should one know their job responsibilities so well? Because this way, you’ll be able to answer that ‘How will your first month in this job position look like?’ question. An effective example of cover letter for job will mention your responsibilities aligned with your skills and experience.

Project Manager Responsibilities

The list of project manager duties and responsibilities is vast and can vary depending on the needs of different employers.

Working as a project manager, an employee will be expected to fulfill the following duties:

  • coordinating internal and external resources for the successful execution of projects;
  • ensuring that projects are completed on time and within the set budget;
  • planning the scope, schedule, and budget;
  • providing technical feasibility;
  • defining the needed resources and ensuring their availability;
  • managing project changes;
  • measuring the progress;
  • reporting on the progress to upper management;
  • mitigating risks;
  • establishing and managing relationships inside the team and with third parties/vendors and clients;
  • handling project documentation;
  • attending training and conferences for career growth;
  • completing other related tasks as assigned.
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Top Project Manager Skills and Proficiencies [Project Manager Requirements]

Now you know what is project manager, but what level of qualification do you need to get employed?

Here is a general list of top project manager skills and proficiencies:

  • management;
  • project management;
  • strategic planning;
  • shaping and overseeing budgets;
  • supervision;
  • coaching;
  • staffing;
  • performance management;
  • process improvement;
  • inventory control;
  • conflict resolution;
  • ability to delegate effectively;
  • decisiveness;
  • leadership;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • time management;
  • problem-solving;
  • knowledge of the industry, concepts, and practices;
  • dependability;
  • communication;
  • motivation.

Project Manager Resume Skills

If you are wondering what project manager skills resume points to list, a job description will give you all the answers. In a description, recruiters stress all the key qualities they will be looking for in candidates. All you need to do is to tailor your resume to the description.

Typically, the vital resume skills include

  • team management;
  • leadership;
  • negotiation;
  • time management, prioritization, and organization;
  • risk mitigation;
  • conflict management;
  • problem-solve;
  • technical skills;
  • budget management;
  • strong verbal and written communication to ensure effective collaboration with every client, partner, and team member.

For more tips, check our PM resume skills article.

Project Manager Job Skills

Today, specialists who want to excel in PM roles know there’s such a thing as resume skills and understand they need to use a job description for project manager resume. But what many don’t know is that there are also job skills - professional abilities crucial for succeeding in this position.

The job skills may not be listed on a job description and, thus, won’t help you pass a scan with an ATS system. But these are absolute must-haves for performing the duties of a project manager:

  • confliction management;
  • result-orientedness;
  • attention to detail;
  • stress resistance;
  • ability to work under tight deadlines.

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Now you know everything about the PM job, let’s go over the key messages.

  • A job description doesn’t only tell what is a project manager but also hints at what to put on a resume to land an interview.
  • The core responsibilities of a project manager include planning the scope, resources, schedule, budget, and objectives of projects and making sure they are all met.
  • The skills included on a project manager resume should align with the job description, but there are also job skills, which are no less important.

Keep this in mind when writing your resume and, trust us, your efforts will be rewarded. And, if you need help, project manager resume writing service is always here to come to your rescue!

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