Marketing Manager Job Description

To write a marketing manager job description, you need to consider several factors. Here, we are going to discuss the key points you should mention:

  • Duties and responsibilities of the marketing manager;
  • Key skills (both professional and interpersonal).

One more important issue is to know how to beat ATS and use these tips to write a job post. Also, you will learn more about the requirements to craft a working job description. You may also use our marketing manager resume sample.With the use of our online resume services, you will know how to research the keywords and structure the job post. It will help the employees to craft a winning marketing manager job resume. 

Marketing Manager Job Description Example

To find the appropriate candidate, you should describe “what is a marketing manager position?” in detail. 

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We are in search of a marketing manager with 5 years of experience in this field. Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or advertising is a must. As a future worker, you will be responsible for developing marketing strategies to promote our startups. 

Main Responsibilities:

  • Developing marketing strategies to promote products;
  • Organizing the promotional events;
  • Analyzing current trends to improve the strategy;
  • Tracking and reporting the results of the campaigns.

Key Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • At least 5 years of experience;
  • Knowledge of market trends;
  • Good social media skills;
  • Ability to use MS Office and other software;
  • Understanding of digital advertising platforms.

Use this job description for marketing manager as a template or customize it according to your company’s demands. These requirements are used in marketing manager resume examples; some of them are available at our resume writing service. 

What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

The first step is to answer the question “What does a marketing manager do?” in the job description. Marketing managers are mainly responsible for the strategic plan of the company. To land a job, a person should know how to attract potential clients.

Also, the promotion of the products or services and retaining the existing customers are among the goals of the marketing managers. The most fitting candidates can apply for top companies, such as Google, Microsoft, or Facebook.

Marketing manager job salary 

The salary depends on several factors, including:

  • Employee’s experience;
  • Organization’s location;
  • The company’s financial policies;
  • The performance of the location.

The average wage ranges from $7.25 to $23.85 per hour. As for the marketing manager salary range, the specialist in this field can get a wage starting from $69,000 a year.

Marketing Manager Job Description

To answer “What is marketing manager position?” briefly, mention that it’s about building a successful strategy. The marketing managers should work with the product and the client base to increase the overall sales. Also, a good manager should ensure that the investments in the marketing activities will bring positive results. 

This position is among the higher-paying jobs, so the requirements are quite diverse. The candidate should understand the main marketing manager job duties and possess a list of key skills. Apart from main responsibilities, marketing managers are involved in different activities, such as:

  • Data analytics;
  • PR and corporate communication;
  • Content management;
  • Social media management.

You can read more about duties and skills in the following sections. 

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Marketing Manager Responsibilities

As is mentioned above, the marketing manager duties and responsibilities are quite diverse. They should be mentioned in the career post for the employees to have a clear vision of the position. Here is a list of the major responsibilities:

  • Developing marketing strategies to promote various products and services;
  • Organizing the promotion events to increase the sales;
  • Analyzing current trends to improve the strategy;
  • Work with the client base to understand their needs;
  • Proposing the advertising ideas;
  • Cooperating with the product development department;
  • Estimating the product or service demand;
  • Tracking the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns;
  • Managing the design of the promotional materials;
  • Hiring the performance of the junior marketing department, PR, and creative team. 

Mentioning these marketing manager responsibilities will boost your chances of finding the most fitting candidate. 

Top Marketing Manager Skills and Proficiencies [Marketing Manager Requirements]

To get a job in this sphere, the person should possess marketing manager skills and have the required qualification. These should be highlighted in the job description post to narrow down the list of candidates:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or advertising;
  • At least 5 years of experience in this or related field;
  • Ability to communicate successfully with different people;
  • Knowledge of market trends to develop effective marketing strategies.

We will analyze in detail the key skills for the marketing manager for mentioning in the job post.

Top Marketing manager resume skills

The skills section is also important for adding to your job description. Research the keywords for the employees to use in the marketing manager skills resume section. It will help to find the appropriate worker faster.

There are top wanted resume skills for this position:

  • Negotiation skills;
  • Perfect communication skills (verbal and written);
  • Budgeting skills;
  • Good social media skills;
  • Ability to use MS Office and other software;
  • Understanding of digital advertising platforms;
  • Team leadership skills;
  • SEO and SEM;
  • Skills for development of marketing strategies;
  • Data analysis;
  • Knowledge of e-commerce. 

These skills will be necessary for adding after the marketing manager responsibilities resume section. 

Marketing manager job skills

Apart from the marketing manager resume skills, there are also job skills. The last ones refer to the hard or professional skills the employee should have together with relevant experience. Look through the list of most wanted job skills worthy of adding to the job description:

  • Research and analytics;
  • Budgeting and negotiation skills;
  • Communication skills (writing summaries, communicating with team members and customers);
  • Organizational skills (maintaining documents, adhering to the deadlines, planning the meetings);
  • Creative skills (brainstorming ideas);
  • Content strategy and management;
  • Technological proficiency.  

These skills are crucial to get the marketing managers job and succeed in this field. So, choose the most appropriate ones and add them to your job description. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know all the secrets of writing a working marketing manager job description post. Here is a key takeaway and a short guideline to follow:

  • Begin the post with a brief description of the position; tell about the main responsibilities and requirements for the candidate;
  • Continue with listing the marketing manager duties that the employee will have; make a list to highlight the information about the requirements;
  • List the key skills you want to see in the ideal worker; do not forget to mention both strong and soft ones;
  • The skills section should be placed right after the responsibilities of a marketing manager; this way, you will keep all sections well-ordered. 

By following all recommendations, you will attract appropriate candidates and invite them for the interview.

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