Account Manager Job Description

If you want to write an account manager job description, you need to follow several requirements. It’s crucial to attract more potential workers that fit perfectly for the position. Here, we will tell what to mention in the job post:

  • Key requirements for the account managers;
  • Main responsibilities and duties;
  • What skills to emphasize in the job description.

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Account Manager Job Description Example

Look through this example of the job description for account manager to know what features a crucial for the job post. 


We are searching for an experienced account manager with at least 5 years of expertise in this field. As a potential worker, you will be responsible for resolving the clients’ complaints and work under solutions to improve the overall customers’ satisfaction rate. MA in Business, Management, or Sales will be a great benefit. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Searching for the solutions to improve the overall satisfaction rate;
  • Resolving complaints of the customers and preventing similar complaints;
  • Communication with the clients to find out their needs;
  • Analyzing the current market trends to improve the customer’s experience. 

Key Requirements:

  • MA in Business, Management, or Sales
  • At least 5 years in the related sphere;
  • Understand the key account manager job duties and responsibilities;
  • Perfect communication and organizational skills.

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Do not forget to customize this account manager job description for resume with required responsibilities and duties. 

What Does an Account Manager Do?

The first step is to answer the question “what is a account manager position?” in the job post. After the person lands a job, he/she starts to work with the clients to ensure that all of them are satisfied with the products or the services.

After you answer the question “what does a account manager do?”, mention key goals the employee should reach in this position. If the job seeker corresponds to all requirements, he/she can try to apply for this position in such companies as Facebook, Google, or Microsoft. 

The main job responsibilities of an account manager are exploring business opportunities and developing strategies that meet the company’s goals. Also, an account manager cooperates with the sales team. To understand the nature of the job position, try this out and learn more about job duties and expectations.

Account Manager Average Salary

The common salary in the US is $10.63 per hour, while some salaries range from $7.25 to $23.85. The average account managers salary is $63.348 per year. Everything depends on the candidate’s experience, the company’s location, and financial policies. 

Account manager Job Description

As is mentioned above, the brief account manager description should be on the top of the post. The main duty of the account manager is to ensure that the clients get services of the highest quality. They work with the inner departments and search for solutions to improve the overall customers’ satisfaction. 

Mention the key skills and proficiencies you would like to see in the future worker. The job seekers will use them as the keywords for the account manager job description resume sections. The account manager is one of the higher-paying jobs nowadays, so the requirements are quite diverse. 

Account manager Responsibilities

Mentioning the account manager duties and responsibilities is the next important part of the job description post. We recommend using a bullet points list to highlight this info. Here, you can find the most frequent account manager duties posted by the employers:

  • Communication with the clients to find out their needs;
  • Cooperating with the inner departments to ensure they satisfy the clients’ needs;
  • Collecting and analyzing the data to understand the clients’ behavior;
  • Searching for the solutions to improve the overall satisfaction rate;
  • Resolving complaints of the customers and preventing similar complaints;
  • Analyzing the current market trends to improve the customer’s experience. 

Remember that you need to mention the relevant account manager responsibilities that are crucial for the company. This way, you increase the chances of finding the most fitting employees.

Top Account manager Skills and Proficiencies [Account manager Requirements]

After the responsibilities, you need to include the key account manager skills and the main requirements to get this position. Of course, the candidate should have the appropriate qualification and skill set:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, sales, or a related field;
  • Exceptional ability to communicate (both verbally and in written form);
  • At least 2 years of experience in the related field;
  • Strong problem-solving skills.

You may also use the accounting manager resume example to find more examples of related strong and soft skills. 

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Top Account manager resume skills

An appropriate skillset is one crucial factor in the job post. The job seekers often research the information concerning what proficiencies they need to have to get this job. Look through the skills mentioned in the account manager skills resume sections by the top wanted specialists:

  • Perfect problem-solving skills to resolve the client’s complaints;
  • Time-management skills and multitasking to handle multiple tasks;
  • Exceptional organizational skills;
  • Perfect verbal and written communication skills;
  • Analytical skills for analyzing the client’s data;
  • Creativity to find new solutions to improve the customer’s satisfaction rate.

These are the key skills for an account manager job you should mention in the job description post to attract the appropriate employee. 

Account manager job skills

There is a need to differentiate between resume skills and job skills. As for the first ones, they are the most preferable to be put in a professional resume or a cover letter for the account manager. While the job skills are related mainly to the strong or tech skills mentioned together with relevant experience. 

After the account manager definition, place the list of the job skills:

  • Problem-solving skills;
  • Communication skills;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Analytical skills;
  • Time-management skills;
  • Presentation skills;
  • Creativity;
  • Leadership skills.

By placing all this data, you will answer the question “what is account manager position?” to the fullest extent. 

Final Words

To conclude, the job description post should be well-structured to mention all important points. You need to mention the key duties of a account manager, together with the brief description and key skills. It will help the candidates to note the relevant information in the account manager resume and cover letter. 

Here are the main points mentioned in this article:

  • Write a brief description of the job position; describe what the potential worker will do together with the main objectives (and responsibilities);  
  • Highlight the key account manager’s duties and responsibilities with the help of a bulleted list; start with the most crucial ones;
  • Do not forget to mention the key requirements together with the demanded skill set; mention the required qualification and skills.

These recommendations will help in your search for the best candidate. Thanks to your account manager description for resume, it will be easier to find the most appropriate worker and invite him/her to the job interview.

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