Cashier Job Description

Cashier jobs span a wide range of professional responsibilities and thus, require every potential applicant to have a solid range of skills. But how to know what is expected of you in a cashier job? And how to use cashier duties in your resume?

In this article, experts from our online resume writing service will tell you

  • what is cashier job;
  • what are the main cashier job duties;
  • how to use a cashier job description for resume.

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What Does a Cashier Do?

Before rushing into the job search process, it’s vital to understand what is a cashier and know how to use the key cashier duties and responsibilities in your cashier resume sample to land a job.

So, what does cashiers do? In brief, they scan goods and handle payments. The most popular cashier vacancies are in large chains like Target, Costco, and Walmart. However, cashiers are also needed in many hotels, restaurants, etc.

Cashier Average Salary

When companies hire humans for cashier jobs, they most often apply hour-based payment. This should be specified in the cashier job description.

The cashier average salary is $10.63/hour.

However, working as a cashier, you can receive a salary between $7.25 to $23.85 per hour.

Cashier Job Description

To craft a winning resume and get more interviews, job seekers need to know and understand the role well. So, let us give you a short cashier job description.

Cashiers can work in stores, restaurants, gas stations, and even online. The primary duty of every cashiers job is to help customers in the checkout process inside a store. However, the real responsibilities of a cashier go far beyond that. Cashiers are also responsible for bagging items, giving change, counting cash at the end of the day, keeping records, etc. Thus, there’re many key skills required for the job.

The main skills any cover letter example would include are math knowledge, attention to detail, interpersonal skills, and a great memory. As for soft skills, verbal communication, stress resistance, and patience are the ones to think about when considering ‘people’ jobs like a cashier job position.

Cashier Responsibilities

Every job description for cashier may vary depending on numerous factors. Nevertheless, the core cashier responsibilities that all potential employers are looking for in every new employee remain unchanged.

Here is a list of the basic responsibilities:

  • greet clients;
  • scan customer’s items and ensure accuracy of pricing;
  • collect payments (both credit or in cash);
  • manage all in-store transactions during the checkout;
  • provide change and receipts;
  • manage tickets and refunds;
  • redeem coupons and stamps;
  • cross-sell items;
  • resolve customer complaints;
  • bag purchases;
  • handle exchanges and returns;
  • ensure that checkout areas are clean and tidy;
  • keep track of all receipts, transactions, and other records;
  • report on the remained money in cash drawers at the beginning and end of every shift;
  • ensure customer satisfaction.

Cashier Job Description Example

Before you apply for a job, check out our cashier resume examples and this sample job description first.

Job Overview

The industry leader, XYZ Inc., is seeking a dependable cashier to join our fast-growing team.

Duties for Cashier Position

  • Scan customers’ products and collect payments
  • Issue receipts and change
  • Handle refunds and returns
  • Provide clients with the relevant information, answer questions, and handle complaints
  • Assist with other tasks for ensuring customer satisfaction


  • High school degree or relevant
  • At least 3 months experience in handling cash
  • Basic math
  • Experience working with a cash register
  • Strong communication and customer service skills

Top Cashier Skills and Proficiencies [Cashier Requirements]

To start working as a cashier, you may not need a high level of qualification. You may not even have prior work experience. But you need to show recruiters that you have all the key cashier skills and proficiencies to do the work well.

  • Sales
  • Time management
  • Phone etiquette
  • Basic math
  • Communication
  • Dependability
  • Customer service
  • Friendliness
  • Dispute resolution
  • Punctuality
  • POS (Point of Sale Systems)
  • Basic PC knowledge
  • Attention to detail

Cashier Resume Skills

If you want your job application to attract the recruiter’s attention, you should pay special attention to your cashier resume skills section.

Important: Don’t list everything. Only focus on the key ones that will make employers want to recruit you, and be sure to mix soft and hard skills.

Here’re the main skills a recruiter wants to see in your cashier resume examples:

  • math;
  • customer service;
  • POS;
  • PC knowledge;
  • communication.

Cashier Job Skills

Though you don’t want to list all your professional cashier skills on a resume, you still need them to do the work well.

Typically, in a resume, you will try to match your skills section with a particular cashier job description. But you will still need to demonstrate the following cashier job skills:

  • friendliness;
  • attention to detail;
  • punctuality;
  • efficiency;
  • product knowledge;
  • positive attitude;
  • flexibility;
  • dependability;
  • time management;
  • dispute resolution;
  • sales.
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Final Thoughts

Now you know more about the cashier definition, core duties of a cashier, and you also have a sample cashier description for resume. That’s everything you need to engage the hiring manager and make them want to employ you.

Let’s quickly recap the key points.

  • Job seekers should tailor their resumes to a cashier job description to land an interview.
  • Cashiers scan goods and handle payments at the checkout, but there are many additional duties.
  • Cashiers get paid on an hourly basis, and the average salary equals $10.63/hour.
  • The top skills for a resume include math, customer service, POS, PC knowledge, and communication.
  • There are also important job skills needed to do your offline or online job well.

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