Barista Job Description

Choosing a path of a barista isn’t only about making and customizing beverages. Once you rummage through the barista job description, you’ll find a variety of job responsibilities like meeting guests or barista duties like keeping the register lists in order. To get a barista job, we advise you to hire a certified resume writer and compose a job-winning resume. 

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Keep reading the article to learn everything about:

  • Barista’s responsibilities and duties;
  • Barista’s average salary in the industry; 
  • Skills to mention and what is ATS resume
  • What a description for a job as a barista usually looks like

Barista Job Description Example

A common barista description for resume will entail all the data you need on the barista’s duties and responsibilities in order to customize your resume so it matches the employer’s requirements. Working as a barista would always imply tasks like cleaning the coffee machine, multi-tasking, and knowing your customer and their beverage preferences. Additionally, cooperating with the store manager (or any other manager for that matter) will be a part of the description for a barista job as well. 

A common barista position will include a description as follows: 

“We are a young but fast-growing company that specializes in serving our customers the best coffee drinks. We suggest the best customer service based on the quality of coffee beans. However, the heart of our company is baristas. If you’re a coffee specialist with a love for coffee and people and a desire to create unforgettable experiences for others, we invite you to send your resume!”

What Does a Barista Do?

So, why should you consider becoming a barista, and what does a barista do? Regardless of your experience, loving people is a must. In the end, being a barista is all about wanting to make people happy by serving others their favorite drinks. 

As a barista, you won’t necessarily take food orders while working for Starbucks or Dutch Bros Coffee. However, you must know everything about coffee drink recipes while being a multitasker and keeping your work area clean. 

Barista Average Salary

The company’s standards differ as well as responsibilities and requirements. Your hourly payment will depend on the company’s cash and your barista job duties. Generally, you might expect to be paid an average barista salary of $40 thousand per year or $15 per hour in the US compared to $50 thousand and $20 per year and hour, respectively, when it comes to other US-based professions.

Barista Job Description

The answer to ‘what is a barista’ is simple. A specialist who works mostly in cafes and knows everything about making drinks and bringing happiness to the customers. Regardless of drink specializations, an average barista job description resume will include the following key skills: 

  • Interpersonal skills;
  • Written and verbal communication skills;
  • Strong knowledge of cash-handling procedures and drink preparation;
  • Stress resistance. 

As for the job duties, the usual list of responsibilities will be as follows: 

  • Properly using the brewing equipment to prepare drinks; 
  • Greeting customers and explaining the drink menus; 
  • Processing payments;
  • Following healthcare regulations. 

Barista Responsibilities

So, what is barista, and why is this employee so special? Barista duties and responsibilities will surely differ from the duties of a waiter or a barman/barmaid. No cafeteria or a coffee drink network can exist without a smiley barista with the ability to multitask and handle the most difficult customers. 

Barista responsibilities are based on both hard and soft skills. While hard skills might include a strong knowledge of brewing techniques, soft skills will be all about communication and attitude. Meanwhile, the standard job responsibilities of a barista will be as follows:

  • Providing menu-related recommendations to customers; 
  • Processing both cash and card payments;
  • Managing customer-related problems;
  • Following the industry safety standards; 
  • Creating new menu items (optional in some companies).

Top Barista Skills and Proficiencies [Barista Requirements] 

Having a qualification that proves your ability to make coffee drinks and manage the brewing equipment is great. However, think of different directions because a barista profession requires a variety of barista skills. Hence, pay attention both to getting knowledge in customer service and improving your brewing techniques. 

Check the list of the possible barista skills below your potential employer might require from the candidates. 

  • Technical knowledge;
  • Superb communication;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • Knowledge of the hospitality industry.

Top Barista Resume Skills

A standard barista resume will include both soft and hard skills written in two columns. We advise you to start your barista skills for resume with the Hard Skills section and process with the Soft Skills section. For instance, you might start with listing your knowledge of the hospitality industry or service standards and proceed with superb written and verbal communication. 

Hard Skills

  • The knowledge of brewing techniques and drinks;
  • The knowledge of customer service and the hospitality industry;
  • An ability to process payments;
  • The knowledge of healthcare standards. 

Soft Skills

  • Strong verbal and written communication; 
  • Active listening;
  • Ability to manage workplace conflicts. 

Barista Job Skills

When composing a resume for a barista, consider reading a standard job description for barista to understand the basic requirements for a job yet mention them in a resume. Meanwhile, we advise you to follow the tips below when creating a resume: 

  • Make sure your barista skills match the responsibilities of a barista description in the job post; 
  • Show the recruiter you’re a professional by dividing your Skills section into Hard and Soft Skills; 
  • Along with your knowledge of menu offerings and customer communication, persuade the reader that you’re ready to take responsibility. For instance, mention a situation when you had to deal with a difficult client and successfully resolved the conflict. 
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Final Thoughts

We hope our barista job description for resume has helped you understand the essence of what being a barista feels like and how to write a resume for barista that will help you win this job position. Let’s summarize!

  • To win a job interview, focus your efforts on the development of hard and soft skills required in the industry; 
  • When listing your job skills, make sure they match the job responsibilities mentioned in the barista resume description;
  • Learn the duties of a barista before composing the Skills or Experience sections and tell a story of success in the latter;
  • Follow the objectives of resume writing by learning the structure of a resume and or contacting resume writing professionals. 

Entering a new industry is never easy. However, with the proper knowledge of a process, you can do it!

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