Barista Resume Sample

Today coffee culture keeps on growing, and so is the demand for good baristas. If you want to get a barista job, then a perfect barista resume sample is the key to your dream job. A resume sample gives you an idea of what skills and requirements should be added to the professional resume.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average barista’s salary at $25,980 per year and $12.49 per hour.

You already know that a barista is not just someone who knows how to make a nice cup of coffee. In fact, a barista is also expected to deal with the working process and different ongoing operations of the restaurant. So, you better have the best sample resume for a barista that gets the job. Moreover, here in this article, we will also give you a sample resume for barista. So, now, let's first know what the best format for a barista resume is.

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Best Format For A Barista Resume

A single sip of coffee can tell you about its quality. Just like that, a single glance at your barista resume format can decide if you will get the job or not. Besides, the way you write your job application is the turning point of your life. So, you need to write your resume perfectly. Here we will tell you the best layout for a resume sample barista:

Ezekiel Qin

Passionate Barista

Contact Number:


LinkedIn Profile:


Efficient and fast working barista with more than 2 years of experience. Skilled in customer service, food pairing, inventory management, and coffee. Knowledgeable of 60+ coffee varieties. Seeking to give exceptional service to the customers at your 5-star hotel. 


Barista and coffee server at X.Y.Z. café 

Date: A.B.C.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Received orders and prepared food and beverages for guests quickly.
  • Maintained a professional appearance and clean environment in the café.
  • Restocked the bar line and delivered fast service to the guests.

Key Achievements

Managed to get a 99.3% customer satisfaction rate in the previous job as a major achievement.


X.Y.Z. Degree

A.B.C. university

Completed in (Year) 

Relevant Coursework: Culinary fundamentals, pastry skill development, food safety, hospitality, beverage operations management, sanitation and security, artistry.

X.Y.Z. High School Diploma   

Completed in (year)


  • Milk & latte art.
  • Able to work under pressure.
  • Speed & efficiency
  • Espresso machine & Tamping


  • Got barista guild certification level 2.


  • I know the psychology of communication.

Barista Resume Templates

If a resume is written without a proper template, then you can take it as an old coffee left in a drip machine-Bland & bitter. So, it's essential to use the accurate resume template for barista because it will decide your pay rate in the future. So, here we will state some requirements about the template of a barista resume:

  • Header: Add relevant contact details at the top of the barista resume.  
  • Introduction: Start with a compelling paragraph that makes a substantial impact on the hiring authority.
  • Experience: Make sure to write about your work history and previous job duties.
  • Education: You must add your academic history with any school or college-related achievements.
  • Skills: Give a list of barista or café skills you possess in your resume.
  • Additional Sections: You can write about café awards, hobbies, interests and foreign languages, etc.

Barista Resume Objective Or Resume Summary

The difference between a barista resume objective or summary is that objectives define your purpose, while a summary entails your skills and experience. That's why it should be written in a way that can engage and convince the recruiter to hire you.

The resume objective statement gives an idea about your previous occupations and your future goals. On the other hand, the summary is written to impact the person who will take your interview. After the interview, you have to undergo some initial training that will help you to deal with different customers.

Barista Resume Summary [Examples]

Your barista resume summary should talk about your work experience and what you have to offer in a specific restaurant or hotel. In addition, it must show you are a talented candidate in this job market. Let’s take a look at one of the barista resume samples below:

Right Example ✅

A good-natured and customer-oriented barista with more than 3 years of experience. Expert in making coffee beverages in the cafe. Eager about exotic blends and fair-trade coffee. World-class master at latte art and multiple espresso machines. Achieved 100% attendance award during past jobs.

Wrong Example ❌

I have been working as a barista for many years, and I have learned different coffee-making arts. Now I want to get a high-level barista job to make the best out of my café skills.    

Barista Resume Objective [Examples]

The barista resume objective statement should tell your career goals' stories and show your passion for the job. An example is as follows:

Right Example ✅

Friendly and energized barista with 2 years of experience in coffee making. Seeking employment as a barista at X restaurant to increase profits. 

Wrong Example ❌

I don't have enough experience as a barista because I am still studying at a local university. So, I want to get a job as a barista, cashier to pay my tuition fee.

A Job Description For A Barista Resume

A barista job description requires that the person should be able to handle customers in a polite and friendly way. Besides, there are some responsibilities that many companies expect to be present in your barista resume. That includes:

  1. Greet customers and inform them about new items on the menu.
  2. Prepare baked food to get along with coffee to serve the customers.
  3. Educate about the difference in brewing equipment to the new staff.
  4. Update marketing panels and displays to attract customers.

When you apply for a barista job, you will find some requirements for this position. First of all, a barista must have a high school diploma with some experience in beverage preparations. Then instead of telling random stories to the employees, he/she should have a positive and engaging personality. 

Barista Resume Examples [Experience]

In a sample barista resume experience section, all the data should be written in a way that highlights your achievements and voluntary work. Your eagerness to fulfill your barista's duties will hit the spot. Therefore, enlisting your experience should be according to reverse chronological order.

You must add your current qualifications and responsibilities in your barista sample. Then the executives will know that you have gained knowledge and skills from your past business experience by looking at it.  

A Resume For Barista With No Experience

You might be wondering what to write in your resume if you don't have any experience to showcase your potential for a barista job. Right? Then don't worry. We will tell you the secret recipe to writing a resume for barista with no experience.

First of all, you can write about your skills and educational background in the resume. Then you can mention your interest in the job, automation projects, hobbies, and ability to reason. Moreover, your resume also defines your working ethics, training, certificate, and internship responsibilities. 

Sample Resume For Entry Level Barista [No Experience]

Getting acceptance in high-level hotels with no experience can be pretty devastating. So, one of the essential things you should consider is barista resume examples. These are as follows: 

Right Example ✅

Date: X.Y.Z.

Company name: A.B.C.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Provided exceptional customer service to the guests.
  • Resolved disputes between customers.
  • Maintained a clean and friendly workplace and dining area.

Wrong Example ❌

Date: X.Y.Z.

Company Name: A.B.C.

Key Responsibilities

  • Cooked different types of food.
  • Cleaned up the restaurant.
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Light Up Your Resume By Writing Education Section

The creation of the Barista resume education section is as important as experience that helps the recruiter decide to hire you. It's simple to score a job if you know the tips and tricks of doing it in the right way. 

So, while planning to write your education on the resume, understand the barista education job requirements. Then, focus on writing relevant things like the detailed description of the education that refers to the position you apply for. 

Barista Resume Examples [Education]

In the barista resume samples, you should write about your most recent degree in culinary arts. Then tell about your high school majors to get success and growth in your career.

Right Example ✅

X.Y.Z. degree

A.B.C. university

Completed in (year)

Course work: Foodservice fundamentals, Latin American cuisine, introduction to world cooking methods, coffees and teas from around the world, restaurant inventory, and record keeping.

Wrong Example ❌

X.Y.Z. high school diploma

A.B.C. institute

X.Y.Z. school of culinary arts

Skills On A Resume For A Barista

Today, many people are pursuing a barista career, but only a few of them became successful. That's because you cannot get this position only based on your qualifications and degrees. To succeed in this field, you must have a set of skills in your hand. 

When writing about barista resume skills, you can make a list of things related to your coffee-making expertise. Usually, applicants add 5-10 most relevant skills in their barista resume samples. To make it clear, we will tell you how to make a list:  

  1. Customer service skills.
  2. Brewing coffee manually & automatically.
  3. Time management skills.
  4. Decision-making skills.
  5. Collaboration and teamwork skills.

Barista Resume Examples [Skills]

Individuals need to consider professional barista resume examples for skills to understand its impact on a hiring company. So, it's better to write about skills that are accurately related to your occupation. So, below is one of the relevant barista resume samples outlining skills: 

Right Example ✅

  • Social and collaborative skills.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Skilled in latte art, iced coffee, and espresso making.

Wrong Example ❌

  • Problem-solving.
  • Cash handling.
  • Organization.

Tips To Uplift Your Barista Resume

Following are the tips to uplift your barista resume sections to get a recruit:

  • If you don't have experience, then you can add your food handling license to your resume.
  • Having unpaid volunteer experience is also fantastic when it's relevant to barista jobs.
  • Knowledge of other languages is also a valuable quality to add to a job application.
  • Lastly, you can talk about your interests and pastimes in a separate section.

Barista Resume Examples (Other Sections)

The other sections of your professional barista resume should be relevant to your work. For example, you can write about your memberships, certificates, and hobbies in the resume for barista jobs. Not to forget, your resume should be presentable for an easy scan. Here is an example of writing an additional section:

Right Example ✅


  • Spanish (Bilingual)
  • Portuguese (Advanced)
  • Italian (Conversational)

Wrong Example ❌


  • I can speak in different languages and am capable of handling foreign customers efficiently.

Salient Points For Potent Resume

We hope that now you are ready to rock the world and score your dream job. However, if you are still confused on how to write a barista resume, then count these following salient points:

  1. First of all, choose the best barista template that catches the attention of the recruiter.
  2. Make sure to give your resume a great look as it embraces the white page perfectly.
  3. Your barista resume skills and job description should target a specific job opening.
  4. Mainly your education should be relevant to the position.
  5. Lastly, you can spice up your resume with different sections.

You can also give your details to our resume-writing experts to have a custom-designed resume for a barista job!

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